Safe zones, free speech and the Islamisation of the West.

There’s a new phrase which is entering into common parlance in the chattering classes – safe zone. There are a lot of cuddly wuddly new-age definitions of what it means but the bottom line one is excluding people from your particular niche of society whose views don’t agree with yours and which you consequently find … Continue reading

Thirty seconds.

We’ve all taken some injuries working our way through life because that’s unavoidable, and we all bear the scars from them, but injuries heal or at least scab over. The black dried blood drops off them and all you’ve got left are those white patches of skin which’ll never disappear. Each one has its own … Continue reading

How to get run over by the Trump juggernaut.

The first thing you have to do as a politician is totally lose touch with those people who’ve been voting for your party on auto-pilot for years. They’ve always done it, so obviously they’ll continue to do it. They’re someone you can afford to do a few “I hear you, I hear you” type of … Continue reading

A garden.

The Earth is rotating out of night and I’m a little speck on the surface of it. It’s still dark, very early in the morning and I’m listening to Dario Marinelli’s Stars and Butterflies. On the rare occasions I wake up in the night, I don’t tend to go back to sleep. I roll out of bed as quietly … Continue reading

We’ve reached a political fracture point, but of a different kind.

A number of years back, I wrote an article about what I called political fracture points. In summary, it discussed the cyclical nature of changes in government; one party falling out of favour with the electorate and spending a decade or so in the wilderness rebuilding itself to become once more electable. Usually by the … Continue reading