Climate prat of 2015 – We have a winnah!

It’s 16:57 GMT, 23rd December in the year of our lord twenty and fifteen and I’m calling it. Vote away, but until I can get Vladdi to disable it, the voting widget means nothing. The results are in. By now, the news is out, all over town, as Hank Williams would say. We’ve got a winner … Continue reading

The loss of faith in the political class.

We in the developed world are constantly told that we’re increasingly living in a globalised world, and it’s true but not just in the usually accepted economic sense. More importantly, the cheap communication facilities it’s built on have increased immeasurably the speed and ease with which ideas can spread across the globe. Ideas, when they … Continue reading

Standing alone on the bridge.

It’s at this time of year I run or at least have some fun pretending to manage the Climate Prat of the Year award. It’s become a chance for everyone to have a good laugh at the excesses of assorted climate maniacs. As far as I know, it’s the only award voted on and decided by … Continue reading

The Pratties 2015 – The race is on!

Okay youse guys and gals, it’s once again time to run the Climate Prat of the Year competition, also known as the Pratties. Right, let’s clear the definitions, rules and boring regulation stuff first. This year, it’ll be the same procedure as last year and indeed the same procedure as it is every year. First off, if you’ve … Continue reading