What a bunch of pissant spineless scum they really are.

One glance at that picture above and you understand the mentality at work. All that’s missing is the soundtrack but I think we can all add that in for ourselves. It’s always the same song with just they lyrics varying. ‘Come out nigger, we’re here to string you up’ or perhaps it’s just old-fashioned burn the Jews stuff. The bad old days being freshly reinvented for the shiny new prejudices of the twenty-first century.

You’re at home and it’s an evening like any other; time to relax after work with your family, and out of the darkness you’re suddenly confronted by an invasion onto your home turf of fully masked up individuals chanting and wielding burning torches and banners with threatening slogans. Maybe they’ve got guns and intend harm to you and yours; why else would they hide their faces? Let’s face it; this is liberal gun law Texas after all. Does the “attack” on their banner mean they’re armed? Perhaps you should call the police, cringe in your house and pretend to be out.

Instead, the man whose property they invaded under cover of darkness walked out of the safety of his home and talked reasonably with them.

I have the utmost admiration for anyone who has that lonely courage to do something like that and confront such a frightening situation head on.

I have the utmost contempt for any gang of cowards who decide to turn up unexpectedly in darkness, faces safely concealed and in such a threatening fashion outside a person’s home, with burning torches and exuding nothing better than burning hate.

I truly despise them.

Like all cowards, it’s never a one-on-one fight they potentially offer, but many on one. And like all cowards, they’re there to intimidate before getting physical with violence. There’s lots of us, only one of you, so what’re you going to do little man? There’s an unspoken threat as well. They know where you live. It’s not just about you getting hurt, but potentially your family as well. They’re telling you that they’re not just coming after you, but the people you love who you know you just simply can’t protect. You keep fighting big boy, they’ll pay the price. Knuckle under or else. How’s it feel to be paralysed by your love for your valued ones?

The man got targeted because he works for one of the many companies which will be involved in the construction of the Keystone pipeline between Canada and the USA. It’ll be a subterranean pipeline buried twenty feet underground and deliver fuel being extracted from the tar sands in Canada. Given that the project has twice been cleared of any significant environmental impact, and now looks like it’ll almost certainly get the green light, it’s a curious issue which appears to be causing a schism in the movement, but like a dog with its teeth clamped around a bone, the protesters can’t let go of it and to hell with anyone else.

Their excesses are by now alienating their own natural supporters.

Of course, once their daring exploit got some airing in the blogosphere, wiser heads prevailed and they took down the web page on their site of them triumphantly acting like the Climate Change Clan. The original page led with the picture above and some righteous text about how they’d scored some big victory against globalisation or something. They have those twin blind spots of all fanatics; they simply can’t see what’s repulsive about what they did nor can they help themselves going to excess. It’s the nature of the beast; they simply can’t stop.

The fact that they were acting like klansmen or Hitler youth thugs, was studiously never commented upon by the Guardian or the other self-appointed defenders of the higher moral high ground in periodicals like the WaPo or NY Times. Anything to say Mr Monbiot, Mr Revkin? Gore? Suzuki? Anybody? I thought not. How predictable.

The most charitable interpretation to be taken from such an abject failure to condemn almost criminal intimidation, is they’re being complicit by their silence. The worst is they are quite content to be safely hidden behind a shield of plausible deniability and are actually quite happy with what’s happening. Either way, when the inevitable happens, and I think it will, they’ll have a measure blood on their hands which they’ll find difficult to wash off.

The people in that picture are extremists going through the anger phase in the death of their belief system, and that very anger will eventually propel them to commit acts of violence and perhaps even kill some people in the name of saving the planet.

If what passes for their leadership will not condemn such excesses, then it’s more than ever incumbent on the skeptic blogosphere to highlight such incidents and give vocal support to those individuals brave enough to stand up to brute intimidation.

True to form, like all fanatics, they just couldn’t admit their mistake, lick their wounds and move on. The page was quietly reborn a few days ago when all the fuss had died down but this time around they led with a group shot with no burning torches and one of the ecowarriors actually showing their face. What a courageous little fellow.

The klansman picture has been relegated to further down the article (yes, they just simply couldn’t drop it) but this time they inserted an oily phrase that the photo had been taken elsewhere, rather than on someone’s front lawn.

What a bunch of pissant spineless scum they really are.


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21 Responses to “What a bunch of pissant spineless scum they really are.”
  1. W says:

    Also, note that in the video the masked people said that the homeowner’s company had responsibility in some fashion for an oil spill in Michigan that “killed 18 people”. But there is no evidence to back up this accusation. If the activists are so ready to accept — without evidence — that their “enemies” are already guilty of murder, then the situation is even more grave than it first appears.


  2. Truthseeker says:

    “What a bunch of pissant spineless scum they really are.”

    Don’t sugar it up Pointman … say what you really think …


  3. Thanks Pointman, this is your best (and most important) post so far.


    • Keitho says:

      +1000 These guys are getting out of hand because their’s is a lost cause. There will be blood spilled unfortunately but then, perhaps, those who are watching will see the real face of this eco-fascism. Greenpeace are the militant vanguard of this fascism and they have the ear of every democratic government around the world.

      Pig dog bastards!


  4. RealOldOne2 says:

    Today’s politically correct KKK. (Krazy Klimate Klan)


  5. Robert in Calgary says:

    Oil Sands please. Tar Sands is an insult.


  6. Avi ben Barzel says:

    “All that’s missing is the soundtrack…” …of the home owner blasting a warning hail of shot from his double-barrel 12 gauge and his countdown for the masked arsonists to disperse. To satisfy the trend for new-speak neologisms and expectations for dialogue and negotiations, we can call it a reality-facilitated, time-sensitive compliance request. One can still dream, no?


  7. Hamish McCallum says:

    Well said.

    To me, the greenshirts are ideologically more malignant even than their forebears: to them, the very existence of humanity is a problem in urgent need of a solution. The 10:10 video was a clear indicator of what some of them, in their hearts, would like to do.


  8. Avi ben Barzel says:

    Pissants and spineless scum they certainly are, Mr Pointman, but one suspects they are more. Much, much more. This man looks at them as coalescing units of first wave mercenaries for competing conglomerates, trusts and corporations, be they unofficial arms of governments, pretend-charities or new “green” industries. Like mendicant knights or ronin…masterless samurai… they mill about, strut, show off their bravado, in the hope that when the time is right, they will be given their bunks and bowls of porridge in the camps of the private armies of the near future. And our governments are already funding and oiling this process.


  9. diogenese2 says:

    perhaps Mr. Maki’s courage was bolstered by recognition that his visitors were cowards and bullies and could be faced down. That’s a hell of a call to have to make but he got it right and none of them was a psychopath.(not sure on that – I’ve known a few and they usually act alone).


  10. xmfclick says:

    The offending photo seems to have been taken down again, so the brave eco-warriors are too scared to follow through what they think is proper by leaving the pic of their oh-so-righteous behaviour up where the forces of law and order (sic) could use it to send a few more of them to clink. Next thing you know, they’ll be using “Arbeit Macht Frei” as their slogan.


  11. John Robertson says:

    Another home goal by “The Cause”.
    Should be compulsory viewing for school children.
    Parents, home-owners and adults all cringe on watching this idiocy.
    However one voice in that chatter is that of an older person, directing these fools.
    I suspect this will turn out to be a social science type, probably employed in local academia.
    There is a sense of set-up.The plan to have some useful idiots killed.
    This was done in Houston Texas, a less confident homeowner may have responded in kind.
    No jury would convict, but the proggs would go crazy and the MSM would sing along.


  12. Nicholas Darby says:

    Looks like Kim and Perry and Mary and Benjamin have outed themselves, and they have a limited number of signs.

    Kim and Perry show solidarity with #MICATS3

    Mary and Benjamin Showing Solidarity with #MICATS3

    Nick Darby 517-402-6543



  13. alex says:

    Do these cowards hold a job or are they just a bunch of good-for-nothings living on other people’s money? For sure they’re socialists who believe in that economic philosophy that falls flat on its face every time that it runs out of other people’s money.
    The problem with these thugs/terrorists is that they find tacit support from the polticians and the media. Kristallnacht anyone?


  14. Noblesse Oblige says:

    “What a bunch of pissant spineless scum they really are.”

    Yes… they are this and more. But who are they if not the product of years of propaganda from the MSM/government/NGOs who leverage the inclination of humanity to blame, hate, and resent into more power and wealth for themselves, perhaps for as close to perpetuity as they can manage. Parley the propaganda with entitlements and a sense that they will always come, and you get what you got: Pissant, Spineless Scum writ large.


  15. Lawrence says:

    This is exactly why we Americans want our guns. I have little doubt the homeowner had a concealed pistol when went out to speak with them. Just in case those pissants got frisky.


  16. Fred says:

    The Green Klux Klan, because moral superiority means you can do what you want.


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