Pauline Hanson – A Political Phenomenon.

This is another guest article by one of our regular contributors, Blackswan, who hails from Australia. It discusses Pauline Hanson, yet another politician who is outside what would be termed the political establishment, but who has still garnered a following. My feeling is she is yet another example of what I think is a worldwide trend of non-mainstream politicians coming to the fore because they’re prepared to talk forthrightly about subjects which are consensually forbidden by mainstream politicians and the media alike.

She, like Trump, Sanders, Corbyn, Le Pen and others scattered across Europe, is finding a real resonance with electorates who feel ruling elites either ignore them or secretly despise them. What has to be recognised is that portion of the electorate is a lot bigger than they think, as they found out in the recent Brexit referendum, and irrespective of what you might think of these maverick politician’s various policies, they have a right to pitch those policies to an electorate who’ll decide for themselves whether to elect them or not.

What cannot be allowed to go on as a response to such populist movements, are vicious campaigns of vilification by the mass media, and the establishment pointedly ignoring electorates who do not agree fundamentally with the meagre set of options they’re being invited to choose between. The media, because of an overwhelming liberal bias and as they’ve got all the big guns, will always win the propaganda war, but it’s the far right and sometimes extremist parties who are actually winning the only war that really matters – the one in the polling booths.

If you look around at the politics of Europe, that is what’s already happening.



“Thanks Luv, enjoy your lunch. Say G’day to Frank for me  –  seeya next week.”

The attractive young woman with the short-cropped flaming red hair handed the warm parcel of fish and chips to a beaming customer and flashed a ready smile at the next person in the queue.

Her name was Pauline Hanson, the single mother of four children, her fish shop drawing customers like a magnet. And it wasn’t only the crispy beer-battered fish or the piping hot chips that accounted for Pauline’s loyal customers. It was her capacity to always be ‘up for a chat’ and her forthright opinions on the latest news of the day, or inane local council by-laws, or simply knowing her regulars by name and asking how they were no matter how busy she was.

With the 1996 Federal election in the air many people had suggested she stand as a candidate for the local conservative Liberal Party, so she’d agreed it was time she stood up for her beliefs and, having been pre-selected by the Party, was in the midst of her campaign to wrest the seat of Oxley from the traditionally safe Labor stronghold.

If anyone in Australian politics could ever have been described as “young and naive”, it was Pauline Hanson. She had absolutely no idea of how her life would be turned upside down, how the Political Elite and the Media Machine would chew her up and spit her out; that she would be spat upon, have urine thrown at her, have a security detail to protect her from violent crowds baying for her blood or that she’d be thrown into prison.

As the election drew near, Pauline’s speaking engagements as the Liberal candidate became more earnest, and on one occasion she suggested that Australian Aboriginal people shouldn’t receive special welfare benefits simply based on their race  –  that all welfare should be based on “need, not skin colour”, and for all Australians to be treated equally.

Local aborigines and the Media erupted in outrage. How dare she? She was a ‘racist’, an ignorant redneck, a bigot … and worse.

She was promptly disendorsed and expelled by the Liberal Party for supposedly racist remarks but remained in the fight, her loyal supporters insisting she not give up, but continue as an Independent. Hanson secured a swing of 19.31% and won the seat in the House of Representatives with a majority of 4.66%.

If she’d caused a stir in the provincial Queensland town of Ipswich, she turned Canberra (the Federal capital) on its head. Her maiden speech in the House of Representatives sent shock waves around the nation which reverberated around the world.

In that speech, the statement which drew the most ire was her assertion that Australia was in danger of being “swamped by Asians”. The fact is that in 1989, following Beijing’s Tiananmen Square massacre of protesting students, Australia’s Socialist Labor Prime Minister Bob Hawke, without any discussion with his Cabinet or the Parliament, appeared tearfully on national television to proclaim that all Chinese nationals currently in the country on temporary entry permits could now have permanent residency with work rights and financial assistance, whether they applied for refugee status or not. That also entitled them to bring their families too.

When later told he couldn’t arbitrarily do that, Hawke said “I just did it  –  it’s done.”
Released by the National Archives, the 1988-89 cabinet documents reveal substantial resistance to the decision by several government departments, including immigration, the Treasury and finance. Departments warned of negative consequences for the budget, the migration program and the labour market.

At that time there were 16,200 Chinese nationals in the country, 7,200 of whom had already overstayed their visas, but in the months following the massacre 20,000 more arrived in the family reunion program. Within two years over 42,000 visas had been approved. It seemed that suddenly Chinese faces were everywhere.

Pauline Hanson’s observation was not racist; she was responding to the concerns of her constituents when no other politician in the country dared voice such opinions.

Also in that speech, she had no idea that in speaking of previously convicted Aborigines holding public office positions, she was sowing the seeds of her ultimate downfall … “I cannot hold my position as a politician if I have a criminal record – once again, two sets of rules.” She had given them the noose and the Establishment set out to hang her with it.

Hanson garnered much support across the country simply because she, and no other, had finally voiced the people’s concerns about multiculturalism, immigration and the ever-increasing taxpayer largesse to the Aboriginal Industry, most of which had vanished into the ether of rampant corruption. People loved or hated Pauline Hanson.

As conservative support for Hanson grew, she became a honeypot for every freeloading would-be-if-he-could-be aspirant to ride the political gravy train on her apron strings.

The following year she was persuaded to found her own One Nation Party with the hope of fielding candidates in state and federal elections around the country. Pauline may have been street-smart but when it came to politics, she was a mere babe in arms.

Too much, too soon, and ill-advised by self-serving people adept at telling her what they thought she wanted to hear.

Her speaking engagements around the country caused violent protests from the Socialist rent-a-crowd brigade ranting against her “racism”  –  her supporters were accosted and assaulted  –  she was spat upon  –  paper cups of urine thrown at her  –  and her words drowned out by non-stop heckling and catcalls. That was when she could find a venue that didn’t cancel before she even arrived there.

The Media Machine was at full throttle ridiculing her on every level; from her twice-divorced personal history, to approaching her children on their way to and from school. It was relentless, vindictive and incessant.

In one TV interview she was asked if she was “xenophobic”. Unfamiliar with the word, Pauline asked “Please explain?” which, to this day, remains a catch phrase for anything ignorant. Her lack of tertiary education and slick oratory was lampooned around the country. Nobody gave her credit for becoming an astute businesswoman after leaving school at 15, marrying at 16 and with two children by the time she was twenty-one.

Ironically, seeing the popular support many of her views attracted, the Liberal Party included a number of those policies in their own election platform. One Nation’s administration ultimately disintegrated but her personal support base remained and it was clear … Hanson would remain a thorn in the side of the Establishment eroding their two-party-preferred vote until she was thrown out of the political arena altogether.

As she had foretold in her maiden speech, with a criminal record and a prison sentence in excess of twelve months, she could never stand for public office again  –  and so it was arranged.

Any political party in Australia must have 500 signed-up members before they can be registered in order to field candidates at any election. The Establishment decided that many of those signed-up ‘members’ were only registered as ‘supporters’, not members, and their paid dues were only ‘support donations’, not membership fees.

Pauline Hanson and her chief adviser David Ettridge were duly arrested for electoral fraud, tried by jury which, ill-advised and on fraudulent evidence, found them both ‘guilty’ and they were sentenced to three years in prison with no non-parol period cited. Three years, done and dusted, just like that.

She was whisked off to prison, strip-searched and showered, and allocated a cell. There she remained for almost three months until her appeal was heard, whereupon the Hanson and Ettridge convictions were quashed and they were released.

The Establishment was satisfied. She’d been taken down a peg or two, sufficiently humiliated and ostracised by society, now had zero credibility, so she could go back to her fish shop and start frying schnapper again instead of frying the arses of the Establishment.

That’s the ‘Perils of Pauline’ trait that has always been underestimated in Pauline Hanson. She never gives up, and she never gave in. Having earned their respect and liked by her follow inmates she became their advocate upon her release, bringing notice to some of their difficult situations.

She tried unsuccessfully on numerous occasions to be re-elected to public office, at one stage alleging electoral fraud to keep her out, but she has never been taken seriously again and each time she’s tried to polish the tarnish from her “brand” the Media have made short work of her efforts.

When pundits opine that “politics is a dirty game’, they surely have the ‘fish’n’chip shop lady’ in mind.

However, following the recent 2016 Federal election, a whole new chapter is being written in the rise and fall and rise of Pauline Hanson.

Having developed a manifesto of wide-ranging policies, Hanson and other One Nation representatives stood for the Federal Senate elections and surprise, surprise … Pauline has again won a seat in the Federal Parliament and, with vote-counting still in progress in this tight race, it seems she’s brought a number of successful One Nation candidates with her.

One Nation policies cover the gamut of concerns for disenfranchised Australians. Hanson may not have all the answers, but she sure as hell asks the right questions.

They challenge the pseudo-science of Manmade Climate Change  –  have the billions of dollars poured into this theory been obtained by fraud?

Is Islam a religion entitled to tax-exempt status or is it a dangerous political movement destined to challenge our Democracy?

Is the UN’s Agenda 21 a subversive Socialist manifesto that challenges property rights and freedom in a bid for complete societal control masquerading under a ‘sustainability’ banner?

Once again Pauline Hanson dominates the headlines, is contemptuously ridiculed by the Media and continues to be seriously underestimated by her opponents, but one thing is certain … Australians generally admire her courage in speaking her mind and for having the tenacity to throw off the tightly buckled straightjacket of ‘political correctness’.

Today it’s not being ‘swamped’ by the Chinese that’s causing concern, it’s the tsunami of legal and illegal immigration of Middle Eastern, Asian and African Islamists that have poured into the country in their hundreds of thousands under recent Socialist Governments. Gang warfare escalates, riots and protest marches turn violent, hate-preaching imams hold sway in every facet of our society including our military forces, as young Australian women are told by those imams that they are like “uncovered meat” and are themselves responsible for the proliferation of rapes and sexual assaults.

As dozens of Muslims head offshore to fight for ISIS and Australians are being murdered in “lone wolf” attacks, the question arises; how many ‘lone wolves’ does it take to form a marauding pack?

The coming three-year term of this newly elected Parliament promises to be anything but dull and boring. Hopefully issues long swept under the carpet will be aired, debated and resolved and Aussies awakened from their previous slumbers as our Ship of State drifted into very muddy waters.

One thing is certain  –  Pauline Hanson is no longer dismissed as merely a racist redneck fish’n’chip shop lady. She and her colleagues could well hold the balance of power in a precariously hung Parliament proving the folly of all who underestimated her capacity for courage and integrity.

Having secured her place in the Senate, no legislation passed in the House of Representatives can be enacted without Senate approval or amendment so that is where all the horse-trading is done. The Prime Minister doesn’t have enough Liberal Senators to have any of his legislation or his Budget passed in a majority vote, so he is going to have to compromise with an assortment of Independent and various minor party individuals thereby giving the high-profile Hanson her first real opportunity to influence the direction of the Parliament and to finally give her conservative supporters the democratic representation previously denied them by the Socialist Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

It’s been suggested elsewhere that Hanson has “a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock”. Obviously from a macchiato-sipping city hipster because anyone from the Land knows that a mob of wild ’roos in a paddock can cause mayhem. They smash down fences allowing livestock to roam free. That’s what Australians want  –  the freedom to speak our minds and not to be held hostage to compromised politicians who have sold out to vested interests.

Love her or hate her, the political phenomenon of the age is Pauline Hanson.


We’ve reached a political fracture point, but of a different kind.

People are pissed off.

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38 Responses to “Pauline Hanson – A Political Phenomenon.”
  1. NZPete says:

    Wonderful article. Pauline Hanson has been abominably treated and it’s poetic justice to see her make this comeback.
    Keep asking those questions, Pauline. You have more support than you may know.


  2. Keitho says:

    It’s time the little guy had a say again. The mainstream media and politicians treat the fears and concerns of ordinary people as if they were irrelevant. They continually try to frame the argument around things that sound high minded and thoughtful while ordinary people want simple stuff that matters, jobs, schools, healthcare and above all security.

    Good job Pauline, Nigel, Donald, Marine, Geert and all the rest. Keep on tackling real issues not the BS around Climate Change, inequality, trans gender, racial diversity and so called hate speech. Time for reality to get back to center stage.


    • Old Rooster says:

      Jim: Ordinary people are stupid.
      Annie: Is that why they elected for you?
      Jim: Stop barracking darling.
      – Power to the People

      Jim: … lies in the stout hearts and strong wills of the yeomen of Britain.
      Annie: Women have the vote too, you know.
      Jim: Yeowomen of Britain? Yeopersons? Yeopeople, no the people …
      – Power to the People

      Jim: What should I call this new scheme?
      Dorothy: Democracy?
      – Power to the People

      Bernard, if the right people don’t have power do you know what happens? The wrong people get it. Politicians, counsellors, ordinary voters.
      – Sir Humphrey, Power to the People

      Since 1832 we have been gradually excluding the voter from government.
      – Sir Humphrey, Power to the People


  3. Jack says:

    What has left out is that Hanson has police protection for being threatened.
    Recently, she appeared on the Socialist stitch up program Q & A, on the leftist ABC. The whole panel and the audience ganged up on her. She handled them all with aplomb and grace. That only infuriated the twits.
    They even tried to rattle her before the show by having a baying crowd from Socialist Allaince chanting nasty phrases at her as she arrived.
    Her perfect answer is that she talks to people all over Australia and listens to and expresses their concerns. Being PC twats the socialists have not done that. Their opinions come from The Guardian and other wishful sources. So they have no answer.

    The Prime Minster said before the election, we don;t need people like her in parliament. After the flogging he received in the election, he needs her numbers in the Senate, so he had to swallow his smarminess and call her and congratulate her. Hanson shocked him with the number of likely and possible seats. Now like all smarmy bastards he wishes her well.


  4. Rob Moore says:

    Swanny-excellent article!My wife& I sat next to Pauline at a Beef dinner -several years ago. She is so genuine-she listens and is naturally interested and can relate to peoples lives(she has done it all herself!)There were some high powered Industry leaders that couldn’t wait to get a photo with her.There isn’t a racist bone in her body- it’s “one in all in” for Pauline – just like the diggers ethos and the ANZAC spirit that is being deliberately taken down by the socialist left media organs that run this country. I would go to “battle” for Pauline BUT not for another single politician in this country as 98% are at the trough for themselves ONLY!Prime example setting the low bar -Turnbull who tried to branch stack into Labor but was told to go to Libs(Alp knew he would be more constructive for them in there) Pauline could have 5 senators -here’s hoping!


  5. Graeme No.3 says:

    Great article Swanny. One minor point, early on when the media were trying to depict her as racist over her comments on asian arrivals one reporter went to her fish shop to interview the staff. To his/her surprise she found a chinese girl who said Pauline was a great boss and had treated her just like the others. For some reason that report was hastily buried.


    • Clive Hoskin says:

      I seem to recall that “Their ABC”tried to do a gocha with the people who know have her Fish and Chip shop.They are “Asian”or Chinese or something.Anyway the reporter asked them what they thought of Pauline and to their surprise,they said they liked her.That segment wasn’t seen again.


  6. Blackswan says:

    Twenty years ago Hanson didn’t realise that politicians can be kept in line by adversaries who set them up with honey-pot traps and then threaten disclosure of their sexual ‘indiscretions’.

    On the night of her maiden speech she was approached by a staffer from the office of a Liberal MP, Tony Abbott, general Mr Fixit for Prime Minister John Howard, the man who had expelled Hanson from the Liberal Party. The staffer wouldn’t tell her his full name or for whom he worked, but he wined and dined her and stayed the night. Hanson’s ‘relationship’ with David Oldfield was established.

    While still on the taxpayer payroll as an Abbott adviser, Oldfield worked with Hanson on establishing her One Nation Party. It was Oldfield, with full access to One Nation’s records, and still an Abbott ‘mole’, who enabled the conspiracy to put Hanson in prison and take her out of the game.

    Today, as the ABC’s multiculti arm SBS promotes a ‘tell-all’ documentary to take her down once again, Hanson turns the tables on Oldfield by revealing him to be a liar and a fraud, a ‘dick for hire’ and a worthless rent-seeker who’ll say and do “whatever it takes” to pad his own seat on the Gravy Train.

    ‘Former politician David Oldfield has denied explosive allegations made by Pauline Hanson that the two slept together on the first night they met.’

    Today Hanson is 20 years older and very much wiser.

    She didn’t invent this dirty game, but she learned the rules the hard way, and today her support is legion.

    It should be interesting to watch just who says what about whom … a great barometer of the level of desperation certain individuals have in discrediting her.

    Pauline Hanson: Please Explain! airs on Sunday, July 31 at 8.35pm on SBS.


    • Rob Moore says:

      This is consistent with ABC/SBS gutter attacks on anything/one that is not far LEFT. I will almost bet that it will backfire and give Pauline even more support(than the half million votes and maybe 7 senators)What Pauline does/has done -after hours is of no concern to her supporters and would be mild compared to some of the debauchery that goes on in the two ringed circus!
      She is a 60yr old grandmother and deserves great respect for finally getting her just desserts. It is a blemish against Abbott’s cv but I realise that he was the young hitman who had to do his duty in order to advance………………Little wonder that the general population loathes polliticians -in general!


  7. gallopingcamel says:

    This kind of corruption is not supposed to happen in countries with democracy. Sadly most “First World” democracies are now controlled by elites (oligarchs) who crush anyone who opposes them.

    I had not heard of Pauline Hanson but she belongs with heroes like Vaclav Havel:


  8. asybot says:

    “She, like Trump, Sanders, Corbyn, Le Pen and others scattered across Europe, is finding a real resonance with electorates who feel ruling elites either ignore them or secretly despise them.”

    The “Ruling Elites” Ignore them” or “secretly despise them “? Frankly the Ruling Elites do it openly and as the vicious attacks by the MSM show they do not get ignored either.

    The vicious attacks on these people like Pauline ( and many others btw) are nothing other than evil.

    Sadly today I had a discussion with my very bright daughter and son in law ( who btw in daily life both happily manage stores that are clearly “Capitalists” because the stores have to make money as my daughter and her family have to as well, you know, 3 kids and a mortgage) and I just could not believe the BS that came out of them. When I pointed out the their hypocrisy I believe the only result was that for the time being my family just got smaller.

    And please don’t get me going on the “Climate Change” stand point that they are trying to defend. ( on their kids behalf of course) I showed them a few articles on WUWT regarding the education (propaganda and lack of real science) of THEIR kids and the room got very quiet.

    There is hope ( I hope).


    • Blackswan says:

      asybot – at least your kids gave you a hearing on the WUWT material. Some of us have offspring who refuse to even do that. It’s the equivalent of sticking their fingers in their ears and singing ‘La la la’ to drown out the truth of modern politics and science.

      There is hope. Down the track the truth will finally dawn on them and the scales will fall from their eyes. A rude awakening will be forced upon them, not by us, but by unfolding events beyond their control.

      Meantime, I’ve avowed never to let any climate carpetbagger or mealy-mouthed politician get between me and mine. We agree to disagree – they think I’m an eccentric old fart, and I fondly think of them as highly educated ignoramuses.

      With every passing year it will become more obvious to them that they’ve been sold a pig in a poke by an education system that’s betrayed them.


      • Ron Clutz says:

        Thanks for putting Pauline’s story out there. I was not aware of her history. Clearly she also speaks for a sizable (growing?) segment of the electorate fed up with a leftish, politically correct authoritarian elite. Echos of Brexit (Ponces defeated by Non-Ponces) and the rise of Trump, to the utter distaste of American and world media.

        I share your hope of scales falling from eyes blinded by warming alarmists, but I fear the obsession is deeply rooted and the young are widely affected. Still, the internet keeps hope alive and persists as a disruptive force. Some thoughts on how we got here:


      • Blackswan says:

        Ron – thanks for the link. Had to share this gem …..

        “In the past, the effects of media were experienced more gradually, allowing the individual
        and society to absorb and cushion their impact to some degree. Today, in the electronic
        age of instantaneous communication, I believe that our survival, and at the very least our comfort
        and happiness, is predicated on understanding the nature of our new environment, because unlike previous environmental changes, the electric media constitute a total and near-instantaneous transformation of culture, values and attitudes. This upheaval generates great pain and identity loss, which can be ameliorated only through a conscious awareness of its dynamics. If we understand the revolutionary transformations caused by new media, we can anticipate and control them; but if we continue in our self-induced subliminal trance, we will be their slaves.” Marshall McLuhan.

        Slaves indeed. We ignore such insight at our peril.


      • gallopingcamel says:

        The education system is run for the educators. Donald Trump wants to return the control of education to the local community. Education is not one of the “Enumerated Powers” so the US Department of Education exists in defiance to the US Constitution.

        Ronald Reagan had the opportunity to defund the Department of Education but he did not. IMHO he was impressed by Terrell Bell and “A nation at Risk”:

        I hope Donald Trump will defund the US Department of Education……………..the IRS, the Department of Energy, the Department of Agriculture along with many other federal departments that harm our citizens and the US economy.

        While it is not realistic to think that Trump will eliminate every harmful department, he may eliminate one or two of the worst. That will be enough to force the others to focus on “Serving the People” rather than “Regulating the People”.

        Samuel Johnson said:
        “When a man knows he is to be hanged…it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”

        It would be magnificent if government departments feared death.


      • Blackswan says:

        gallopingcamel – Australia too has Federal Depts that exist for no other reason than to provide highly lucrative salary and pension entitlements for the militant Public Service Unions; a Health Dept that doesn’t employ a single doctor or nurse and an Education Dept that doesn’t run a single school or employ one classroom teacher.

        Such functions are the province of State Govts – the Feds simply develop ‘policy’ and the States’ allocation of national funding for those services remains contingent upon States implementing Federal directives and a National Curriculum.

        It’s a closed-shop operation for the Socialist Left, with so many layers of bureaucracy that fresh ideas, open debate and any ‘alternative’ viewpoint than that currently rammed down student throats (on pain of F grades) daren’t raise their heads above the parapet.

        Even when Conservatives are in government they’ve moved so far to the Left there’s no discernable difference between the two – nobody wants to take on the entire Union movement and so our children continue to be taught What to think, not How to think for themselves.


      • Ron Clutz says:

        Blackswan, glad you appreciate. Since the subject turned to education, listen to some commentary from McLuhan on that subject.

        “Well, before we can start doing things the right way, we’ve got to recognize that we’ve been doing them the wrong way—which most pedagogs and administrators and even most parents still refuse to accept. Today’s child is growing up absurd because he is suspended between two worlds and two value systems, neither of which inclines him to maturity because he belongs wholly to neither but exists in a hybrid limbo of constantly conflicting values. The challenge of the new era is simply the total creative process of growing up—and mere teaching and repetition of facts are as irrelevant to this process as a dowser to a nuclear power plant.”

        “To expect a “turned on” child of the electric age to respond to the old education modes is rather like expecting an eagle to swim. It’s simply not within his environment, and therefore incomprehensible. The TV child finds if difficult if not impossible to adjust to the fragmented, visual goals of our education after having had all his senses involved by the electric media; he craves in-depth involvement, not linear detachment and uniform sequential patterns. But suddenly and without preparation, he is snatched from the cool, inclusive womb of television and exposed—within a vast bureaucratic structure of courses and credits—to the hot medium of print.”

        “His natural instinct, conditioned by the electric media, is to bring all his senses to bear on the book he’s instructed to read, and print resolutely rejects that approach, demanding an isolated visual attitude to learning rather than the Gestalt approach of the unified sensorium. The reading postures of children in elementary school are a pathetic testimonial to the effects of television; children of the TV generation separate book from eye by an average distance of four and a half inches, attempting psychomimetically to bring to the printed page the all-inclusive sensory experience of TV. They are becoming Cyclops, desperately seeking to wallow in the book as they do in the TV screen.”


      • Blackswan says:

        Ron – perhaps the subject evolved into education because modern methods of Socialist indoctrination of our children explains the growing disconnect between their generation and ours, and the appeal of the Trumps, Hansons and Farages in our various political landscapes.

        Your quote from McLuhan describes the conundrum perfectly. It’s becoming obvious that young people’s perceptions are being re-wired by constant exposure to electronic media at younger ages than ever before. No wonder the Marxist Labor movement is pressing for the voting age to be lowered to 16 or even 14.

        The Snowflake Generation simply can’t cope with open debate on any subject that doesn’t conform to their agenda and so ‘controversial’ speakers are banned from campuses, while other venues for such speakers are inundated by ‘flash mobs’ summoned by social media.

        Sadly, reasoned discussion is taking a back seat to what’s ‘trending’ on Twitter.


      • Ron Clutz says:

        Blackswan, Following on your comment, it seems that in the decades since McLuhan’s writings, academa has responded to the problem of tv children by turning the campus into a new cocoon,and providing a set of beliefs to embrace in order to belong. Nicholas Kristof, (liberal columist at NYT) recently lamented the typical academic environment by saying, “Being liberal today means we accept those who don’t look like us, as long as they think like us.”

        Tom Wolfe did an essay describing the descent of academia from open forum of ideas into a hive of political correctness. I have a synopsis and a link to the original:


      • asybot says:

        ” The Snowflake Generation simply can’t cope with open debate on any subject that doesn’t conform to their agenda and so ‘controversial’ speakers are banned from campuses, while other venues for such speakers are inundated by ‘flash mobs’ summoned by social media.”

        Very good analysis,

        I think you are saying this to me, and please correct if I am wrong,
        How can you even expect a “debate” when they have only been fed ONE side of the argument?


      • Blackswan says:

        asybot … you say “How can you even expect a “debate” when they have only been fed ONE side of the argument?”

        As far as the Marxist Left and their Useful Idiot footsoldiers are concerned, there simply IS no valid argument against their agenda, so there is no basis for framing any debate at all … it’s axiomatic … any challenge could only be made by Deniers, Racists and Bigots.



      • Will Janoschka says:

        Ron Clutz says: July 27, 2016 at 6:10 pm

        “Nicholas, (liberal columist at NYT) recently lamented the typical academic environment by saying, “Being liberal today means we accept those who don’t look like us, as long as they think like us.””

        Seems as though all, mostly the liberals, express (in public) their PC brainwashing, but no thought! They still vote however, according to emotion, feelings and personal integrity combined. The current US election process clearly shows who is feeding what to whom!


  9. gallopingcamel says:

    At the DNC today there was another example of the great unwashed rejecting the rule of elitists.

    Bernie will fall on his sword in the name of party unity. He is more honorable than Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush or John Kasich. Somehow I don’t think Bernie’s supporters will meekly vote for Hillary Clinton. I can’t imagine many of them voting for Donald Trump either, so my guess is that very few will show up on November 8.


    • Clive Hoskin says:

      Wondering why the Bernie supporters accepted the “Dirty”tricks the DNC dished out?This tells you all is not well with his supporters.
      (… )In fact the DNC threatened to have his supporters arrested,if they “Boohed”Hillary.
      Sanders got screwed!
      Nazi-ism isn’t dead in the USA!It’s been”Rebranded”the DemocRATS .
      “Ditch the Witch”

      Did you ever wonder why they put a 7 ft high fence around the DNC center?It’s to keep sheeple in till the”DemocRATS”can fleece them.


  10. Pointman says:

    An interesting article about victim feminism, in which Pauline Hanson gets a mention.



  11. Selwyn H says:

    Blackswan has nailed the mood in Australia right now with our disgust with political bullshit and the lack of backbone in making the unpopular decisions required to get Australia’s finances in order. I voted for Pauline Hanson for the Senate in Queensland to break down the stifling political correctness that we appear to be saddled with at the moment and so she can articulate what many electors think.

    Something that has not been mentioned is that Malcolm Roberts, from the Galileo Movement, is number 2 on Pauline’s Senate Ticket in Queensland and is a realistic chance of also gaining a Senate seat. He is an outstanding engineer with an MBA and is guiding Pauline’s policy on the lack of global warming and the effect of CO2 on climate and plant growth. If he gets elected they could throw a spanner in the works of Turnbull’s carbon tax and renewable energy rubbish.


    • Rob Moore says:

      Selwyn- I too voted for Pauline ‘s rep candidate+ Malcolm and Bernard Gaynor(ALA-anti moslem invasion)- here in QLD. I hear she got $1.6M for the voting formula on votes received. This should give them a real boost to get quality staff etc.
      I know Malcolm and he will make a very informed senator – should he scrape in!We have been at the frontline in the AGW/CC- juck science scam for a decade now & like heroin addicts – they can’t seem to let it go……………??!!
      The senate results are like “pandora’s box” and not a word yet? The Hose of reps has finally just been settled and Turnbullshit – has officially got a majority of ONE! The senate- when it finally comes out will be hillarious- as the 2 party “straight jacket ” will be completely neutered ……………….imo (Happy days!)


    • Blackswan says:

      Not being a Queenslander, Malcolm Roberts wasn’t known to me, but reading his statement today is very reassuring …

      Mr Roberts, who officially said his allegiance was to the Queensland people, not Ms Hanson.

      “Pauline Hanson told me and every other candidate, if you disagree with the party, you have a responsibility to cross the floor and that convinced me about this woman,” he said.

      The news gets even better ….

      Mr Roberts is a staunch sceptic of the impact of man-made climate change, calling for changes to climate policy which assumes humans contribute to global warming.

      “There is not one piece of empirical evidence anywhere showing humans cause (climate change),” he said.


      Our Parliament finally has some warriors instead of droves of creeping, spineless footsoldiers.


  12. Blackswan says:

    The ABC/SBS Hanson TV documentary was screened in Australia last night, and what a spectacle it proved to be.

    Anyone interested in Western politics of any stripe should find such an exposé of utter bastardry and Media manipulation most enlightening ….

    Pauline Hanson may not be admired for her policies, for her intellect or her naive choices in public life, but she sure as hell commands respect and admiration for her courage in the face of terrifying adversity.

    Watching the “robber’s dog” butch journo busily back-pedalling in the face of Hanson’s rage and challenge was a sweet moment. The lying spin from the mouths of two former conservative Prime Ministers feebly trying to cover their arses was, quite frankly, nauseating.

    Unless free people demand to be heard in our Houses of Parliament then Democracy, that ideal of liberty, equality and fraternity, is surely doomed.


    • Clive Hoskin says:

      We must all watch her back and make sure her “Enemies”know it.


    • Blackswan says:

      Incidentally … in that documentary Hanson challenges her detractors to “take a walk through Cabramatta”. And the robber’s dog journo derides Hanson for thinking “she’ll be Australia’s first political assassination”.

      The fact is that in 1994, two years before Hanson arrived on the scene, NSW State Parliamentarian for the seat of Cabramatta, John Newman was shot to death in the driveway of his home.

      Cabramatta had become a Vietnamese ghetto, an enclave for refugees from the Vietnam War with many VC ‘refugees’ among them, and Asian crime gangs battling for the exploding illegal drugs turf of Western Sydney, was in full swing.

      A Vietnamese crime boss by the name of Phuong Ngo, himself a candidate for election to State Parliament, ordered the killing of anti-corruption campaigner Newman, and two of Ngo’s gang members gunned Newman down in front of his Chinese fiancée. She saw nothing.

      Ngo was not convicted of ordering the murder and imprisoned until 2001, so at the time of Hanson’s battles, Newman’s killers were unknown and still at large.

      Hanson had every reason to have real fears for her safety, and the journalist who mocked her was ignorant at best, and outright lying to further discredit Hanson.

      The robber’s dog is utterly shameless.


      • Blackswan says:

        By the way … I’ve been asked what the “robber’s dog” thing is all about.

        It’s an old saying known to old Aussies. Shall we say, a homely-looking woman is said (by unkind insensitive chauvinists) to have … “a head like a robber’s dog”.

        Not wishing to cause offence to any handsome noble beasts owned by persons of ill repute, sometimes it’s not necessary to re-invent the wheel when previous sentiments seem to fit the bill so well.



  13. Santa's Little Helper says:

    This is the same path taken by Nigel Farage….


  14. Selwyn H says:

    Great news – Pauline Hanson has secured 4 Senate seats for her One Nation Party in the Australian Senate with Malcolm Roberts just scraping in as the 12th Queensland member.

    Now we will see some fireworks on any bills to do with wasting money on renewable energy and the carbon tax which Turnbull pushed through with no media coverage in the last sittings of Parliament before the elections and began on 1 July 2016.


    • NZPete says:

      Gosh, this is wonderful news. I shall watch with interest developments across the ditch as time passes.
      NZ has an election next year, well after the current POTUS fiasco has concluded (well, we hope it will have concluded). Events overseas *will* have an impact here.


    • NZPete says:

      Jo Nova is worthy of all the support you can muster. It must be a lonely battle at times against the establishment, and she does so much. I did “put my money where my mouth is” by donating to the “Cool Futures Funds Management” (, but I feel I should be donating something more to her directly. I’m not sure what the outcome of the Cool Futures venture will be, but I’m hopeful.


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