What was actually agreed at the NY Climate Conference of 2014.

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Like speaks unto Like, but says nothing new, as it never hears it

This is another guest article by Graeme No3, one of our regular contributing writers. In it, he draws some political and cultural parallels between ancient China and the situation prevailing today in the democratic parts of the world. The similarities identified are worryingly familiar and one can only hope the results might not be as severe. … Continue reading

The Twitter Chainsaw Massacre.

I think Da Mann is having a bad week. First off, all those greenies who were pushing him to the front and encouraging him to sue the ass off Mark Steyn and others for millions appear reluctant to support him the closer the hearing date gets. Not one amicus brief has been filed to help … Continue reading

How to hunt somebody down on the internet – Part 2.

In a previous article, I covered the two other methods of attempting to determine the identity of an anonymous individual on the internet; namely using their IP address or applying an appropriate technique of social engineering. Here, I’ll be covering the third; what I call the fist analysis approach. The first part of it will be giving … Continue reading

About a girl.

You married one of my older brothers – the one Lady Luck always had her eye on – and fitted right in. A lot of people might have problems joining such a large family but like any accomplished individual, you’d enough class to muck in while remaining your own person. My parents, especially my father, established one … Continue reading