The 100,000 500,000 750,000 pages landmark.

Well, there you go. WordPress informs me that 100,000 500,000 750,000 pages of this blog have been read, or at least clicked on, by people around the world. How so many people googling “meerkat” or “MaxGentleman” could end up here, I’ll never understand. It is of course, a feel good thing for a variety of reasons. At this point, as is by now traditional, I suppose I should thank a few people.

First and foremost is my Ma and Da. It was a chance conjunction of their cursed genes that produced a strange and curious mutant like myself, but they took me to their heart and loved me anyway. With the passing of the years, and especially with the appearance of my own children, I seriously understand how generous an act that was.

Next would be my Woman. Having put up with me for so many years, she’ll skip right through Purgatory, straight into Heaven, Nirvana or more likely in her case, the main feasting hall of Valhalla, where she’ll pick a fight with the toughest hombre there and no doubt probably win it too. A smart, tough and good-looking cookie, they don’t come any better.

To the best of my recollection, she rescued me out of a drunk tank in Mombasa and decided something could be made out of me after she knocked me into shape. She thinks of me as a work in progress, as do I, to be frank with you. She’s a very determined woman, who’ll get there in the end.

The kids, of course, I have to thank. Whatever embarrassments you’ve given to me, and there have been oh so many over the years, I believe at this point I’ve more than paid you back in kind. However, there are a few new ideas I’ve got up my sleeve. Revenge of the old grey wolf …

Obviously, all of the above have had feck all to do with the blog but one feels obliged to thank someone, and it don’t sit right to just start thanking yourself. However, though I say it myself …

On a more serious note, thank you all for reading my musings and most especially, those of you who contributed your own thoughts arising thereon. You’ve confirmed a personal belief that the blogosphere is a lot more than a 38 second wham bam thank you Mam thing. There actually is room for something as old-fashioned as an essayist in this, our 21st century.

Thank you.


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11 Responses to “The 100,000 500,000 750,000 pages landmark.”
  1. meltemian says:

    Wow, 750,000! Congratulations Pointy.
    Here’s to the Million.


  2. Retired Dave says:

    No!! Thank you Pointy


  3. Rob Moore says:

    I like your style Pointy. Good point on the 38 sec wham bam from someone who gives nothing away.They are just web static and if one selects the right drafting gates- it is a wonderful tool to connect like minds the world over.
    In Australia we have a stone age hotch potch of cobbled together ideas that leaves about 40% of the population-spinning their wheeels waiting for a window to open (if they are lucky).The result of our 2 party /compulsory voting straight jacket = the opposition offering the moon and stars and the broke Govt (who doesn’t have much talent for problem solving) to keep putting bandaids on it.
    With our huge landmass and small population – we have a large chunk of people who vote for a living – wanting/demanding super fast internet so they can download stuff all day to fill in the day.It could not run facebook for me here BUT I find twitter good for the wham bam and can insert a link to quality- like your blog here. A sort of signpost situation.
    In my own way (like you) -I have always been confident enough in what I’m talking about -to put myself out there- warts and all- to try and lead by example.Next stop-one million!


  4. Blackswan says:

    Congratulations Pointman.

    As a long-standing reader I’d like to thank you for the many hours of enjoyable, sometimes confronting, but always thought-provoking reading that you’ve offered us for discussion … it’s a formidable body of work and greatly appreciated.

    Like Mel, we look forward to the million milestone.


  5. Graeme No.3 says:

    At last, your chance to become a millionaire (without help from a ‘generous’ Nigerian).


  6. Bruce Cunningham says:

    I don’t comment very often on blogs for whatever reason, however this being a special occasion I can’t resist. I have read your essays for several years, like many skeptics who find their way here. You have a way of both seeing and understanding the most morally pertinent issues of this debate, and of putting them into words that really hit home and make one understand just how important this fight is. When having discussions with people that have only heard and read what is available from the usual MSM, and think Gore and his minions are the good guys, your essays are some of the first things I try to get them to read in order to make that break through that is so needed. Thanks for musings and keep ’em coming.


  7. Don says:

    Congratulations Pointman. It’s a weekly pleasure to read your articles.


  8. Annie says:

    Well done Pointman. We need more people to see things clearly.


  9. Doug B. says:

    Not on any topic but of importance to me. I have been a subscriber her and at ClimateEtc for quite a long time. Recently and inexplicably, I was deleted from both blogs email distribution lists. Many attempts to re-subscribe have been unsuccessful, as well as many; attempts to contact WordPress to investigate and solve the problem. I have had NO response from them. What can I do to be reinstated in the good graces of WordPress and once again get regular emails from Pointmans?


  10. Russ Wood says:

    I pass on the essays on your site as exemplars of to-the-point (ahem!) writing. Congratulations, and long may your keyboard be active!


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