Independence day.

I love Europe. I’ve lived and worked in many parts of it and always counted myself blessed to savour the rich tapestry of it; eating a Sacher torte on the veranda of a rather elegant café in Vienna while sipping on a viciously chilled dessert wine, meeting the only woman taxi driver in Milan who was … Continue reading

They’re not fit to rule us.

Britain will be voting this coming Thursday on whether it wants to leave or stay in the European Union. The respective campaigns are called Brexit and Remain. A few months ago, it looked to be a David versus Goliath situation, with the Remain campaign supported by all the major parties. Basically, it was the big … Continue reading

Internet censorship and whither shall we go?

This article is well ahead of what I think is the curve, but I think it gives people fair warning of what’s coming at them, and perhaps some time to start digging in before it arrives. Take it or leave it, as you wish, but you’ve been warned. As a lone blogger who writes to a … Continue reading

The 100,000 500,000 750,000 pages landmark.

Well, there you go. WordPress informs me that 100,000 500,000 750,000 pages of this blog have been read, or at least clicked on, by people around the world. How so many people googling “meerkat” or “MaxGentleman” could end up here, I’ll never understand. It is of course, a feel good thing for a variety of reasons. … Continue reading

The reason why.

This is another guest article by Graeme No3, one of our regular contributing writers. As a reader, I do enjoy reading polymath commentary by someone who’s equally comfortable writing about diverse areas like industrial engineering and one or two of the more obscure byways of history, and can yet pick out the correlations between the two. … Continue reading