People are pissed off.

They’re pissed off at knee-jerk stereotype politics. At being regarded as nothing more than an already in-pocket demographic that can be safely ignored. At not being listened to. At being invisible. At having no effect. At being apprehended as being nothing more than some sort of unthinking zombie lurching towards a voting booth ready to … Continue reading


This is another guest article by Graeme No3, one of our regular contributing writers. Like all good satire, it gets uncomfortably close to the underlying reality. The names of people mentioned in it have been changed to protect the guilty, but see how many you can pick out … Pointman —-<0>— To: Director Intergalactic Traffic From: … Continue reading

The Madrassa mindset.

We’ve all watched with disgust ISIS and their forebears the Taliban blowing up sites of immense archaeological significance. In the main, the people committing such vandalism are the lineal descendants of the civilisations which built those very monuments in the first place. They tend to blow up the big bits left over after they’ve looted … Continue reading

Old Sydney Town.

This is another guest article by one of our regular contributors, Blackswan. It deals with change, which in itself is inevitable and not always a bad thing. Sometimes though, when the Puritan instinct of the nanny state take control, you end up with bizarre situations like prohibition, which created organised crime, AKA the Mafia, in America. … Continue reading