The real problem with polls.

I see yet more opinion polls on global warming wiggling their way through the bowels of the mainstream media like tapeworms. They’re only usually interesting in terms of spotting how the alarmists have bent the questionnaire, data, statistical methods or simply misrepresented the results to achieve the required propaganda headlines. Given how often such Cook … Continue reading

Cool it …

I wrote the following paragraph in a previous piece on fanatics and the subtle perils of prolonged contact with them – There is also an insidious danger to this sort of interaction with them; you start to get imprinted by them. If you’re not careful, you soon start to take on the same fanatical traits … Continue reading

The coming shape of 2014.

About three years ago, I compared the ongoing plunge in any belief in global warming as being akin to the death of a belief system. In essence, it is a five stage process of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. It covered what can only be termed the true believers, not the politicians, or … Continue reading

Why the IPCC hesitates.

This is a guest piece by one of our regular commenters, Graeme No.3 – enjoy! —-<0>— The release of the IPCC Fifth Report has been accompanied by a barrage of criticism. “The latest IPCC report has truly sunk to the level of hilarious incoherence” Some critics have settled on the fiddled graphs, dodgy statistics and … Continue reading

Moments in a life and those restarts you have to make.

He’d drawn a dinosaur for her and it was a pretty good one, stretching the entire width of the blackboard. He’d used white chalk for the main details but added a huge lot of pecky touches in red and green. Too many I thought. He was another teacher and her beau and I’d watched their … Continue reading