Framing the debate?

Associated Press, commonly abbreviated to AP, have made a change to their stylebook with regard to the global warming issue. A stylebook is used by large organisations to standardise terms and definitions and is referenced very heavily by external suppliers of content to large news agencies like AP. The essential two sentence change stripped of … Continue reading

A meditation.

I come from an old and possibly obsolete people, a culture that lived in quiet isolation for thousands of years well away from a bigger humanity that got on with developing grand civilisations without our input. It wasn’t a bad arrangement. We did our own thing in relative peace before outsiders finally decided we were worth … Continue reading

Political aberration.

We’ve recently had what’s termed in Britain a General Election. It’s the equivalent of a Presidential or National election in other countries as it decides which party will form a government and run the country for the next five years. It resulted in a disaster for all but one of the main parties, with the … Continue reading

Alice and the Green Rabbit.

This is a guest article by Graeme, one of our regular contributing authors. This year is the 150th anniversary of the publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. It’s never been out of print in that century and a half because it has that faceted, multi-layered quality that every chunky piece of enduring … Continue reading

Watching nature.

This is a debut article by Rastech, which originally appeared as a comment underneath another piece. Ras has been a true, generous and very supportive friend to myself and others over the years – right back to the dark days when there really wasn’t much hope in sight for us ragged band of holdouts in the … Continue reading