Act G

The last century was essentially the century of physics. We went from thinking the sun shone because it was burning, to a deeper understanding of things nuclear like atoms, electrons, neutrons, mysterons and how to make our very own big bangs with a bit of fission or fusion by smashing or mashing them together. We’ve pretty much done nothing more than polish the logically inferential spinoffs of that understanding for the last century. Apart from a couple of bright flashes courtesy of the Enola Gay and Bockscar, it’s all been good stuff, but you’d hardly call it breaking new ground.

We’ve just been quarking around for the last half century or so, with Feynman’s whimsical idea of fractionally charged particles as a piss take, because I think he intuited we were just doing the reductio ad absurdum foxtrot. He’d contributed more than his bit and decided it was time to bugger off and learn to do something more useful like painting or playing the bongos. On reflection, a typically adroit move on his part because some elemental souvenirs of Alamogordo had already burrowed themselves deep into his bone marrow and were destined to take him away early.

We sort of assume we’re somehow advancing as never before but actually we’re not; we’re in a kind of knowledge stasis, becalmed like the painted ship, an intellectual and moral sterility that’s well obscured by a bewildering avalanche of gadgets, widgets, apps and novelties which are actually nothing more than refinements of fifty year plus engineering principles. We’re talking re-engineered retro with nothing more original than tawdry go faster stripes slapped on its arse to get it flogged through the sales barrier. It’s all so new and yet when you look hard at it, there’s actually nothing new there.

We’re up to our bloody eyeballs in just about everything except a single damn original idea.

We now spend more money on education than at any other time in the whole history of the world and yet the return on investment appears smaller and smaller with each passing year. It’s approaching vanishing point and with a cheeky pop, will disappear entirely without even the courtesy of a Cheshire grin. And nobody will notice, never mind give a damn. Education has become the institutionalisation of the enquiring mind, the elephant’s graveyard of the open intellect – a place you go to just to slump down and spend the next three decades of your life doing nothing more than a long mouldering slide into death.

We send our sons and daughters off to places of higher education and they arrive back home as politically correct strangers who’ve learnt nothing more than how to conform as nameless component number 427 of some sorta fucking Borg collective thing they feel compelled to fit into. They’d have learnt more flipping burgers because they crumple under the twin pressures of both the establishment and their peers and any iota of strangeness is hoovered out of the poor bastards.

That crushing of any possibility of dissent, of difference, is the real tragedy. We are sieving out our best, the silly delicate flowers, the mad bastards and their mad bastard new ideas, either of whom might just take our view of the frigging universe and yet again do an arse over tit thing with it.

All that’ll be left is mediocrity and we’re now seeing that, as second or third generation mediocrity now brazenly hops up upon a rock and feels entitled to lecture young and unformed minds about how it’s all been settled, about how high the bar is, but their bar is set agreeably low if you’ve got the smarts to play the game, because dissent is punished. Agree with me kiddo and you walk outta here grasping a first in your sweaty little hand but nothing much of anything else between your ears.

There are some new ideas heading in our direction though, because their birthing is by now inevitable and they will come. We better start thinking about them before they arrive, and I do mean right now, because there won’t be much time when they touch down. The beast will start slouching towards Armageddon and there’ll be nothing on the road to stop him except a few good men of conscience who’ll be outgunned, outnumbered, out bloody financed and as usual way up high on everyone’s shit list and not winning any popularity awards.

This glorious new century of ours that we’re living in is a beast of another scientific stripe, and it’s a dangerous one. A bloody dangerous one, because we might lose our very soul in it. It’ll be the century of biology, of bioengineering, biotechnology, of bioeverything, of getting a sniff of godhead and getting carried away; of being both a creator and shaper of life. God help us with coping with it because experience tells me we’re not very good at dealing with temptations of such dimensions.

We’ll finally have it within our grasp to look at a fertilised ova and know a lot about it. A genetic predisposition to heart problems, a female who’ll have problems carrying a child to full term, mental problems, a chronically weak physique. You name it, we’ll know it. Everything. Absolutely bloody everything. Knowing all that, will the given knowledge be that such unborn children of a lesser god be aborted?

Yes, of course they will. They’ll start blowing the rejects outta the tubes. Fuck ’em, society doesn’t need that overhead and there’ll be a whole lotta good reasons to make people feel plenty good and virtuous about doing just that. It’ll be kinder on them if they never existed. You know it makes sense. Lotsa of course nodding from the crowd but there’ll be a solitary one or two who won’t, because they’re the village warriors and the essence of their personality is to protect the helpless ones, the weak ones with a damaged wing you’ve gotta find a cigar box and a bit of straw for. They’ll fight to the death for the genetic rejects and they’ll be the only ones initially.

The immemorial “they” will dust off all the tired old lies of Eugenics, tart them up in new-age clobber and they’ll be on a roll again. So-called scientists, geneticists and sociologists will lend the whole thing some authority, a stamp of official approval from those better educated people who know better. They, after all said, will be in that ignoble tradition of being nothing more complex than control freaks who have constantly striven to get a reluctant humanity to conform to their notion of some sort of ideal. The opportunity to get the unwashed masses to conform via their DNA will prove to be irresistible in the end.

But it won’t stop there at the supposedly compelling arguments to snuff out our inadequate children who don’t meet some supposed gold standard of a Mk. I human being. That’ll be just the health wedge argument used to tyre lever open the very doors of well intentioned hell on Earth.

What happens if the carrot of picking out a better offspring of yours is dangled in front of you? Hey, you’ve got a viable one there but perhaps you’d like a taller one? You want blue eyes? Brown ones? No problem, baby. Okay, you don’t want smarter, you want more athletic? No worries, we can pick out the one you want. Just leave it to us. We can do good financing you can afford and we can definitely do a good deal for you.

It gets worse though.

Howse about we fiddle about with ye olde double helix? We can actually engineer the kid you want. We’ll zap out the riboproteins, the di-ribo bollocky stuff, the amino acids, all that sciency crud, put our own stuff in and build you something to order, something you can really be proud of. Money back guarantee. Promise. No more picking out the best swimmer of a bad bunch, you get to design them. Mix n match, the customer is king. Your son could turn out to be El Prez material. Just sign up here, it’s an easy financing plan. Thank you for your custom, we’ve got our percentage and now shush off outta the showroom because we’ve got lotsa other couples stacking up in the waiting room.

I’ve a predisposition to making the intellectual argument, because I’m used to anything emotional being dismissed but this is my blog, so let’s stray into that foreign territory for a change because that’s where the heart of this thing is. As always, it’s the practical food on the table questions which expose the grand ideas for what they actually are.

You’ve seen that delicious girl, she’s lovely and you just can’t believe she’d let a fool like you put a hand on her. She’s the one. Suddenly you get the DNA newsflash – she’ll be doing the dementia boogie in thirty years or so. Do you go on anyway? It’s make your mind up time. Perhaps knowing the story, she looks at you and her love of you dictates she’ll never burden you with the embarrassment she’ll one day become, so she jacks you in.

She’s just decided not to live her life because it’d be pointless.

He looks at you as he prepares to go on the pitch. You both know he’ll be the only “natural” on the field and it’ll be another bitching tough day at the office. He’ll do his best but there’ll be that momentary backward glace at you; you didn’t love me enough to get me engineered like all of these bastards I’m up against every week.

He wants a mortgage but the DNA profile says he’s most likely to cardiac arrest out of existence in his mid forties. He’s still in his twenties so you make the offer but with a jacked up rate. It’s of course conditional on him getting life insurance, which you know he’ll never actually get because nobody in their right mind will cover a risk like him.

Once you start reading the book of life, it gets very dark, very quickly.

To any young person out there embarking on a career in biology and who happens to read this, I have to say you’ll be breaking new ground. Right straight out onto a whole new wide open prairie of ethical dilemmas. I can’t give you any golden guiding rule which will steer you through that because there isn’t one, or at least one I can see. If anything, I’d say never forget you’re a human being and that we’re driven by love. That’s not much help I know, since young people feel the thunder shock of love but a deeper understanding of what it really means awaits them more than a few years down the line.

I am the seventh of thirteen surviving children. By so many people’s rules or ideas of a perfect world, I shouldn’t even exist. Once you get past the numbers of the thing, I’ve always shouldered a few burdens of my own. They’re by now old friends, old enemies whose peculiarities I’ve learnt to cope with. Never a joiner but fiercely protective of my friends, a hopelessly addictive personality verging on the compulsive, ruthless in the fight but a complete rollover schmuck to those I love, a bad habit of just when things have stabilised of getting bored and can’t help myself reaching for and hurling that spanner

Too much of this, too many of that, not enough of the team player thing, too much of the I’ll never forgive thing, too much love, too much hopeless muchness and everything else on the bad boy menu from hell on well-greased roller blades to ever have any hope of surviving their genetic cull. Someone like me would never appear on the sales menu. The nature of the beast is I’d choose not be their creature and anyway I wouldn’t allow them to write up the available options on the menu.

I’d never have been allowed to come into existence in their perfectly-ordered, spotless, bloodless, and terminally boring world but someone like me would have, because rude life has a certain inevitable way of sneaking around the odds.

I’ll give you the practical reason why this path should never be taken.

Once we start to specialise, it’ll be the clarion call of our extinction as a species. We are the only creatures on the planet who live everywhere on it. We’re not adapted to any particular climate, terrain, habitat, latitude, longitude or even culture. Basically, we’re still African hominids. We teach our helpless babies how to survive in whatever habitat they happen to be born in.

We are the great non-specialised, non-selected primates who have colonised the entire world and I rather suspect our ambitions don’t stop there. Hard-wiring ourselves would be a self-limiting leap backwards and I’ve a feeling a revulsion will kick in towards the evening of the day.

I’ll give you the human reason.

My youngest brother Joe was mentally handicapped. He was damaged goods but the tragedy was he knew it and that was his particular sadness, but he handled it as best he could and slugged his way through it. He’d just turned thirty when the cancer got a hold of him, and the bastard chawed down good and hard on him. On the last afternoon of his life he was surrounded by all his brothers and sisters and he wanted to do a dump. Upon being offered the bedpan, his eyes rolled.

No way baby, but he accepted help staggering down the corridor to the toilet. He steadied himself with his right hand against the wall the whole way down. I watched because he already had the whole frigging sisterhood Mafia helping and he grumpily accepted that. He did the necessary in private, wiped his own arse, washed his hands, climbed the Everest of that corridor again and was helped back into his bed.

If there’s a better example of human pride, consideration, love, innate masculinity and unconditional familial support through the dark days, I’ve yet to see it. We all knew Joe and were the richer for it. If his only sin was slipping a bit too low down the IQ scale, then God help us. Mebbe God help you, because you might not be as high up the pole as you think.

I’d had enough and ducked out. Turn off that bloody camera. No more recording. Please, please just stop the recording but I was the one doing it in the 24 frames a second of my eyes. I was outside the front door of the place, the timeout zone, just sitting down on some shit heel wall and having a smoke. I’d a few puffs and the tears started to flow. Just natural like; you don’t really notice, it just unexpectedly pops out of you the rock hard bastard from hell and there you go; you’re so bloody wrecked it’s incidental, and you’ve already driven clean through the couldn’t give a damn zone.

Sod it. Fuckit. Flow my tears, flow dem babies and it don’t mean a thing. I can always keep functioning but I’ve always been bad at letting go of people. I’ve a compulsion, a terrible belief I can always somehow drag them back towards the light, whether they want it or not. Reality was giving me ye olde wake up call. Some things no amount of love can fix.

My mother, who’d the sort of primal instincts that would have intimidated your average lioness, appeared because she always kept a watchful eye on the foolish ones in the family. I’d be topping that bill from so many perspectives. Did I think he’ll make it? Of course he would I assured her, he still looks very strong to me, he really does. He’ll make it. He’s still got the legs. We lied to each other with impunity for a bit of comfort and the silly sort of love you give each other when things are totally hopeless, but of course he was dying and we were just seeing him out.

It was coming at us like some unstoppable Manhattan-sized meteorite and we both knew it. We sat on the crappy wall together. I puffed and wept and she cuddled me. The woman was made in a steel factory and they demolished it the day afterwards. At the end, I was by his side and heard that rattle. I forced his gob shut and his eyelids closed so they wouldn’t have a bad final image of him and that was the last best miserable gasp of a kindness I got to do for a baby bro. Some days are just hard ones and you have to find some sort of way to boogie on down the road. It’s all just rock n roll kiddo, so laugh it up.

Why’s he a reason? Why’s he significant? It’s because he gave us all something to admire, something to live up to and he made us appreciative of what we had and aspire to be much better people. He’d his own life and squeezed a lot out of a little morsel of nothing much. There’s other stuff but I choose not to talk about his confidences. When I shuffle off the mortal coil, I want to do it with a measure of his courage and dignity.

You fold that sort of humanity into a double bloody helix that’s been bugged around with and I might consider joining the we can manufacture you better club but until then, I’ll be an out voter, a statistical outlier, a massive dissent of one single man left standing and a curious anomaly impervious to all those wonderfully seductive arguments.

All of that nicey nice compelling logic will bounce off the awkward bunnies like me because while I sometimes have to hunker down and scratch around for the exact reason, I always know you’re wrong because anyone who looks at human beings as some sort of programmed bloody ants will always be wrong and that’s with a big fat capital R.

Lines will have to be drawn and I did that a lorra lorra years back and a long way down the track. So you and all the wonderful promises of your whole dazzling and beguiling roadshow can fuck off because I see all too clearly the nightmares at the end of it.

I long ago put my money down on us lumpy grumpy imperfect humans and I’ll stand proud on that bet.


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27 Responses to “Act G”
  1. AB says:

    Compassion & love are in your DNA, pointy. Tears are just ice melting. I sense an unseen happy reality that has no reference to what we seem to experience physically. The DNA meddlers will never be able to create it.


  2. Old Rooster says:

    Yes the danger is no longer the contest of Darwinism, Natural Selection, Evolution v. Intelligent Design but the headlong rush into Unintelligent Design. The promise of the Post War Atomic Age of Science has in many respects not been realised despite the fact that there are probably more scientists and engineers now alive than ever lived cumulatively in human history previously. The phenomenum of the degradation of tertiary education, which was once the preserve of the upper five percent or so of intelligence (not counting the progeny of the privileged rich who were often imbeciles and scored accordingly) and is now offered to some seventy to eighty five percent of the population, necessarily implies a loss of standards and there has now been sufficient elapse of time for the lesser minds to now dominate the professorial ranks.

    If we have learnt anything from genetics over the last two centuries or more surely it is that hybrid vigour is to be valued and that the roulette wheel of breeding randomly offers advantages in the long term. Utopia is generally taken to mean nowhere (unless one subscribes to the “eu” root theory) and Samuel Butler called his version “Erewhon”. Inevitably attempts to create Utopia fail, often into Dystopia. Spiritually we, as a race, are demeaned if we do not cop the rough with the smooth. As your tale relates victory also belongs to those who achieve a dignified and or courageous life however short or painful or less than ideal.

    PS I love humanity, it’s just a lot of the people I can’t stand!

    PPS may 2015 AD bring health, wealth, happiness, and peace to you, Pointman, and all who visit here. Lang may yer lum reek!


  3. Blackswan says:


    As always, a powerful truth and you’ve nailed it. But it isn’t only future bio-engineering that should be challenged. How about we add IVF, anonymous egg and sperm donation and surrogacy to our watch-list and they are in the here and now.

    The 21st century’s sense of entitlement knows no bounds – ‘I’ll have it because I want it – and I want it NOW!’

    ‘Medical ethics’ – one of the world’s biggest oxymorons.


  4. Old woman of the north says:

    It sort of explains how the Dark Ages happened. Look at the sophistication of the Bronze age that was lost. Again, Britain after the Romans left. Keeping knowledge seems to be difficult when complacency sets in.

    Happy New Year and I hope you see something hopeful too.


  5. Fen says:

    The proles in District 12 are rioting again? Throw the kill switch – a lethal virus that everyone is susceptible to because a backdoor was installed into their DNA.

    Party Loyalists earn the perk of having that door engineered shut. Just dont be the first to stop clapping for Dear Leader.


  6. Martin A says:


    P – Well spotted. Corrected and thank you.


  7. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    money is being wasted on political science e.g. climate Change and so real science is left with no funding.


    • Old Rooster says:

      I suspect also much attention is channelled into either the low hanging fruit where often advances of slight or trifling value are easily obtained or to the seemingly unattainable such as cancer research which looks set to provide rich pickings for vast armies of mediocre researchers for generation upon generation. Often the important and dare one say achievable is ignored because that’s not where the money is. The small effort into researching diseases such as malaria which effects millions yearly reflects the fact it is a disease of the poor. It is largely only of interest to the Military of the West as from time to time they have to send their people into areas where these diseases are endemic.


  8. Hazze says: ….just feel it…genome dot gov….bet that ease any worries 😀


  9. hoppers says:

    Seen some scary trans humanism images recently in an Accounting magazine of all places, portraying it all as very cool. The ugly sister of the DNA hacking you describe, and we’re on our way with bluetooth, Google glasses etc, anyone for a chip?

    Having worked in that area in the UK, I naturally think in PAL(25) so your reference to 24 made me wonder (using the Pointman deductive technique as describe in earlier articles). Why does he default to 24 I ask myself? You are an enigma Sir. I had you down as 100% UK.


    • Milnus says:

      Not an enigma. So far I’ve narrowed pointy down to tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggar man, spy.


  10. wulliejohn says:

    Count the number of geniuses in many different fields of art and science who were less than perfect in other ways. Pure coincidence that The Theory of Everything has just appeared.
    Mr Pointman, thank you for your scribbles over the year that has just passes. Much appreciated.


  11. diogenese2 says:

    When my youngest daughter commenced infant school it soon emerged that a classmate had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Through the 7 years of junior schooling the class (indeed the whole school) observed the remorseless progression of a cruel disablement. Saw and participated in necessary changes to routine to accommodate his needs. The school actually benefited in ways that only I, as Chairman of Governors, knew of. But the greatest added value was how the other children learned directly the nature of disability and the human response to it. Many entered into the caring professions. At some stage the child would have understood his inevitable fate but never once yielded to despair or ceased to strive for self reliance. Soon after moving to secondary schooling he was given a “Child of Courage” award.
    So, with respect Black Swan, Bio-engineering may have some uses for humanity. I once thought similarly about “assisted fertility” until my other daughter found that she had a need of it and my own hubris was brutally exposed, at my age too – I should have known better.
    Although I never had the arrogance the feel an “entitlement” to grandchildren, now that one is coming it seems I have got off lightly.
    But Pointy, do not despair over Eugenics. Genetic roulette contains enough chaos to thwart any 97% confidence level , why you might just as well try to control the weather……


    • Blackswan says:

      Diogenese2 – Thank you for highlighting the many benefits for all our children in modern education’s ‘inclusion policies’ as my own children attended school with disabled classmates and their attitudes are wholly different from earlier generations from whom the disabled were hidden away and generally feared.

      When I suggested bio-engineering should be ‘challenged’, I wasn’t thinking of advances to relieve the pain and suffering of children dealing with the catastrophic consequences of muscular dystrophy or diabetes or spinal or brain injury and paralysis and the myriad other ways medical technology can be advanced by biologists.

      I was thinking of IVF programs that can implant twelve embryos into the single unemployed mother of six other children, eight of whom survived. Or the women in their fifties and sixties implanted with donated eggs, one Indian woman of seventy who later died as a result. And I was thinking of the children born of anonymous egg/sperm donors and, should they ever discover the truth of their conception, their generally fruitless quest to find their biological origins as records are destroyed as has happened in Australia in recent years. And of the men who boast of giving ‘donations’ by the hundreds resulting in the birth of scores of children, all unknowingly related to each other.

      We haven’t even touched on … at what point does a doctor decide that ‘terminating’ a healthy foetus is “socially and politically acceptable”? This isn’t a medical issue at all but it’s a discussion we aren’t even allowed to have these days.

      ‘Medical ethics’ – who gets to decide what they are in the 21st century?


      • diogenese2 says:

        Black Swan , as you observe,all technology,bio,electronic,chemical,whatever is enabling and can enable the wildest fantasies of the perverse and self indulgent. The theme of this post is that the abuses you describe are pale shadows of what is becoming possible. Some of these are wicked ethical problems,emotive and without solution. but this issue is as old as the hills. Prometheous and Frankenstein and even Dr.Faustus sought only to go where no man has been before. Given the freedom of choice, some are going to make some pretty crappy choices, but who wants to be controlled? I think though that the manipulators will be brought down by the poverty of their imagination and the mediocrity of their produce.
        “Oh brave new world that has such people in it”


      • Blackswan says:

        That is the point I endeavoured to make – without light being shone on those “pale shadows” in the dawning of the Age of Genetics, what are the implications for the future? We now have corporations applying to patent human genetic material – which begs the question; who owns our DNA? Exactly what level of ‘unintended consequences’ are we prepared to tolerate?

        Technology has far outstripped the Law’s ability to keep pace, and whose moral compass is going to be the final arbiter in deciding the future of the human species?

        You’re right D2 – none of us wants to be controlled, but do we have the courage to call our “brave new world” to account? And to whom is it accountable?


  12. Geoff Sherrington says:

    You have again expressed some thoughts with eloquence. Yours and mine do not conflict in the generality, only in the weight on some details.
    On my personal ‘long mouldering slide into death’, at 73 years and ill, in the glass-half-full future I see that there will be bio scientists in the present century who will crack the mechanisms of the Meaning of Life. Not so much in a philosophical, but more in a practical way, this would lead to the engineering and manufacture of a whole new generation of devices for many fields of human conduct. Like Moore’s Law reaching a minimum at the molecular level, then climbing back with the construction of cheaper, ever larger and ever more useful devices to assist us from getting too bored – maybe even too sick. But as for Life Eternal, forget it.
    At my age, I think people tend to look back to summarise the major changes they have seen. When I do, I see a society that has changed from people doing things to help others – like being farmers and artisans – to people doing things to control others. Never have I seen a time with so many people being paid to tell others what can and cannot be done. This stifles their creativity as well as that of the victims. The lack of invention and innovation you mention must be coupled in part to this social change.
    We have seen the spread of the engineering part of public television. We have not seen smart use of the content part. We continue to push killing and gun culture, displacing educational or informatively interesting content. If we can understand how and why this happened with TV, we are on track to uncover why similar hijacking happens in Science from time to time.
    The Internet has become dominated by porn, a domination that can teach us more if we choose to study how and why. But heck, there are only so many hours a day to specialise in such inquiry, so we have to rely on the emergence of the occasional genius with more answers than self. Then we must ask if genius would be nurtured by present society, even if they could recognise it. Beethoven, we love you, but where are your current day equivalents? Still learning to drum to a simple repetitive beat?


  13. Rastech says:

    It’ll be huge doses of flawed knowledge, mixed up with a complete absence of wisdom.

    Even with good intent it will end up as bad news, and those doing it with bad intent will get their “Oh SHIT!” moment.

    Quality of life is a foreign Country to the deluded retards.

    Though thankfully, as Voltaire noted:

    “God is not on the side of the big battalions, but on the side of those who shoot best.”

    Happy New Year All, and Keep On, Keeping On.


    • Rastech says:

      It’s worth noting that there are already calls for post birth abortion, if the parents aren’t happy with the baby.

      Hitler would be so proud.


      • Old Rooster says:

        Unfortunately there are so many exemplars in political leadership and other positions of influence in our modern societies that provide a really good case for retrospective abortion.😉😊❗️


  14. beththeserf says:

    Too many bureaucrats, too many social scientists,
    not enuff curiousity, not enuff messiness.

    beth the serf.


  15. John Carlton says:

    In case anybody doesn’t already know. The technology to look at the DNA that closely is here, now. At my last job it was in the locked lab, down the hall.


  16. “We’re not adapted to any particular climate, terrain, habitat, latitude, longitude or even culture. Basically, we’re still African hominids.”

    That simply isn’t true. Human diversity is a biological reality and not just some kind of cultural construct. This is as good a place as any to start finding out more:


    • Pointman says:

      This is the sort of world-class stoopid that get’s any commenter permanently banned here, never mind the stoopid phoney email address. The DNA tells the truth, we’re not that different at all beside a few minor adaptations. Haven’t these idiots never heard of a lady called Europa?



      • Old Rooster says:

        As I recall there is about 0.1% variation across all humans of the same sex. Between the sexes its 1-2%, presumably the different plumbing accounts for most of that. Or the out of Mars/Venus theory of human origins is on the money!😉😊😊😊❗️


  17. Blackswan says:

    “Designer babies can be created ‘with 100% efficiency’ says leading scientist – and warns society needs to think through the consequences”

    “The Crispr technology precisely changes target parts of genetic code and could be used to create designer babies.

    ‘We used a pair of molecular scissors and a molecular sat nav that tells the scissors where to cut,’ Dr Perry told James Gallagher at the BBC.

    ‘It’s a case of ‘you shoot you score’…

    On the human side, one has to be very cautious.’

    “You shoot, you score”? Is it really that simple? Technically, it’s astonishing – ethically, it’s just another crap shoot to make money, and lots of it.


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