About fighting evil.

My woman is home and safe. She’s been off for the weekend with her posse to a music festival. It’s a women only group, there’s a whole bunch of them and it’d be a very brave man who’d get anywhere into the middle of that jaunt. They’re just having a great old time judging from … Continue reading

A cancer at the heart of left-wing politics.

This is one of those articles I never in my wildest dreams envisioned I’d be writing, especially in what I foolishly thought in my youth would obviously be the more enlightened and tolerant environment of the twenty-first century. It’s about people hating and wanting to exterminate Jews, but more appallingly about how more progressively that … Continue reading

The importance of playing.

“Uncle Pointy, never mind them, come and play with me.” She’s my niece and just crested five years old. I’m sitting around a picnic table in the garden with extended family after consuming a leisurely BBQ and having a good old gab in the sunshine which is splitting the trees, but she grabs my hand … Continue reading

Politics out of joint.

I wrote an article some time back entitled political parties can die. It was an opinion piece highlighting what was a trend I perceived about the electorate’s rejection almost worldwide of the post-war condition reflex of voters’ allegiance to one of the two traditional vanilla-flavoured parties irrespective of whatever democracy you lived in. In a nutshell, it was about the … Continue reading