Politics out of joint.

I wrote an article some time back entitled political parties can die. It was an opinion piece highlighting what was a trend I perceived about the electorate’s rejection almost worldwide of the post-war condition reflex of voters’ allegiance to one of the two traditional vanilla-flavoured parties irrespective of whatever democracy you lived in.

In a nutshell, it was about the electorate dumping that tired old Marxist analysis of politics as a class war between the exploiters and exploited, because for them the establishment of neither of those two sides of polity were actually representing the interests of anyone but themselves.

I’d like to explore that trend further by examining in detail its causes in the two mainstream parties in the upcoming presidential election in America.

We have the Democratic party which is nominally left-wing and on the side of the exploited. Their nominee for president is widely seen as tainted by too many scandals and whose only self-declared qualification for the job appears to be she’s a woman, albeit one of that multitude her on/off husband fucked over the course of their marriage. However, she’s totally Washington establishment, which is to say she’s making deals in all directions – anything for power.

Both she and the Clinton Foundation reek of corruption and they’re both sly recipients of large wads of money from Wall Street and some of the most distasteful regimes in the world. We live in an information rich age; perhaps to the point of information overload, but leaked emails reveal the Democratic establishment pushing Clinton to the fore while at the same time plotting to sabotage the Sander’s campaign. They even kicked around ideas about how to use his faith against him. He’s Jewish, if you didn’t already know that, like most of the founders of left-wing political theory.

It’s a worrying aspect of modern left-wing politics that there is a pervasive anti-Semitic element to it that is by now almost systemic. If you’ve any doubts about that, consider the sight of people inside the convention waving a Palestinian flag while outside they were burning the Stars and Bars, and topping off that little ritual by burning an Israeli flag. One of the fools in that little ceremony managed to set himself alight while dancing atop the burning flags.

In a sense, Sanders was a Trump who didn’t have the nerve to ignite. When you go up against the king, you have to be audacious rather than noble. L’audace, l’audace, et toujours de l’audace otherwise the field is lost. The democratic establishment took him out and re-established control over the machine but they’d be wise to think over how far he got and what he might represent.

Bernie Sanders, if anything, was trying to force it back to doing more than nominally addressing its original blue-collar support base. The fact that anyone openly proclaiming themselves to be a socialist could do so well in the primaries is a sign of how disaffected that party’s traditional support base is. In America, declaring yourself to be a socialist used to be equivalent to saying you’re a rabid Marxist which was right down there in the pits with child molesting.

He spoke for the next generation of their support base, and that dissatisfaction with the party as currently configured is not going to go away.

To a certain extent, the popular support for Sanders was also a rejection of the race politics of the left-wing, who’re determined to secure the non-white vote by stoking various grievances, real or otherwise, for the next generation or two. This is exemplified by the utterances, or more significantly the tepid silences of President Obama on things like murdered white policemen, and is seen by insiders as regaining Democratic Party control of the South in the aftermath of the civil rights legislation in the sixties.

Contrary to LBJ’s prediction that they’d lose democratic support for a generation, they actually lost it for two, but Bill recouped a lot of it, with Obama, the most racially divisive president ever, completing the job. In essence, it was simply converting what was a poor white cracker support base to a poor black one. The problem with that simplistic analysis is that while I’m sure there are still a number of crackers and shanty blacks knocking around, that electoral demographic has largely disappeared to be replaced by mildly prosperous lower/middle classers who just want some stability and prosperity to raise their families.

They go to work together every day without much in the way of a race war breaking out, and anyway everyone knows that’d be the quick way to get themselves fired.

The anger displayed at the Democratic convention was really a reaction to the political establishment bending or breaking every rule possible to get their candidate nominated, which they succeeded in doing.

What happened at the Republican one was the reverse because the political establishment were outmanoeuvred, but the rage and anger, while subsumed beneath a grudging acceptance of the overwhelming will of the foot soldiers’ popular choice, was palpable.

We are now presented with the hitherto unprecedented spectacle of a political party actively trying to sabotage the presidential run of their own nominee. This is being spun as a matter of principle, or some sort of concern for that higher abstraction of country, but what it’s actually about is nothing more than petulance, and a real fear that the days of the Republican dinosaurs of the Jurassic period are over, and they are.

A telling sign, because it’s about money, of how much they’ve lost not only the control but respect of their traditional supporters is the funding of the Trump campaign. The usual bulge-bracket party donors were discouraged from contributing and it was widely thought that Clinton would simply outspend him in the run off.

In response, the Trump campaign asked for donations online; ten, twenty or thirty dollars, whatever you could afford. Within a month, they’ve caught up with Clinton’s estimated ninety million dollars a month in donations. A lot of ordinary people kicking in a few bucks and none if any Saudi-sized donors.

A right-wing party being funded by the little people and a left-wing one funded by big business interests and several filthy regimes – you couldn’t make this stuff up. Politics out of joint.

When politicians and commentators complain of electorates being irrational, you know they’re the ones being grossly out of touch with the common sentiment of the people. Believe it or not, they’re there to represent the will of the people, not to impose their will on voters. The longer they ignore that simple reality, the harsher the electorate’s reaction will be.

These stresses in mainstream parties are not going to go away. It’s not some momentary fad. They signal a tectonic shift in both the style of how politics will be conducted in the future and what will be acceptable to the public in terms of mainstream policy.

The Jack is well and truly out of the box and in no mood to get back in.


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15 Responses to “Politics out of joint.”
  1. Timbotoo says:

    Quite agree that the system is groaning under its own weight. Neither party is in touch with the electorate, however a portion of Saunder’s supporters also seem to be members of the Free Sh1t Army. It will be very interesting to see what happens if Trump the iconoclast is elected.


  2. You’re missing the point: Your narrative above fits the Right but not the Left. The entire Left is insane (Sanders merely more so; Clinton is more criminal), both the leaders and the electorate. The system is not groaning, it is thoroughly broken, with half the electorate refusing to confront the blatant lies being told them, because they can only see that they are being given attention (translation: being pandered to falsely). The re-election of Obama in 2012 proved this..


  3. Martin A says:

    Brexit is another example of the rejection of the dominance of the political class.

    Can anybody make a contribution to Donald Trump’s campaign? If so where do I find its tip box?


  4. Graeme No.3 says:

    In Australia we changed Prime Minister a year ago. We, the public had no say, it was a party room coup because the politicians thought the new leader would appeal to those more likely to vote with the opposition, and gain more favourable comments from the media. It turned out to be true, the vote among the inner city left leaning went up 1.2%, but it didn’t capture any seats. Meanwhile the party’s vote among its usual supporters plunged and they barely scrambled back into power, thanks partly to an opponent showing himself as quite unsuited for the job.
    So now they think they have a ‘mandate’ to push those policies that nearly lost them the election, and ignore the problems that worry their former supporters.
    Apparently after a few months in parliament politicians lose touch with reality, and start thinking that they know everything and the public are completely out of touch.


    • David says:

      Spot on G3. Britain and the vote for Brexit by people who were ignored, the support for Senator Cory Bernardi’s conservative movement here in Oz and the support for “The Donald” in the US are good examples of Pointies argument. “The great unwashed public” the professional politicians and “self appointed elites” so despise have had enough and have lost the complacency which has dogged the political scene in the west and allowed the rise of people like Clinton.


  5. erl happ says:

    Some, perhaps a great deal of the present economic malaise can be put down to distortions in the marketplace introduced at the behest of the environmental lobby. Many of these distortions are indirect acting to increase the price of housing to make it more ‘energy efficient’. Many operate via changes to land use planning.

    There is a great deal of stupidity required in order to meet the dictates of those who cry ‘sustainability’. Can these eco-environmental Nazis not see that the planet is greening? Doesn’t that greening represent increased economic capacity, enhanced sustainability?

    Why has the oil price collapsed? Haven’t the proponents of the ‘peak oil’ argument noticed? Don’t they look? Do they live in a cocoon of self indulgent wistfulness?

    The ordinary man has a modicum of common sense. White is not black. Black is not white. The wheel turns.


  6. NZPete says:

    Fascinating times we live in. Pointy’s analysis IMHO is a good one.
    Check out the article linked to in this text I sent out to my personal distribution list yesterday:
    “Be wary of the MSM” is the view of this writer…

    “All of the media believes the American people are yokels, and that they are fools, and they’re there to be manipulated, so that they – the press, the better people – can set the tone.”


    We see this in the NZ media too, sadly.


    • Blackswan says:

      Pete – The Clintons (all 3 of them), have taken criminal racketeering out of the primitive realms of Sicilian peasant mafiosi and into every facet of government around the world.

      Australian journalist and blogger Michael Smith has spent months trying to track down the tens of millions of our taxpayer dollars that have been handed over to the Clintons. What he has found is extraordinary, and in this rather long and detailed blog post he lays out chapter and verse. The Australian Govt, at best, refuses to answer his enquiries under Freedom of Information laws and, at worst, simply have zero idea of what happened to over $80 million.

      If the purpose of our foreign aid program is to show that Australia is a decent global benefactor, how is it that we permit the Clinton Foundation to take our money, to use a program we developed and paid for in 2008 – and then to add insult injury watch the Clinton Foundation take the entire credit for the venture as if we had nothing to do with it?


      The convoluted twists and turns of the Clintons’ financial machinations are nothing more than criminal money-laundering … mega millions fed into the machine one end, 90% of it evaporates without trace, and 10% might (on the books) be accounted for, all dressed up as something it isn’t.

      Their political adversaries won’t call them out on it because it might expose their own shady slush funds and dodgy deals.

      And sorry Donald, but calling her “crooked” and “a liar” isn’t going to do it for you. Get specific and quickly … cite a few of the many examples of the Clintons’ criminal racketeering, get the bastards indicted and in jail, where they belong.


  7. Blackswan says:


    Years ago a disaffected Liberal Party politician by the name of Don Chipp (now deceased) began a breakaway political party, the Australian Democrats.

    Don’s very successful catchphrase was that he would “Keep the bastards honest.”

    Pauline Hanson, with Don in mind, once said “I want to get the bastards out of here.”

    Electorates are simply fed up with being lied to, their hard-earned tax dollars being squandered, and Party factions deciding who stands for election and who will be Leader.

    Brexit and our election of a range of Senators to keep our faux Prime Minister (Goldman Sachs) Turnbull from exercising absolute power in the Lower House, is a good indicator that we are finally wising up.

    We can only hope that irrational cult-like support for Clinton will be swamped by the Right and those who want to regain control over what their nation has become. Sadly, even comic book heroes can no longer fight for “Truth, Justice and the American way” because America has lost its way.

    Perhaps a new Trump Administration that hasn’t sold out to subversive corruption can turn their Ship of State around. We certainly hope so, because the outcome will reverberate in every Democracy around the world.


  8. paul says:

    The bottom dwellers that comprise the mainstream media in the US are as maggot infested as the slimy rotten scum bags that make up the government. I for one will be cheering when they are all circling the toilet bowl on their way down to the sewer they most richly deserve.


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