En passant moves of a minor imp of Satan.

There are some disagreeable things one is obliged to do as a climate skeptic blogger and they’re mainly needed to keep a finger on the alarmist pulse. A very important one is to not only read the propaganda output from the alarmist organs of dissemination, or should I call them organs of disinformation, but to a certain extent take part in the fun. When there’s a particularly dreadful piece, I’m partial to joining in with a few comments underneath it.

There’s a badness in me and although it’s a minor initiative, the raggedy-assed guerrilla in me simply can’t resist certain opportunities. If you’re going to defeat a much more powerful opponent, you have to get comfortable working in really close. Really close. There isn’t any other way. If you can’t feel their breath on your face, you ain’t close enough.

Needless to say, I’ve been banned from those places years ago under my own name so I fall back on a few personas like EcoAnnie, Fern, GaiasPriestess and TreeHugger to add in some truly cringingly terrible support to whatever insanity is being advocated in the main article. Yes, I’m a switch hitter. I’m not naturally a theatrical type but the wife is always encouraging me to do a bit of what she calls role play, but I fear we’re digressing since I suspect we’re talking about different types of climactic things anyway.

Anyway, getting back on top of topic or on topic as one thinks apposite, there are certain articles which just cry out to be recommended for a number of reasons, but before I do so, it’s interesting the effect my dark side personas can have on the debate.

For instance, when EcoAnnie or Fern suggest a Nuremburg trial for deniers with a good old-fashioned hanging to follow, the skeptics all pile in big time and the moderators are zapping their comments like Gooks in the wire. When I see that happening, I just know it’s time for Annie or whoever the hell I am supposed to be to really push the envelope. What a magnificently brainless cow she is. Her plaintive comments start to look like they’d be extreme on a green version of an Aryan Nation site but of course the moderators are torn – she’s on our side; we just can’t zap her. Of course if they ever do, I’ll complain loudly of sexism.

I have obviously left some inadvertent hints about Annie’s AM/FM sexual orientation, so she’s pretty much above criticism from your average minimal wage moderator desperately gripping their pitiful unemployable certificate in remedial disco dancing or gender choice suppression. They can’t touch Annie, whatever she says. I jus lurv the silly cow. Go Annie, go.

Torturing the usually untouchable mods is of course a great bit of payback in itself but watching the rent a mob of trolls trying to repackage whatever insanity she’s innocently advocating is a pure wet your knickers pleasure. Seeing them trying to limit the damage is quite addictive. “I know where you’re coming from Annie but …”, “I understand your frustration with the deniers Annie but …” and of course there’s the killer type of comment I just love. They start to agree with her.

That’s a job done.

Personally, I think I’ve managed to show some real insights into the alarmist psyche. Do I feel guilty about such shenanigans? Naw, not at all. They rigged the moderation game years ago and all I’m doing is frogmarching them towards explicitly stating the logical consequences of their opinions. I’m a human being and have no guilty feelings about exposing their essential brutality towards anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

All jokes aside, when someone expects me to play a game they’ve fixed, I have no compunction ignoring the rules of the game and playing my own one. Do anything else, you’re their bitch. Change the game.

Get in there, get in and work damn real close. Show them up for the vile creatures they are.


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24 Responses to “En passant moves of a minor imp of Satan.”
  1. Truthseeker says:

    This is the first time I know where you have got your starting image from. It is from the opening credits of “True Dectective” which has just finished its first season on Showtime in Australia and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to next season.

    Great artlcle. I guess I like my rational logic too much to play the zealot very convincingly.


  2. Rick Bradford says:

    The real beauty of this is that “they” cannot do it back to “us” since skeptics don’t call for Alarmists to be branded, gassed or executed.

    There’s an asymmetry: we think they are wrong, and possibly stupid; they think we are not just wrong, but actively evil.


    • Graeme No.3 says:


      I spent 2 hours last week listening to 2 greenies advocating a solar tower power station in Port Augusta (South Australia).

      Nice enough people, unlike some greenies, but their knowledge of global warming was limited to a 2000/2001 graph from the IPCC showing the Hockey Stick graph with “projections”. That the hockey stick graph has been so totally discredited that even the IPCC hasn’t dare use it in the last 7 years, has totally passed them by; as has the fact that those projections are looking so exaggerated these days that the smarter rats are looking for a way off the ship.

      As for their knowledge of electricity power stations that could have been written down on the back of a (small) postage stamp with a broad brush. It didn’t help either that they were “numerically challenged” and blithely claimed that the first (of 6) stations of 50MW capacity they wanted could save money by driving the 500MW turbine from the defunct coal fired station. The economics were completely ignored; nor had they apparently grasped that the sun didn’t shine directly overhead 24 hours a day.

      There wasn’t time for the promised question and answer session, which probably saved me talking to a brick wall, if their intelligence rose to that level. There are a few evil ones on the other side but the large majority of believers MUST be stupid as they want to change our society without thought for the consequences, and without ever reading up about the subject.


  3. Konrad says:

    Pure evil and I love it!

    There is a special corner of hell reserved for you, I’ll meet you there. (Have you met the people who think they are going to heaven? Do you want to spend eternity with them?)


  4. Almost Iowa says:

    Why you little Alinsky, you….. Those rules were written for LEFT-WING radicals. It says right there in the preface of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals that only the anointed can you them.


  5. Barry Woods says:



  6. Reminds me a bit of the Baptist preacher in the saloon. When asked “Why?” he replied (drink in hand) – “I just want to see what the opposition has going for them.”


  7. cyrus says:

    Reading thru the comments under that guardian article and the war that broke out, I sense the devil’s hand at work.


  8. durango12 says:

    Ah… the truth comes out. I had actually noticed “TreeHugger” and felt that there was something funny about him/her. Who knows… maybe the blogosphere is infected with such misrepresenters, and all those idiots that are acting like idiots are not real. Ya think?


  9. stan stendera says:

    Oh, you evil thing you.


  10. pottereaton says:

    Nothing like a little bit of fifth column work to undermine the enemy’s morale. And unlike Glieck, you didn’t break any laws.

    I was commenting on the Washington Post the other night vis a vis an individual named “BeKindtoMotherEarth” or “Don’tWoundMotherEarth.” You know the type. Now I’m thinking you ARE the type.


  11. A.D. Everard says:

    Pointman – I just love the way your mind works. 🙂


  12. jdseanjd says:

    I smiled all the way through this article, & the comments. 🙂
    That’s a solid achievement, thanks.
    I would never have thought of this tactic, but now….just for occasional fun…you understand,
    I might just cross over to the other side.
    Like it, liked it.


  13. Pointman says:

    I shouldn’t have mentioned EcoAnnie, Greenpeace are erasing all her comments from their site 😦

    before http://web.archive.org/web/20131203132923/http://www.greenpeace.org.au/blog/how-many-people-does-it-take-to-win-a-campaign/

    After http://www.greenpeace.org.au/blog/how-many-people-does-it-take-to-win-a-campaign/

    They’ve got no sense of humour.



  14. Pointman says:

    Erin go bragh.



  15. Sparks says:

    You captain kirk ‘d ’em (Kobayashi maru), You’re not really EcoAnnie or Treehugger etc… Or are you! LMAO


  16. jaymam says:

    With the demise of EcoAnnie, have you considered setting up an alarmist-looking website showing many links to the latest alarmist articles e.g. “Collapse of civilisation is coming – Nasa study”.
    Allow warmists and sceptics free reign. Some of the alarmists might be so outrageous that their articles are easily countered. On a busy day you could actually have some real people in the discussions.


  17. nofixedaddress says:

    I would not have the calm to do that.

    At the first reply to some convoluted response to a post I made, I would have to attack the *rseholes.

    And I can ‘sneak’ up on anything but the lumbering scum need no finesse though I admire what you say you do.

    Taxation under whatever guise feeds ‘elites’ and I think they need to understand that even Ghandi, for all his scum ways, stood up to a system of taxation.

    Pass the salt.


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  2. […] Pointman has a new post up on how he sabotages the Green Movement (Heil Gaia) by agreeing with them in an over the top way. It is hilarious. A typical stunt by him (a her when wit the Greenies) is calling for Nuremberg trials for deniers followed by hangings. […]


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