It’s 2.45 in the am and I’m reflecting on a long night’s journey into day.

I’m writing this up in real-time. There won’t be any rewrites, no polishes, no second thoughts. It’s all going to be first draft stream of consciousness stuff, whether either of us like it or not. If you’re sensitive about bad language, walk away right now because my emotions are running high. To put that more directly, … Continue reading

We’re going to have to do something about peer review.

Not too many years ago, there were two researchers who discovered that stomach ulcers were not the result of a stressful lifestyle, but simply an infection. The idea that ulcers were related to a high stress lifestyle was so deeply embedded in the medical establishment psyche, they couldn’t get a fair hearing, never mind getting … Continue reading

The Breaking Point.

If you play team sports, or even just watch them, there’s very often a moment in the struggle between the opposing teams, when one of them breaks. Sometimes it’s sparked by a single incident but more usually, it’s an acceptance by the whole group that they’re going to lose. The opposition are simply too good. It’s … Continue reading

Is being Green left-wing or right-wing?

I’m the son of a blue-collar upbringing and consequently a blue-collar view of the world. In many of the ways that really matter, I still am. It does give you a realistic outlook on life, which makes you wary of all politicians, irrespective of what their nominal politics might happen to be. You don’t particularly … Continue reading