Mid-term blues.

The mid-term elections in America are over and the big winner is the Republican party who’ve taken control of both houses of congress. There are a number of conclusions to be drawn from the results.

The big one is that once you get past the media’s continuing love affair with the concept of a Barack Obama, the majority of Americans are deeply disillusioned with him. The perception and the reality is that he and his administration don’t actually do anything. They’re like rabbits paralysed in the headlights of whatever crisis is currently bearing down on them.

In the absence of any type of New Deal policy to get people back to work, the economy is still scraping along not far above the bottom and places like Detroit, which used to be the pounding heart of manufacturing America, are imploding down to fractions of their former populations. If you’re a working man and just can’t find work, you have to move elsewhere. What jobs being created are “Mac” jobs; part-time, poorly paid and if you’re providing for a family, just not enough to get everyone by unless you’ve got a second job or are prepared to do the food stamps route.

There’s an ineffectual buffoon in charge of a foreign policy which veers from one course to another driven by nothing more than an aversion to making unpopular decisions. Putin pulls a Sudetenland on the Ukraine and Kerry’s response is to lecture African leaders on how vital it is to stop their people from farming. The war in Iraq, which was won, has been thrown away along with the lives used to win it. Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria are all heading towards being chaotic failed states, in all likelihood to be run by the thugs of ISIS and even the limited air war against that is so micro-controlled by the White House that targets of opportunity are usually long gone before the provisional okay to strike comes through.

In the meantime, Obama has reportedly played more games of golf in the last year than Tiger Woods. It didn’t help that after issuing a suitably solemn condemnation of ISIS hacking the head off an American hostage, he was to be seen five minutes later in background shot laughing and joking with his golfing pals as they teed off. He’s in the Oval Office, feet up on the desk mode and just riding out the last two years of his second term. Let’s just pray to god nothing shaped like a Cuban missile crisis appears in that time.

Having failed on both the domestic and foreign fronts, he’s concentrated on doing the legacy thing, which actually involves sneaking in by the back door the sort of decarbonisation policies which he couldn’t push through congress. I’m pretty sure the governors of the effected states will jam up the EPA directives in the courts for the required two years. It’ll be yet another one of his failed policies.

The bigger takeaway from it all is that throwing a lot of money at an unpopular idea won’t make it any the more palatable to a disinterested electorate. A multi-millionaire threw the best part of a hundred million Yankee dollars to get his pet congressmen elected in order to carry the global warming flag forward and the voters simply said no. As my mother used to say, a fool and their money are soon parted, but he’d lots of company. The green blob collective emptied their coffers for laughably dismal results.

At points the whole thing devolved down into a farce where the Democratic party hopefuls, whose leader is fixated about saving the planet, didn’t want to talk about it, most especially in mining states like Kentucky. On the other hand, the Republicans kept raising the issue to hold a flame thrower to the ass of their opposition to keep them on the back foot for most of the campaign. As tactics go, it was a winner and you’ll see it again in 2016.

In the meantime and with a great fanfare, Obama has announced a breakthrough understanding with China about their carbon emissions. It’s of course non-binding, the limits as such don’t exist and there’s absolutely no downside if any such vague limits don’t happen to be met. In point of fact, China can just let rip on the emissions front to 2030 which is when they judge they’ll have emitted their utmost, so could perhaps maybe might sorta consider going backwards on the old industrialisation Foxtrot. You can just imagine them in sixteen years time chomping on the bit to please Obama. Yeah, well, a squadron of pigs just flew over the Bar & Grill.

You didn’t have to be some slick political pollster to know the way the mid-terms were going to turn out. Every man and his dawg had a pretty shrewd idea of the outcome for a lot more reasons than climate fixation, and yet the climate fanatics threw the kitchen sink at it. Break open all the piggy banks, get the troops out, maximum effort. It was a battle on the wrong ground at the wrong time and with the wrong champion leading the charge for them.

I’ve often said the reason they’ve never managed to suppress the climate skeptics is because they have a stereotype of us which bears no relation to the reality. They fight an imagined chimera which ticks all their bigoted boxes. In a very similar sense, that same blind spot, that same fanatical drive ignores the reality of a changed political landscape.

A cynical truism of politics is that when a political star is fading, it’s time to find someone else in the ascendant rather than hitching your wagon to them as they plunge. They’re going down and taking whatever your message was with them. That’s the double whammy of being stoopid.

At this stage in the game, there are times when being a skeptic is a pure spectator sport. Do nothing, they’re up there on that ledge thirty storeys high over West 52nd and can’t be talked back in through the window.


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27 Responses to “Mid-term blues.”
  1. Graeme No.3 says:

    For years in Australia Gough Whitlam was thought to be the worst Prime Minister we had suffered under since WW2. He lived to a grand old age (98) and had the “satisfaction” of seeing Rudd and Gillard fight it out for the title.
    Imagine what Jimmy Carter is thinking in the USA.


  2. M Simon says:

    You failed to mention that cannabis – nominally a left wing policy did quite well for an off year election winning the vote in Alaska while Alaskans went for a Republican Senator. In Florida Medical Cannabis got 57+% of the vote. More votes than the Republican candidate for Senator (who won).

    I estimate that cannabis medicine – when fully exploited – could save $1 trillion a year in medical expenses in the USA alone. It is known to cure some (all?) cancers without all the side effects current cancer treatments cause.

    And that is just one disease. Cannabinoids regulate every system in the body. Estimates are that it could effectively treat 2/3rds of all diabetics. Cheaply.

    Cannabidiol helps with schizophrenics. THC makes some of them worse. So you can’t look at pot as some undifferentiated substance. It is not.

    Unfortunately medical schools do not teach the endocannabinoid system. Nor is the topic well covered in popular blogs. However, the information at NIH is voluminous. Try “NIH cannabinoid” for the research. Mostly animal studies to date since it is near impossible to get human studies done in the US.


    • Pointman says:

      MSimon, I’m not particularly militant about comments being on topic but I, like a number of readers here judging by the thumbs down you’re getting, think you’re just hijacking the topic to talk about your ideas on cannabis. I express no judgements on that issue. You have your own blog, I suggest using that as your vehicle to express your viewpoint.

      Enough is enough.



      • M Simon says:

        Well. I thought the topic was the midterms in the US. And cannabis got a LOT of support in the midterms. Despite the electorate in the election tending right.

        An end to Prohibition is no small thing. America jails more Black men per capita than South Africa under Apartheid ever did.

        And then there is the $1 trillion a year savings in medical expenses in the US if cannabinoid medicine was fully exploited. That is no small thing.

        And then there is the disconnect. Ending Prohibition did well but so did the Prohibitionist Party.

        It is possible to teach people to hate ANYTHING. We have an experiment done and found that it only takes a few weeks if those in AUTHORITY push it. I expect the down votes came from those who were taught to hate. Trouble is that that teaching no longer works as well as it once did. I expect I was down voted by anachronisms on the right. No different from the AGW anachronisms on the left you highlighted.

        The common thread and bigger than your narrow point. AUTHORITY is not as effective as it once was. On every subject.


      • Pointman says:

        Which bit of “Enough is enough” didn’t you understand?



  3. Blackswan says:


    You suggest their “leader is fixated about saving the planet” – if only that was his sole motivation.

    It’s becoming increasingly apparent that his entire raison d’être has been to accelerate the de-industrialisation of the USA, dissolve national borders by playing Big Daddy to illegal immigrant waifs, and to empty the Treasury by offering ‘free’ health care to all. It’s not been dubbed “Obamacare” for nothing – it’s his legacy to the nation.

    As with Gillard and the Socialist/Marxist Labor Party, theirs is a ‘scorched earth’ policy – leave as much crippling chaos to the incoming Opposition as is possible, tied up in contracts/treaties/legislation for years into the future.

    For O’Bummer, foreign policy has been a gift in his ‘grand design’. After cutting a swathe of ineptitude through the Middle East for his Muslim Brotherhood buddies (Libya, Egypt etc), he bends his knee and bows his head to a Saudi king before genuflecting to a rampant China.

    His is a true Heart of Darkness … “The horror! The horror!” indeed.


  4. Old woman of the north says:

    Nebraska University – Psychology Department seem to have found that humans have a genetic tendency to be right or left thinking.

    In their experiment – showing people screens with four images of which two were neutral, one a desirable thing and another showing something dangerous, they found that left people only saw the ‘good’ thing, while ‘right’ types took notice of the dangerous object/image. Seems the left only wants rewards and ignores anything that is real so they don’t have to deal with it.


    • M Simon says:

      But you forgot the corollary. The Right passes up opportunity because of fear. Thus the promise of cannabinoid medicine ($1 trillion a year in the US alone when fully exploited) is passed up in the name of refer madness.

      I note my factual exposition (above) on cannabis politics and medicine got a down vote. And all I did was show the promise of the medicine based on NIH research and what happened politically in this last election where cannabis was on the ballot.

      It is not good being ruled by hope. But neither is being ruled by fear a good idea. I think the US is actually ahead of the world in being ruled by neither. After all cannabis did quite well on the ballot in a year when the people who might be expected to support it generally didn’t vote.


      • Old woman of the north says:

        I know a few young men who smoked marijuana as juveniles 13 -15, who developed highly florid schizophrenia as adults. It turned out they had close blood relative who were schizophrenic and had inherited the tendency.


    • Old Rooster says:

      Recently saw a TV program on that, very interesting. I wonder if they’ve done studies yet on the political leanings of those who suffer from cannabinoid induced paranoia.


  5. hillbilly33 says:

    “They fight an imagined chimera which ticks all their bigoted boxes.”

    Pointy. You have nailed one of the main causes of the ”wilful blindness” that prevents the rusted-on adherents of any ideology, fatally flawed computer-modelled hypothesis, whatever, from being not only unable and unwilling to engage in any intelligent debate, but to totally misunderstand and misjudge what drives those of us who choose to question the basis of their particular beliefs and associated pronouncements, particularly when they’re trying to shove them down our throats accompanied by unjustified name-calling and abuse, from their supposed high moral ground!

    The ‘racist’ and laughable ‘climate change denier’ tags are just two examples of the methods used to try and shut down legitimate investigation and debate. An increasingly open and enquiring ‘blogosphere’ should ensure that in ‘free’ countries at least, that won’t happen.


    • M Simon says:

      Well “doper” is another example of the effort to shut down debate. And that one is most prevalent on the right.

      Fortunately, in the US at least, that one no longer works the way it used to because the science is becoming known.

      And what is most amusing is that when it comes to cannabinoid science vs climate science – in terms of inquiry the positions of the left and right are reversed.


    • M Simon says:

      The truth is – people don’t study anything that might interfere with their beliefs. So the right studies climate and the left studies cannabinoids. And just for the record cannabinoid receptors are the most prevalent in the body and the endocannabinoid system regulates every system in the body including the immune system.


      • M Simon says:

        Cannabinoids are likely to be very effective for auto-immune diseases. We already know it helps slow or reverse MS. The NIH estimates it would help 2/3rds of those with diabetes.


  6. Old Rooster says:

    I think it likely that the agreement between Obama and the Chinese in relation to CO2 emissions is yet another of those famous international Gentleman’s Agreements just like the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, and likely to last about as long, if that.

    Vaisey J— “a gentleman’s agreement is an arrangement which is not an agreement entered into between two persons, neither of whom is a gentleman, with each expecting the other to be strictly bound, while he himself has no intention of being bound at all.”

    I often wonder if the ascendency of the evil and foolish is but a recent development but perhaps it is not—
    “When one with honeyed words but evil mind
    Persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.”
    Euripides, Orestes l. 907 (408 BC)


  7. johnrmcd says:

    I believe that you (from time to time) visit the JoNova site. If so you will recall the discussion about the plans that China has for the development of hydro plants on the rivers coming off the Tibetan plateau. They are building coal fuelled power stations at a furious rate, all of which will have a life of 30-50 years. All the while they will be building dams to provide hydro power. By the time anyone thinks to take them up on their “promises” they will have alternatives; so, if anybody cares by then, they have an easy “out”. Suckered again, losers.
    Loved your comment about “gentlemen’s agreements”…..
    I will be getting my head down for the next few days in Brisbane; there are a bunch of free-loaders here for a little gab-fest. Yippee!


    • Pointman says:

      John, sounds like we’ve got a man on the ground at Brisbane. I’d be interested in your thoughts of the event.



      • johnrmcd says:

        Yes; already all of the TV stations are rabbiting-on. All of the reporters seem to be cadets fresh out of high school and they are gushing furiously about the effusions of the “statesmen”. It is all I can take to sit and listen to this for 5 minutes at a stretch. However, my dear wife seems to have more stomach for the crap, so I guess I will get some feed-back. This stuff will be going on for the whole week-end, so there will be many opportunities to get my fill of intestinal overload. At my (relatively) advanced age of 72, I am sorry, but I can not take too much at a sitting.
        I plan on posting again tomorrow; I predict that there will be little that is novel or enlightening, but you never know.

        Incidentally, I like the comment from Sundance (immediately below). This reading is so precise. Allons, Sundance.


  8. Sundance says:

    Obama is setting the table for his post presidential $$$ gravy train of flying around the world on private jets to speak about the threat of climate change and the threat of a strong USA.


    • Old Rooster says:

      Perhaps we need to update the vocab to modern reality—it’s no longer the gravy train, it’s the gravy (æro)plane. Gravy probably isn’t quite right either, even champagne and caviar seems too frugal and plebeian a description of the actual lifestyle demanded by these jet setting WOFTAMs.

      One does wonder, is there a post professional circuit for abject failures in other endeavours? Surgeons who kill all their patients or engineers whose bridges always collapse, shopkeepers or publicans who couldn’t turn a profit? Logically there ought to be.


  9. Blackswan says:

    Is there no end to this nonsense? Now we have ……

    “Will climate change trigger a WAR? Former US military officials say a warming planet will increase risk of global conflict”


    “The potential security ramifications of global climate change should be serving as catalysts for cooperation and change. Instead, climate change impacts are already accelerating instability in vulnerable areas of the world and are serving as catalysts for conflict.”

    No need to go hunting for WMDs this time – CAGW will fit the bill nicely.

    ” … the projected effects by climate change … could increase things such as poverty, environmental degradation, political instability and social tensions – ‘conditions that can enable terrorist activity and other forms of violence.’

    The report also says melting Arctic ice could open new military and trade routes. It could lead to ‘conditions that can enable terrorist activity and other forms of violence’

    Can’t convince us with dodgy computer models and fudged data? Terrorism will do then.


    • Old Rooster says:

      “Golgafrincham was a planet, once home to the Great Circling Poets of Arium. The descendants of these poets made up tales of impending doom about the planet. The tales varied; some said it was going to crash into the sun, or the moon was going to crash into the planet. Others said the planet was to be invaded by twelve-foot piranha bees and still others said it was in danger of being eaten by an enormous mutant star-goat.”

      I’m beginning to think I’m living on Golgafrincham after all. Cousin Little was a hamfisted amateur compared to the shysters who have prospered over the last half century.


  10. Reblogged this on gottadobetterthanthis and commented:

    The Pointman, across the Atlantic, knows US politics better than we do.


  11. durango12 says:

    The China agreement is bogus of course. China says it “intends” to peak emissions around 2030, which is just when she is projected to peak anyway as her rate of growth slow and efficiency improves. Once again there is no “there” there. This is another “photo op” which is all we get from the central government — when we are lucky.


  12. Fen says:

    You are spot on re the Chimera. Since the midterms, I’ve been browsing sites like Dem Underground and Huffpo just to bask in the lamenting of their women. I’ve seen the Chimera in play – all the demonizing of their political opposition was not just for show, they’ve actually come to believe it. Like a goalie who deceives himself into believing every score against him was due to cheating or corrupt refs or even the wind. It only delays his realization that something like poor footwork is the real cause for all his loses. This means it will take longer for the Left to identify true faults and correct them.

    Ironic that the Chimera turned out to be their gift to us. They are striking at illusions and phantasms of their own making.


  13. Richo says:

    Hi Pointy
    When are you opening voting for climate prat of the year? Obama and Holdren would have to score high in the voting unlike at the mid terms.


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