Political parties can die.

Every mainstream political party needs a mass power base of supporters. It’s a simple numbers game. If they don’t have it, they’ll always be minor players. If they had one but lose it, they drop back to being minor players or go extinct. Their support base will migrate to another party, which will then start … Continue reading

Strength and honour.

I’d suddenly leap out of the wardrobe and demand her pearls. It was our game and one of our favourites. We called it the Lady and the Robber. She was the lady and I of course was the robber. She’d feign surprise every time but the clear and present danger of a pointing index finger and … Continue reading

Why do you come here? We’re never going to get better.

I got home from work and the usual commute at about seven. It was one of those still dark evenings in the transition from winter to spring. After hanging up my coat in the entrance hall, I walked into the living room shouting a hello to my wife in the kitchen from which the sounds … Continue reading

Science and sensibility.

In the ordinary way of things, I steer clear of the science debates over global warming. I served my time in those trenches many years ago and though it’s an important part of the overall push back, I concluded I could be of more use elsewhere and in different and perhaps less virtuous ways. However, I … Continue reading