WordPress is broke.

People might have noticed the site is looking a bit weird, what with the picture on the current article now being repeated. Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s Sunday, my writing day, and WordPress is broke. The wonderful editor that was hoisted upon us with no warning a few weeks ago is … Continue reading

The Sultan of Washington.

There’s a view in certain political circles that the common people are just cattle – as long as they’ve the illusion of having some say in whatever direction you wish to herd them, they’ll be docile and pliable. To some extent, that’s true. Problems arise when whoever is doing the herding starts taking their obedience … Continue reading

28 Predictions Later or the Invasion of the Living Dead.

The plague started so quietly that nobody took any notice of the first isolated outbreak. To be truthful, we can’t actually pinpoint a single incident or even an inception date – there is no patient zero. Through sheer weight of numbers, they easily overwhelmed a few of the smaller skeptic blogs. The initial outbreaks were contained, the thermobaric … Continue reading

A family of sorts.

They call them flats in England, everyone else in the English-speaking world calls them apartments. I’d bounced out of one place on the planet Zharg and straight back into the world and a totally different spot on it called London, north London to be precise, and ended up in a succession of all-bloke shared flats. Same-sex … Continue reading

How to hunt somebody down on the internet – Part 1.

What I’m going to show you here requires no technical skills – anyone with a basic knowledge of surfing the net can do it. What is does require though, is some imagination, patience and a degree of persistence. It’s totally legal and is not hacking, though it uses some of the techniques of the reconnaissance … Continue reading