Once upon a time, in a universe far far away, someone asked me where I came from. I was on a blog based in Australia and having a laugh joking with other commenters there. Off the cuff, off the top of my head and probably off my tits, I said Wallawoora and began to embroider on that mythical place, to what … Continue reading


It’s a funeral and it’s a hard day. We’re all blacked up and milling around. I spot him and see him, and know enough to get there quick. He’s basic, mad and sad and I can see him smouldering, towering in his frustrated rage. I want to keep him safe. Unusually for him, he’s already well tanked … Continue reading

A visit to Cardiff.

It’s the middle of the evening, thousands of people are milling around the wide pedestrian main street just outside the stadium. We’re in Cardiff and we’re all riding high on the euphoria of having watched Ireland beat France in the rugby world cup pool stage and in one of the great stadiums of the world. Right … Continue reading

The greed black hole sucked and then it sucked even harder.

I like playing the occasional game of cards. I’m not picky about which particular game but I have to admit, I’m partial to a poker evening with friends – modest stakes, a few drinks, a bit of banter and busting each others chops. When I was younger with few responsibilities, I played it a lot. Like most … Continue reading

The Perils of Suzy.

A cat started appearing at the back door of my childhood home on a regular basis and my sisters began leaving out scraps of food for it. That was the thin edge of the wedge. Pretty soon in the manner of all cats, it had wormed its way into our affections and had the run of … Continue reading