In the aftermath of AR5.

AR5 or the fifth Assessment Report on global warming was published last week, amid a fair amount of fanfare but nothing compared to what it would have been like in the glory years of climate alarmism. Everyone has had their say on it by now but I thought it worth adding my own thoughts. What … Continue reading

Alice and the unicorn.

This is a guest post by one of our regular commenters, Graeme No.3 —-<0>— ALICE AND THE UNICORN By Louis Karrol. Alice was almost asleep when the green rabbit wearing an unfortunate waistcoat ran past her. She didn’t notice at first that he was green because he was peering at his fob watch and muttering … Continue reading

Armageddon Report No. 5.

The IPCC is about to issue AR5 or its fifth Assessment Report on global warming, but since these successively more alarming reports always predict a looming end of the world as we know it, I prefer my own interpretation of the acronym. It’s going to be a tough gig for the Cassandras of climate for a number … Continue reading

Know your ultimate enemy : the dream.

It’s about having an honest conversation. That’s what I’ve come to think blogging is. Yes, you can muck around showing how slick or amusing you are but unless you’re genuinely trying to talk to one or two other human beings out there, who perhaps may only exist in your mind’s eye, you’re just adding a bit more … Continue reading

Phlogiston and Global Warming.

This is a guest post by one of our regular commenters, Graeme No.3 —-<0>— Gracious acceptance of criticism is not a common human trait.  In most scientists it provokes irritation, denial and antagonism.  Among what their admirers call the top climate scientists, dissent seems to provoke spectacular responses. They are obsessed with CO2 as an … Continue reading