A quarter of a million pages later.

The pages read counter on this blog is closing in on 250,000, so it seems to be a natural review point. The blog came out of an extended discussion with some friends that occurred at the height of climate hysteria. We could all see the damage it was doing but for them it was an … Continue reading

Know your enemy: the establishment journalist.

The origins of journalism go back a long way. For most of agrarian history, there were individuals who travelled from settlement to settlement, mainly trading goods but part of what they did was bring the news of what was happening in those distant lands twenty or more miles away. Beyond the news, some of their … Continue reading

Know your enemy: the environmental regulator.

If you work in an industry and gain a reputation for being one of the more knowledgeable people knocking around in it, you’ll eventually be asked to attend external meetings to discuss things like standards or simply to represent the particular sector you are working in. They’re usually useful if only because you can share … Continue reading

The pause.

There’s a book called Puckoon by the wildly erratic comedy writer Spike Milligan. It concerns the travails suffered by a fictional village of the same name, as the boundary commission draws the border between Northern Ireland and the new Republic of Eire in the aftermath of the War of Independence. The border of course goes straight through … Continue reading