The Climate Wars and agent Deep Woolabra Wonga.

I think it’s about time I finally told you I’m running an asset deeply embedded inside Big Green. Running is probably the wrong word; it’s more a partnership by now. They operate under the codename I gave them of Deep Woolabra Wonga, not only because they’re submerged deep in the flock but also¬†as a hat … Continue reading

Russia 3, Greenpeace 2.

I like the Russians. You spend enough time studying a foreign people, you sort of fall in love with them, because that’s the beginning of understanding them and their country in any real sense. The accent is on liking the people rather than the leadership, who’re what you’re supposed to be focusing on. Despite how … Continue reading

Climate Prat of the Year award 2013.

UPDATED AGAIN and again! How quickly time flies. It seems but twelve months since we last ran the competition but I suppose as we grow older, time appears to pass more rapidly. Sweet bird of youth etc etc. Anyway, a recent address by the almost beatified Bob Geldorf to a bunch of stunned school kids … Continue reading

Russia 2, Greenpeace 1.

One of my simple pleasures in life is to spend an occasional evening watching a good sporting event with friends. We all come clinking along with whatever booze we prefer and a few emergency nibbles. It’s usually an evening of decent sport, a little too much to drink and giving each other a hard time … Continue reading