Who is this Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

This is another guest article by one of our regular commenters, Blackswan. As you might be aware, the new administration in Australia has abolished the Carbon Tax and is currently engaged in the arduous task of cutting off the heads of the green Hydra that is government spending on climate alarmism. The climate gravy train is derailing in Australia.

While the article covers political and union corruption, an important thing to note is that most of it was unearthed by a handful of investigative bloggers, citizen researchers and refugee journalists who’d decamped to the blogosphere. None of this would ever have come to light without their tireless and mostly unpaid efforts, because the mainstream media there is a compliant and whipped cur, that long ago had its investigative teeth pulled.

Australia, which not too long ago I thought was doomed to turn into the People’s Democratic Republic of Australistan, is now leading the fight back.

If you’ve ever wondered whether the blogosphere can have an effect, ask Julia Gillard and the Union thieves now desperately scurrying for cover from a Royal Commission’s investigations.



In 2011 Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard introduced a Carbon Dioxide Tax, despite a pre-election promise of … “There’ll be no carbon tax under the government I lead.”  She was hailed around the world as being at the forefront of saving the planet from certain destruction. The world’s biggest and most expensive Energy tax, with a fixed price initially of $AU23.00 per tonne of emitted Co2 (when the EU was trading Emission Trading Scheme or ETS certificates at less than €2 per tonne) was inevitably passed on by manufacturers and primary producers, and consumers ultimately paid more – for everything, from a haircut to a cup of coffee.

As part of the Green Deal $AU10 Billion (or 10% of the carbon loot) is duly handed over to the UN each year. In July 2014 the tax was due to increase to $25 per tonne and be expanded onto transport fuel, and in 2015 to be linked to the European ETS, but still the CAGW devotees hailed the move as ground-breaking and necessary.

Meanwhile, as aluminium smelters, oil refineries and manufacturing closed down or fled offshore, the new Prime Minister Tony Abbott, elected on a promise to repeal the crippling Carbon Tax, has found it impossible to pass the Budget Bill through the Senate where a voting bloc from the Labor Party and the Greens stands in the way of our economic recovery, but on July 17 2014 the Carbon Tax Repeal Bill finally passed the Senate, though the deals done with the cross benches and any implications of those deals are still unknown.

During the last election campaign the Greens smugly gloated that Abbott would never be able to untangle their Green Gordian Knot and it seems they were right – Gillard’s toxic legacy lives on in the complex bureaucratic and financial juggernaut of Climate Alarmism.

Just who is Julia Gillard and why did she lie to the electorate about her intentions on the tax? Why did she yield to Green pressures when the environment had not been at the forefront of her election agenda?

Ms Gillard once declared in a magazine interview that she wished to become a “global philanthropist” – she just forgot to say that she intended to use Australian taxpayers’ money to do it. In the dying days of her Prime Ministership, before she was dumped by her own Labor Party as Leader and ignominiously consigned to the Back Bench, she sniffed the winds of change in her fortunes and systematically set about laying the groundwork to feather her post-political nest, using other people’s money.

In raising her international profile, an unprecedented record $AU100 million grant was made to the University of Adelaide in her home state of South Australia in the last weeks of her administration, and the grateful university Dons accorded her an honorary PhD, inviting her to join the faculty lecturing political science students, though her expertise remains suspect.

After all, it took her nine years to complete a four-year law degree and she never did her Articles, though to be fair, she did spend a number of those years working for the Socialist Forum, an exercise in re-badging the Australian Communist Party after it fragmented. She acted as its public officer, secretary, and legal adviser on the drafting of its constitution, as well as selling the membership on incorporating the association to absolve all office bearers of legal liability.

According to Gillard in a 2007 ABC interview, the Socialist Forum “ultimately amalgamated with the Fabian society” – most of its principals being members of the Labor Party, Gillard having been a member since the age of sixteen. The Socialist Forum adhered to the strategy “that power transformation could be facilitated through communists gaining control of the levers of power: i.e. Marxist infiltration of trade unions, educational facilities, cultural associations and political parties.”

Professor Gillard was also granted an honorary doctorate by Victoria University “for her outstanding contribution to Australian society”.  That university needs to upgrade its research skills.

In October 2013, weeks after her Labor Government was annihilated at the Federal election (in which she declined to re-contest her seat), and with a lifetime parliamentary pension and benefits in excess of $300,000 per year, Prof Dr Gillard joined the Washington DC based Brookings Institute as a non-resident senior fellow, and a slew of highly lucrative speaking engagements around the world swiftly followed, including an address to Middle East leaders in Dubai where the word “misogynist” was never uttered despite her vow to “call out misogyny and sexism wherever I see it…”

But Brookings wasn’t her main goal in garnering further access to other people’s money.

As Prime Minister she unaccountably contributed $US303 million Australian taxpayer dollars to Global Partnerships for Education (GPE), the Washington DC based World Bank public-private organisation, making  Australia the world’s most generous donor equivalent to the combined sum from the USA + Russia + France + Italy + Ireland + Japan + Switzerland – and all from a country with a population of only 23 million people.

This subsequently assured her appointment as Chair of the GPE Committee, announced by Alice Albright (daughter of Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright) and Gillard now leads a Board of Directors representing 18 different constituencies from developing country governments, donors, civil society organisations, private sector foundations, and multilateral agencies and regional banks, this year controlling distribution of a record $US28.5 billion donated dollars.

It was recently announced that publisher Random House has paid a six-figure advance for Gillard’s autobiography ‘My Story” to be released in October 2014, enthusiastically promoted by her ‘friends’ Hilary Clinton who sings Gillard’s praises in her own recent book, and a YouTube plug by Christine Lagarde, the IMF’s Managing Director, herself in court charged with embezzlement and fraud.

We can only wonder if Gillard’s tome will include any of her own possible charges by the Victorian Serious Fraud and Extortion Squad, who currently have her under active investigation after executing search warrants at her old law firm Slater & Gordon while she was Prime Minister. The evidence seized has been subject to a series of court hearings and appeal on the issue of ‘legal professional privilege’ and is ongoing.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced a Royal Commission into corruption within the Union Movement and it has now been sitting for some weeks. The sworn evidence to the Commissioner, Justice Dyson Heydon, has been explosive to say the least, and riveting to watch unfold via live-streaming on the internet.

Be in no doubt – this Royal Commission lifting the lid on a cesspit of corruption would never have happened without the groundswell of outrage born and fostered on internet blogs where citizen researchers, lawyers, businessmen and women, and investigative journalists of every stripe, found the only forum for their voices. Denigrated as irrelevant “internet nutjobs” by Gillard and her sycophantic Media lapdogs, blogosphere journalists are set to change the future of our nation, and the nature of our public administration. The Commission will hear evidence till the end of the year.

People are going to prison.

Gillard’s industrial law client-turned-lover in the 1990s, Australian Workers Union (AWU) heavyweight Bruce Wilson (now a short-order cook in a provincial seaside town), has been a font of information disclosing to the Commission that Gillard’s personal intervention was pivotal in the setting-up of the illegal incorporation of a phoney non-existent association in the AWU’s name, which would launder secret commissions from major construction companies, all concealed as services never rendered by phantom AWU employees who never existed.

At one point he tried to implicate a dead man as the fall-guy in his scheme, only to be left floundering when it was revealed the deceased colleague had provided police with a sworn statement to the contrary almost twenty years earlier.

While Gillard always protested that she had paid for extensive renovations to her home in the 1990s (and had receipts to prove it), she has never disclosed the source of those tens of thousands of dollars – or explained why several builders working on her renovations turned up at the Union’s head office demanding payment owing for work on her house.

In her own words, in transcripts of interviews recorded by her law firm partners when they discovered her nefarious activities, she had borrowed the deposit for her old run-down cottage and mortgaged the balance; was so far in debt her law firm Slater & Gordon were paying her salary months in advance, so she had zero equity in the property and no collateral. She was asked for receipts for all the renovation work done, but there is no evidence she ever produced them. Where did her purported $20,000 renovation loan come from? She wasn’t asked – so she didn’t say.

Now a string of tradesmen and others have given sworn evidence to the Commissioner that they had seen Wilson handing over huge wads of cash, either to her or to the builders, whereupon she gave them bank cheques for any invoices rendered. Of course such cheques don’t disclose the source of the funds and any receipts were in her name.

In Law & Order circles, that’s called money-laundering. It’s also called benefiting from the proceeds of crime and covering it up for twenty years is perverting the course of justice. Let’s toss in conspiracy to commit fraud, just for good measure.

One of Wilson’s go-pher underlings testified that he had been given thousands of dollars in cash by Wilson with all Gillard’s personal bank details and told to deposit it in her account.

Gillard’s earlier response to that revelation was … “So what? It’s not unusual for a man to give his girlfriend money.” Really? Five thousand dollars at a time? From a working man with a wife, a mortgage and two young children at home.

Was it the lawyer or the girlfriend who accompanied Wilson to a house auction in Melbourne where he bought the property in an underling’s name using cash from his illegal stash and a Specific Power of Attorney (SPoA) to do so, as well as raising a $150,000 mortgage on the property through Gillard’s law firm, but the donor of that SPoA swears under oath that Gillard was not present when she ‘witnessed’ his signature on the document.

In that $230,000 transaction she prepared the SPoA document (which authorised any purchase of any property in the state of Victoria), acted as legal representative for both the donor and her lover the recipient, as well as being the sole witness to the document.  The source of the sale’s funds were falsely recorded in Slater & Gordon’s Trust Account Ledger thereby concealing the true origins of the cash. It was an extraordinary example of her ethics and her tenuous grasp of the law.

It seems that the sudsy Wilson/Gillard duo put hundreds of thousands of dollars through the rinse-cycle during the lucrative four years of their relationship. Despite being a salaried partner in the industrial unit of her law firm and an Officer of the Court, she dismissed her culpability by saying “I was young and naïve”.

She claims to have ended the relationship when she ‘discovered’ what he was up to, but at no time did she go to police or to her law firm partners or to her Union client officials to aid them in their fight to recover stolen Union money. She told nobody – and the secret accounts, still receiving funds, remained secret till the following year; her silence enabling the house purchased with the laundered money to be quietly sold, the proceeds of the sale so far unaccounted for.

In fact, the innovative Wilson/Gillard scheme for channelling oceans of excess cash has since become the template for other Union slush funds milked from workers and employers alike. For example, the long-serving National President of the Australian Labor Party and National Secretary of the Health Services Union, Michael Williamson, was recently convicted after pleading guilty to a mere $1 million theft and is currently serving a five-year prison term.

Investigators found he had misappropriated over $20 million during his long career, but the guilty plea to the lesser amount meant there was no trial, no witnesses, no prosecution of others who aided and abetted his criminal behaviour and his plea bargain assured immunity from prosecution for his family members and certain others involved in his schemes.

The Royal Commission continues, dealing with one Union at a time and revealing the heartbreaking stories of the treatment of corruption whistle-blowers, men and women alike, at the hands of their union ‘comrades’. Everything from being condemned to the intimidating silence of ‘coventry’, to having their office desks turned to the wall, or their offices ransacked and files and records stolen, being shoulder-charged in office hallways, their union mobile phones switched off, their union business credit cards cancelled, pursued and harassed in car chases on highways when terrified wives and children were passengers, shovels left on the doorstep of their family home, bullets in their mailboxes, threatening letters in the post, and obscene calls to their home phones.

Australian Workers Union (AWU) state president Bob Kernohan had already been pre-selected for a “safe” Labor seat in Parliament and was warned by an AWU Organiser to keep silent about the Wilson/Gillard 1990s corruption but he refused. He was then bashed in the street by several booted Union assailants, his head kicked in and told to keep his mouth shut. He hasn’t worked a day for almost twenty years, his health precarious, and his termination pay was withheld by that same organiser-turned-secretary for nine long years.

The AWU secretary in question was Kernohan’s own protégé, a young industrial lawyer he recruited to the Union over twenty years ago, and today that man is Julia Gillard/Kevin Rudd’s successor as Leader of the Labor Party; Bill Shorten is now Opposition Leader in the Federal Parliament.

Shorten himself is no stranger to controversy and dubious morals. He has had allegations made against him on many fronts, while his penchant for ogling attractive young colleagues and workers is legendary. Today he’s not smiling (or leering) so much because police currently have him under active investigation for claims he raped a 16-year-old girl twenty years ago at a Young Labor gathering, after cornering her in a bathroom. The Media refuses to name him, simply referring to a “senior Labor Party figure.”

Shorten is a union brawler and mauler, a Mr Fix-it, famous for declaring he proudly carries his union card into Parliament every day, declaring his only allegiance is to the Union Movement.

Despite ongoing revelations of Organised Crime, Shorten continues to dismiss the Commission as a “political witch hunt”.

The Royal Commission is due to report to the Abbott Government at the end of the year. Commissioner Dyson Heydon cannot bring criminal prosecutions – he can only make recommendations to Government and, through the Attorney General, to Directors of Public Prosecutions in various jurisdictions, and it remains to be seen who will be summonsed to testify under oath at the Commission, and who will subsequently face criminal prosecution, either for perjury or their previous crimes.

The level of corruption revealed so far, perpetrated by Union bosses, politicians, party apparatchiks, Union-controlled superannuation funds and major construction companies in paying bribes and secret commissions has astonished even those who expected the worst, but the Commission’s sworn evidence so far remains largely unreported by the Media – the most glaring omissions being from our national broadcaster, the taxpayer-funded ABC (whose $1.2 billion dollar funding had almost doubled while Labor was in office), being an enclave of defiant Left-wing apologists and gatekeepers for the Labor Party.

The majority of reports that have made it into print or onto our commercial television networks (whose licensing fees had been slashed by $300 million per year by the Labor government) has largely been to further denigrate whistle-blowers with spurious allegations of their own corruption, and though such claims have been refuted by a number of auditors, accountants and bookkeepers, that detail rarely makes it into the news – just the mud-slinging media releases from the Unions and their high-priced lawyers, aimed at discrediting and intimidating witnesses.

On 19th June 2014, Gillard was interviewed on Washington’s Diane Rehm Radio Show, with an earlier invitation on her website for pre-interview questions from listeners. Every week over 2.6 million people tune in, and with that in mind, many Australians warned Rehm to research the background of her guest a little more closely. Rehm obviously has her own priorities and obligations as Gillard duly went to air without challenge.

The comments thread on that site is worth a look because you’ll hear the outraged ‘voices’ of Australians incensed at the international promotion of our first female Prime Minister who is also the most compromised individual ever to hold the reins of government, shoe-horned into the job by her corrupt Union puppet-masters.

Her claims of “misogynist persecution” are totally spurious (considering most of her critics are women), covering the real reason for her abject failure in Australian politics – her incompetence, her pathological lying, her immoral lifestyle centred on a string of other women’s husbands (including a Cabinet colleague) and her corrupt background as a lawyer, forced to resign by the only law firm that ever employed her, and never to practise law again.

As evidence of Union/Labor corruption continues to mount, we anticipate that Gillard and the rest of the Organised Crime cabal will be brought to account and answerable to the Australian People, she for her abject betrayal of the trust that once was hers, but which she threw in the face of a nation which afforded her and her Welsh immigrant family every opportunity for a productive and honourable life. As a rabid Marxist/Socialist/Fabian, Gillard’s raison d’être has been self aggrandisement and personal wealth, a betrayal even of her own kind.

The Fabian logo, the image they concede to be their hallmark, is a fanged wolf draped in a sheep’s hide.

The fact remains; she was never democratically elected as Prime Minister of Australia at all. In 2007 she was appointed Deputy PM to Kevin Rudd by the Union Czars controlling the Labor Party and its Caucus vote, while in 2010 she ousted the chaotic Rudd in a late-night coup to seize the helm of government for herself, endorsed by those same Union heavyweights.

In the subsequent 2010 Federal election, the majority popular vote went to the Opposition Liberal Party, but Gillard refused to concede defeat for weeks before signing an agreement with the Greens and three Independents to form a pork-barrelling Coalition that bled billions of dollars from the Treasury and held the slim majority of a single seat.

Held to ransom by the Greens she introduced the economy-crippling Carbon Tax. It was a coup d’état that defied the democratic will of the People, and she relentlessly wielded power and abuse of her Office to destroy the careers and the lives of all who opposed her, whether they be senior Labor stalwart MPs, Labor Senators or journalists seeking to publish disclosure of her highly questionable legal background.

Her Slater & Gordon mentor and boss, Bernard Murphy, whom she and Wilson consulted in their schemes and who left the law firm when Gillard did, was given lifetime tenure as a judge in the Federal Court despite never having been a barrister, while others she wished to silence or reward found other highly lucrative judicial appointments, or on Boards, appointed to her Front Bench or in diplomatic postings to prime locations around the world.

This woman, by any measure, has been an abject failure in any aspect of her professional life as she continues to play the gender card in deflecting any criticism of her incompetent tenure in Australian government. Gillard has defamed and slandered her accusers under Parliamentary privilege and repeatedly challenged those accusers to prove her “state of knowledge” on the Wilson corruption matters – perhaps she’s hoping for a Rebekah Brookes-style verdict.

She is a fraud (claiming to have an Economics Degree of which no record can be found) and is demonstrably a liar in claiming to have only worked “in a part-time job as a typist” for the Socialist Forum (SF) in her “student days”.  She was the SF public officer, a signatory to its bank accounts, an elected office bearer and appointed an SF spokesperson, drafting its Articles of Association and remained a driving force on the management committee or as an organiser until 2002 when it merged with a revamped Fabian Society. In 2007 she gave the Inaugural Fabian Society Annual Dinner key-note speech in Melbourne.

She lied repeatedly to conceal her Marxist background from the Australian people, just as she denies any accountability for her questionable activities in her short-lived legal career.

Those who continue to fête her with honorary academic degrees and prestigious appointments in education will rue their haste, as the most cursory examination of her record in Office will show that (true to her Marxist credo), as she changed the national education curriculum and lowered the bar to the lowest common denominator, Australia’s education ratings in the OECD  steadily declined since she was Education Minister. As Industrial Relations Minister her Legislation and subsequent Regulation paved the way for her Union puppet-masters to snatch billions of dollars from workers and their employers.

Lay down with dogs (or wolves), you get up with fleas.

It must be getting itchy under those sheepskin coats. You scratching yet Ms Clinton, Ms Lagrande, Ms Albright, Ms Rehm?

On second thoughts … they run in packs … the Sisterhood looks after its own.


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38 Responses to “Who is this Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?”
  1. flyingtigercomics says:

    Reblogged this on Flying Tiger Comics and commented:
    Who is Michael Smith? asked lowdown lying bitch julia gillard the #fabian


  2. stan stendera says:

    I follow Michael Smith’s and Andrew Bolt’s blogs among others so I’m familiar with the monster that is Juliar. This may be the best summery I have ever read about her.

    On another topic I have a notion for a post on Pointman. If you could please have him E-mail me I will send him a short Query to see if he is interested. I can’t write as well as he (and you), but I have some chops and I believe nowhere else would be interested or have the guts to post, at least where I would be willing to post.

    Thank you for the article.


  3. Retired Dave says:

    Heavens above!!! It is worse than we thought (as they say).

    An amazing post Blackswan. Thank you for such a detailed and sobering article.


    • Blackswan says:

      The Union Czars admired Gillard’s chutzpah and her innovative thinking – she didn’t bitch, whine or complain – she kept schtum and walked away from her legal career circumventing any inquiry that might have revealed the scheme of things.

      It took them 10 years to put her in a place where she could wield the most power and deliver them the Industrial Relations laws AND the Regulatory Authority (Fair Work Australia) which would put them in control of Australian industry and construction, not to mention the trillions of all workers’ dollars invested in Labor’s compulsory retirement funds.

      Union heavyweights sit on the Boards of all Industry Superannuation Funds where they direct investments that pay them huge commissions – especially Renewable Energy.


  4. Graeme no.3 says:

    Thanks Blackswan for clarifying the dirty saga.

    You mention that “forced to resign by the only law firm that ever employed her, and never to practice law again”.
    Just the lawyers covering up the mess she had made, and delaying any investigation by years.


    • Blackswan says:

      Gillard had a fiduciary duty to her partners at Slater & Gordon – they were all jointly and severally liable for her actions – that’s why they transcribed their interviews with her… just in case. They had their professional indemnity insurance to consider.

      Today S&G is the only law firm listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, their shares worth millions, and they’ve expanded into the UK where they’ve mounted class actions for those abused by the likes of Rolf Harris as they pursue ‘compensation’ from his estate. They are now so ‘grateful’ to their former partner that they’ve named a boardroom after her.

      There are no cleanskins in this sorry saga.


      • PaleoSapiens says:

        A couple of quotes:
        “[Fight] them any way you can.” – Original Star Trek, Season 3, Episode – ‘Spectre of the Gun’
        “….the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.” – Sir Issac Newton

        Internet blogs, such as this one, are of great public service in exposing bureaucrat malfeasance. The good people behind them are heroes fighting injustice in their own way. You have my appreciation and respect.

        Your article and comment above, “….law firm listed on the Australian Stock Exchange…,” inspired and provided evidence for the second quote of Sir Issac Newton.

        A part of the great ocean of truth before us is our (Common Wealth Countries & the U.S.) Common Law heritage. Administrative or Roman Civil Law (complex) is superseding Common Law (simple) as established hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago. WE, individually and as a society, have and are allowing this erosion of our inherent freedoms. One way to stay vigilant and protect our fundamental freedoms are through knowledge, along with application of said knowledge.

        A prime function of government[s] are to protect ‘property’ (property = tangible AND intangible belongings). When “We The People” realize that we are the creators [Are not ‘creator’ powers virtually unlimited?] of ‘dead’/fictional corporate entities and act accordingly, “…this sorry saga” can be relegated to the dustbin of history.
        see: Karl Lentz – broadmind.org, Lentz at youtube.com, and private-person.com

        As with other worth while endeavors, considerable time and toil will be required…


    • hillbilly33 says:

      Hi Graeme. The extraordinary thing is that two of Gillard’s former equity parnership employers have admitted they deliberately kept secret fo 17 years the details of Gillard’s pivotal role and details of her departure from the firm! The critical Gillard AWUWRA file has never been produced for any of the police fraud squad or AWU investigations and the current CEO of Slater & Gordon now says the file has been “lost”. It joins the Corporate Affairs File, and other Court files and documents which have also mysteriously ‘disappeared’ !


      • Old Rooster says:

        There inaction at the time requires that they suffer specific consequences at the hands of the legal profession disciplinary bodies as well as the criminal law IMO.


      • Blackswan says:

        Rooster – the Victorian Legal Services Commissioner dismissed a formal complaint by blogger Michael Smith without disclosing that his own wife worked for Slater & Gordon. When this obvious ‘conflict of interest’ was pointed out to him, he excused himself from the case.

        However, his Office then advised Smith that they were suspending their investigation until the Victoria Police Fraud and Extortion Sqad had completed their inquiries into the Gillard matter.

        Alas and alack – the documents seized in the police raid on S&G offices have been tied up for over a year by the lover Wilson’s continuing legal appeals that the material is subject to ‘legal professional privilege’ even though the Chief Magistrate ruled that ALL of the documentation re the matter “was in furtherance of a fraud” and thereby NOT subject to such privilege.

        Wilson, now a short-order cook, suddenly has access to the mega-bucks necessary to continue to drag the matter out in appeals ad infinitum, as well as to engage a top barrister and her team to represent him at the Royal Commission.

        Flipping burgers in a country sports club at Nelsons Bay must be paying really well these days.


  5. hoppers says:

    Jeez Blackswan. I was just beginning to consign the trash to the old memory vault, and you had to do this to me!


    • Blackswan says:

      Sorry Hoppers, but you know what they say about recycling trash – it just pops up somewhere else in another guise.


      • hoppers says:

        In all seriousness, great article and entirely accurate. Congratulations on it. How is it that bad people so often reach the top? There is a whole ‘nother article in there as they say.


  6. Count Repugsive says:

    Excellent post, Blackswan, and thanks to Pointman for publishing it. This wretched episode in Australian history must never be forgotten and I so do hope that due punishment is meted out. I used to think Australian politics was pretty clean – more fool me – but Gillard and Rudd were so appalling I started to take an interest where I never had before, and what I learned about Labor, the unions and the Australian media’s rush to look the other way when it’s someone from the Left shocked me. I’ve hardened into a conservative as a result of the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd + Greens debacle, and lost confidence in so many things … Not that I have any great trust in the Liberals, either, but if there was any serious dirt there it would have come out by now, surely?


  7. Steve C says:

    @Hoppers – You ask “How is it that bad people so often reach the top?”. Well, it’s a rather short article, I’m afraid, it fits in a comment …

    Chapter 1: The very word “top” implies some form of hierarchy.

    Chapter 2: The mantra for success in a hierarchy is, “If you wanna get ahead, you gotta cut a throat.”

    Chapter 3: So, by definition, any hierarchy will tend towards a state where it is run by the most evil, cut-throat b###ard present, and staffed by the only-slightly-less-successfully-evil, who are plotting their own plots and sharpening their knives.

    Postscript: Run a society, or a world, on interlocking hierarchies, and … “Welcome to Planet Earth, ladies and gentlemen. Remember to guard your valuables at all times …”

    But seriously, what a nest of vipers this is! I thought the repellent “Tony” Blair represented a new low in human quality, but it looks as though Australia was inspired to produce a whole tribe of lookalikes. Country compromised? Check. Personal nest feathered? Check. Time to move on … I shall be keeping an interested eye open for word of those numerous investigations.

    [Pointman: Thanks for a well-written blog which has given me a fair few belly laughs (thanks, too, to Eco Annie!) and much to reflect on since I first followed one of your links on WUWT. Bless your pointed little head, and may it impale the unworthy for as long as you get some fun out of it. – Steve]


  8. Magnum says:

    Perhaps your writer Blackswan would be interested in this story too.


    • Blackswan says:

      Magnum – the Reserve Bank’s Securency corruption scandal has been sloshing around for years, and not only Asian nations were involved. African countries have also figured prominently in the “inducements” industry. The State of Victoria has the country’s highest number of ‘suppression orders’ on all manner of criminal cases and it’s rarely a matter of ‘national security’ – more like ‘saving face’ for some high profile entity, either foreign or domestic.


  9. Pointman says:

    For people out there reading this article who find their jaw dropping at some of the tawdry and basically criminal activities detailed in it, I feel I should inform you that Blackswan applied their own self-imposed rule of only covering the murky stuff for which a definite paper trail had been established or sworn witness statements to police had alleged.

    Either all the paper trails have been forged by some grand conspiracy and the witnesses are running the risk of perjury, or something is indeed rotten in the state of Australia.

    Not a word of this is reported by the Australian MSM.

    All the unproven but even more lurid allegations have scrupulously been left out.



    • Blackswan says:

      Thanks Pointman – as you say, all of the claims made in this article are a matter of record and I resolved to steer clear of the more salacious aspects in the life and times of the infamous Julia.

      For example, when in the Opposition Cabinet, in an interview with a national women’s magazine, Gillard boasted about her affair with a married Cabinet colleague, Craig Emerson, saying that in a hotel room a hot and bothered Emerson had gulped down a glass of water – problem being it contained Gillard’s contact lenses. Oh dear – amid lots of oo-ahs Gillard had to give an important speech next day and said she was “blind as a bat” and couldn’t read it. At the time there was much ribald commentary about Emerson “keeping an eye on things” etc.

      When she got to be PM Emerson featured prominently on her Front Bench as Minister for Trade and remains one of her most vocal supporters.

      There’s another whole article of back-story to the Gillard saga that has left most of Australia slack-jawed and bewildered. Where did this woman come from and how did she ever seize the helm of Government?

      There has been less than a handful of MSM journalists who have ever challenged the Gillard propaganda machine and not lost their careers over it, namely Andrew Bolt and Hedley Thomas, and the Canberra Press Gallery has long agreed to keep a tight lid on the Gillard story. Today there are a lot of bare-arsed plucked chickens coming home to roost.


  10. hillbilly33 says:

    We are indebted to Black Swan for this comprehensive summary covering most aspects of the Gillard story. It’s a saga of lies, treachery and unbelievable corruption of political, legal and union processes aided and abetted by many sections of the MSM. There has been a massive conspiracy to pervert the course of justice which will no doubt be the subject of many books in the future.

    It began when Gillard, as an engagement solicitor for her firm’s AWU client, deliberately chose to place her political ambitions above everything else and commenced an adulterous relationship with AWU employee Bruce Wilson, undisclosed to her equity partnership employers or their AWU client.

    In doing so, Gillard breached every relevant rule, obligation and/or fiduciary duty to which she was subject under the Solicitor’s Oath; the Victorian Legal Profession Practice Act 1958 and the relevant Partnership Act, That conflict of interest of her own creation, was at the heart of the ensuing frauds. .

    The only ‘defence’ Gillard has ever advanced is to keep repeating ‘I did nothing wrong’!

    Three legal opinions worthy of note

    McHugh J – .’When the lawyer goes beyond advice and draws documents for the purpose of enabling a client to achieve an objective, it is, I think, almost impossible to contend that the adviser does not aid the commission of any offence which results.”;
    (Jeopardy of lawyers and accountants in acting on commercial transactions’ delivered to the Perth Summer School 1988, published in Australian Bar Review, vol 5 No 1 March 1989)

    Anthony Morris QC – Brisbane barrister

    ‘Given the AWU retained Gillard’s firm, how could any lawyer have convinced herself there was no conflict of interest when her boyfriend asked her to set up a ‘slush fund’ under the name of her firm’s existing client?

    Gillard admits she was asked by Wilson for ‘legal advice to incorporate this association’. Precisely what advice was given regarding the adoption of a misleading name, and the fraudulent statement of false objects for the intended ‘slush fund’?

    How could Gillard conscionably vouch for the legitimacy of an association which, to her knowledge, was being registered with a deceptive name and specious objects?’

    http://www.spectator.co.uk/australia/australia-features/8747081/the-worst-form-of-defence/ .

    Terry O’Connor QC – former head of Western Australia’s anti-corruption watchdog

    ‘Julia Gillard may have breached two sections of the state’s law through her role in providing legal advice for the incorporation of an association her then boyfriend later used as cover for a fraud.’

    ‘Section 170 of the Criminal Code WA provides that “any person who, being required under a written law to give information to another person, knowingly gives information to the other person, that is false in a material particular is guilty of a crime and is liable to imprisonment for three years”.

    ‘Section 43 of the Associations Incorporations Act also makes it an offence for a person to lodge a document with the commissioner which the person knows is false or misleading in any material respect.’


    A big thank you to Black Swan and Pointy!


    • Blackswan says:

      Thank you H/B for the wealth of information you’ve shared on all things ‘Gillard’ – your formidable research is eye-wateringly detailed and you’ve been very generous with the information you’ve supplied. It’s a huge body of work and does you great credit.


  11. tom dundas says:

    With the closure of aluminium smelters, cement manufacturers, oil refineries, carmakers & the building of de-sal plants & windmills , Australia has managed to kill or export a hell of a lot of jobs while exposing our standard of living to the shipping cycle.
    The Reserve Bank of Australia conveniently crunches the Australian Bureau of Statistics figures to provide some valuable info:-
    You do not need a degree in economics ( but you would hope at least some of our masters did) to see that if you take the rural & add it to the resources, ¾ of what is “paying the rent” is coming from less than 5% of the people engaged in economic activity in Australia.
    Yet even though this is what underpins our standard of living in Australia, ( balance payments – exchange rates – interest rates etc.) the resources industry in particular is the most harassed & vilified by Left, the Greens & the ignorant, sycophantic MSM.
    The Rudd/Gillard/Greens have vandalised Australia & sold out our sovereignty.
    Proud little Aussie not.
    Thanks Black Swan. You have encapsulated the story succinctly.


    • Blackswan says:

      Tom – when we actually bother to think about it, the Socialist/Marxists have been in power for twenty out of the past thirty years, beginning with Hawke and followed by Keating, both card-carrying Fabians.

      That has been more than enough time for them to “have vandalised Australia & sold out our sovereignty”. More than enough time to have loaded the Judiciary, the Tax Office, Immigration, the ABC and much of the Public Service with their “useful idiot footsoldiers”. They knew what was expected of them and they’ve delivered – in spades.

      Since Whitlam was elected in 1972 Labor’s history has been a litany of murder (Donald Mackay, Michael McGurk, Caroline Byrne), political assassination (John Newman), bashings (Peter Baldwin, Bob Kernohan), arson, insurance fraud (Alpine Printing), repeated convictions for electoral fraud – there’s been adultery, betrayal, Cayman Island and Swiss bank accounts sprouting like weeds – men who have only ever worked for the Unions or been Labor apparatchiks have left high office as multi-millionaires.

      It isn’t rocket science and you don’t need a university degree of any stripe to know that a sovereign nation has been taken over by Organised Crime.

      Did it begin with Whitlam’s little Mafioso (Mr Multiculturalism) Al Grasby who has had a statue erected in his honour, or the other bloke whose prints are ‘writ large’ over most of the above but who ends up with his own pay TV show, is a syndicated columnist and who is consulted at every election as a Labor ‘elder statesman’?

      They have crafted a captive constituency by fostering the Welfare classes, the grateful Immigration community, the Aboriginal industry, the Mainstream Media and by hijacking the Education system that indoctrinates our children.

      Is it too late? Have the horses disappeared over the horizon while the stable doors are left banging in the wind? I guess it’s up to us to answer that for ourselves.


      • tom dundas says:

        Black Swan

        Indeed it was the Hawke/Keating era which gave us the Accord & industry superannuation.
        ( dancing in Bibs & Braces & hardhats etc.)

        Given the unfolding revelations in the current RC, it is hard not to suspect that the “corporatization” of the union movements relationship to business & finance was a carefully planned scheme to fund the movement & entrench/virally infect the system with a culture & attitude which self justifies/legitimises its power. The Thiess/AWUWRA deal is not by any means
        an isolated example.

        Nor are high profile legal & accounting firms the only the only institutions who would appear to enjoy the fruits of “short circut feedback”*& patronage.

        It will be interesting to see how history records all of this if the balance of payments blows out while we are buying iPhones & not selling rerources. Western Sydney, Brisbane- Ipswich-Logan -Coomera & Northern Melbourne will have a lot of mortgage defaults & social problems.

        Gee thanks Julia! I hope you get every thing you deserve.


  12. Old Rooster says:

    Dear Cygnus atratus
    Your succinct summary of the Life of Gillard (salacious detail omission notwithstanding) should form the basis of her official Who’s Who hagiography. (Note to the editors of the Macquarie Dictionary—’hagiography’ should now be defined as the biography of a hag)

    The really shocking thing is that she was not an aberration but an enevitable product of the efforts of so many criminals who, under the guise of political struggle on behalf of the sheep, not only fleece them but slit their throats and dress them for feasting on.

    So much of our guardian institutions of democracy and Western culture have now been compromised by the infiltration of these criminals. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes indeed. The answer it seems can only be the Information Age citizen journalists not of the Ancien Regime Fourth Estate. Whether there is time to overcome these evils only history can tell, but not if they don’t win.


    • Blackswan says:

      You’re right Rooster – the Fourth Estate is now so compromised it’s become part of the problem; the propaganda arm of the Marxists.

      The blogosphere has become the Fifth Estate where a moral compass for the average citizen still holds true.

      “Who will watch the watchmen”? We will. It’s just a shame that most of us have been asleep at the wheel for decades. Comatose is more like it.


      • Old Rooster says:

        I’d thought I’d stood my watch defending my country and guarding its finances but I fear I failed. I’d neglected to consider the Fifth Column. Maybe the Fifth Estate can take up that fight and win. I worry though that as we of the Old and Middle Guards retire the field there will be no Young Guard to catch the Lamp.


  13. Excellent and shocking story Blackswan. I’m afraid there are more Gillards around in the various boardrooms you indicated.


  14. George says:

    I would like to pass my appreciation at the best summation of the Gillard legacy, that has been withheld from the Australian public for many years. Absolutely brilliant writing, my hat goes off to you.
    The clear point that can be made here is that virtually all socialists who actually achieve power do what every other person in power do, that is make as much wealth for themselves, help to prosperity their friends and allies and destroy their enemies. (I say this because in our society past, present and future, being nice does not lead you to the top. You must be willing to do whatever it takes and as you succumb to this your lust for power (and all it’s benefits) grows and consumes you like a drug addict).
    Because socialist leaders know that you can gain popularity to the commoners by promising them other peoples money. This should be a story in itself. Apart from socialist “leaders” which other socialists follower live in multimillion dollar homes, fly around the world first class, stay in the best hotels, only dine in the best restaurants, dress in designer labels, have the big back accounts,and have the high paying jobs. In essence they basically are what they preach their followers to hate in their enemies.
    Thanks a again for a brilliant article.


    • Blackswan says:

      Thank you George – why would any wolf hide under a sheep skin? Obviously so that it can walk among the sheep, in plain sight, and wreak the most havoc. Native Americans used to cover themselves in a bison’s hide so as not to cause alarm, to change their shape and smell, to pick out the most vulnerable in the herd and to deliver a killing blow at close quarters – all in plain sight.

      As you’ve so aptly described, this is how the Marxist/Fabians have changed Western society in a couple of generations – an astonishing feat in itself. They exploit the most base aspects of human nature and ‘democracy’ does the rest. When the ‘numbers’ always win the day, the game is over in a corrupt and easily exploited electoral system such as ours.

      We need a new Constitution and a new Electoral system for the 21st century. As a wise man once said; “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


      • George says:

        So very true.

        It does remind me of a something I read from a French author years ago who stated that democracy does have a limited life span. This is because eventually people will eventually start voting for governments who will always give them something, and how long can that last?

        The ironic thing is that the modern western society is slowly destroying all the fundamental aspects that made them successful.


  15. Gail Combs says:

    Excellent post, Blackswan, and thank you Pointman for publishing it.

    Now if we could only get an HONEST probe into Gillard’s Corrupt Twins in the USA, Clinton and Obummer.

    This is a start. That right there is enough for charges of treason and the death penalty but don’t hold your breath.


  16. Blackswan says:

    UPDATE: It was announced this week that Gillard has been summonsed to give evidence under oath at the Royal Commission from September 9th 2014. So too will her boss, mentor and law firm partner Bernard Murphy be called. Murphy, the industrial unit solicitor, was appointed a Federal Court judge during Gillard’s term as Prime Minister.

    Proceedings will be live-streamed from 10am Aust. Eastern Standard Time on this link …..


    Fingers crossed that the link isn’t swamped and doesn’t crash – it promises to be the best show in town. Popcorn and beer sales have rocketed.

    So far the Royal Commission has exposed extraordinary levels of collusion and corruption, with the toughest cross-examination of witnesses (by Labor/Union lawyers) being reserved for the whistleblowers.

    The credibility of this Royal Commission rests upon whether Counsel Assisting the Commissioner is wearing kid gloves when questioning the witnesses, leaving them snugly wrapped in their sheep skins, or will he expose them for what they are and herald a new era of justice for the Australian people?


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