Your brothers will come after them and make it right.

You’d done the biblically stupid thing of going in for an operator who’d put himself in the danger zone. No way you’d ever do that stoopid thing but you did it anywhy. You got him out but now you’re in a situation yourself. He got away and you’re the one who got nabbed. A hard row to … Continue reading

Pauline Hanson – A Political Phenomenon.

This is another guest article by one of our regular contributors, Blackswan, who hails from Australia. It discusses Pauline Hanson, yet another politician who is outside what would be termed the political establishment, but who has still garnered a following. My feeling is she is yet another example of what I think is a worldwide trend of … Continue reading

I had my doubts about Theresa, but …

The demographics of the readership here have been remarkably consistent over the years. A quarter British based, another quarter mainland Europe, another from the Antipodes and the last but not least the final quarter from the new world. I’ve never focused on any particular one of those demographics, since what I object to and have … Continue reading

A Berlin story : Fast Eddie, the dog’s bollocks and there’s always more pieces to the story.

I’m a people person and when working away from home I’d miss some company, so I usually sorted myself out a relaxed bar where I could occasionally pop in and have a couple of drinks after work and a chat with the locals. A smart etiquette when you’re new to the joint, is to sit … Continue reading

Brexit – an analysis in the aftermath.

When people discuss politics with me, I fairly quickly come to a conclusion that they fall into one of two general groups. The first is what I think of as political theorists. They tend to base their opinions on whatever is the given and unquestioned knowledge of the peer group they like to think of … Continue reading