A Tale of Two Davids.

I’m a people person, who likes talking with people, because each one is a new voyage of discovery. When it comes to media people, the one-way direction of the relationship is a bit too passive for my taste. They talk at me and I listen to them talking and although I take in the words coming at me, I’m looking at the talking head and I form an impression of them.

If I find them difficult to make out, I usually mute the sound and watch the body language for ten minutes. Try it. Most people can’t last ten whole minutes looking at muted television. It’s a bit brutal but it really makes you watch and sometimes the results are quite stark, especially when they’re the ones supposedly listening to another media person talking. Their guard invariably drops when they think they’re out of shot.

The more they talk, the more I think I see into them. They may be engagingly charming people, they may be brusque people, they may apparently be a know-nothing media prat, but I get an impression of them. Mostly, they’re quite naturally projecting a good image of themselves. In the end, the person I see reveals themselves for what they are. Usually, that’s not much of a surprise but occasionally you find your judgement of them was wrong, badly wrong and it’s all somehow a bit sad and disappointing.

The point is, chickens always come home to roost in the end, and I’ll know whether I was right or wrong about what I thought of them. Lately, a lot of the chickens have come home to roost.

There was one chap called David. The bit after David was Bellamy. He showed people a love of and aspects of nature and why those aspects were important. He got arrested protecting those things, long before that became a chic martyrdom statement. He was loved and had a great career in BBC television, until he imprudently voiced his well-founded skepticism in the whole theory of global warming. The eco-acolytes and their media luvvies turned on him with a vengeance.

His television career died right then. The personal collateral damage was his sudden excommunication from several environmental organisations. He became a nonperson, as they say in Nuspeak, and was airbrushed out of medialand history but not out of my and other people’s abiding regard of him. True to the linguistic roots of his name, you still thought of him as a good friend.

As soon as he opened his mouth, he was a working class lad and that was fine, just as long as he toed the line. He didn’t though. Too much integrity, or should I say honesty, so an uncomfortably well-qualified and articulate son of the proletariat got zapped. It was a bit of relief for the media chatterati, who were never quite comfortable with such an upstart they couldn’t quite pigeonhole. Do some tame Uncle Tomming or else. To his eternal credit, he didn’t do the usual get out of jail mea culpas but instead chose the or else and still works as a tireless advocate for the things he believes in, though not on TV.

I respect and admire the man deeply.

There was another chap called David. The bit after his name was Attenborough. He too showed people a love of and aspects of nature and why those aspects were important. He was loved and had a great career in BBC television, perhaps because he prudently never declared his doubts about the theory of global warming. Such political acuteness eventually saw him elevated to Director General of the BBC. His television career blossomed accordingly and he became what’s affectionately known as a national treasure.

I thought I knew him.

At some point, his opinion about global warming changed, and once you swallow that particular pill, it comes with a lot of other theological baggage. You become exclusively pro-nature and therefore necessarily anti-human, because from that warped viewpoint, we’re the root of all evil.

Just lately, to use his own words, he’s told us that humanity is a plague on the Earth.

What that means to me is that all my Dad and Mom did for me and my brothers and sisters was a waste of time. All their parents did for them was a waste and all their forebears did for the whole lot of them was a waste. My kids are just me and my woman adding to the plague. It was all a misguided waste, because all the time, we were just some sort of fecund plague on Mother Earth. Personally, I’m quite partial to a bit of fecunding, but there you go. It’s probably just me.

I’m presented with the view that all that, all that simple multi-generational committment, responsibility, sacrifice and parental love and care, was a complete waste of those heroic people’s day after day selfless efforts, because we were all along nothing more than just a plague on the Earth.

How dare you.

I choose to believe they were not plague carriers, that it all meant something good, that it does mean something good and always will, in which case Sir David Attenborough OM, CH, CVO, CBE, FRS, FZS and FSA, you have just disrespected all the efforts of your forebears, who worked so hard to elevate your now so exalted arse into so high and prominent a position, you can now feel free to pontificate Malthusian nonsense from out of it, down on top of us lesser mortals. Fecund you.

I’ll go with the David Bellamys of the world, so speaking as a human being who absolutely knows they are an integral part of the natural world, fecund you Sir David and the hoss you rode into town on.

I am the surviving result of generations of love and care in circumstances sometimes so difficult, I know I wouldn’t have made it through. I acknowledge that huge debt and in an effort to balance the scales, hope I’ve paid it forward with love and may perhaps be remembered fondly for a couple of generations or so. People like you are a different case. 

You Sir, have just let a lot of people down and thoroughly disgraced yourself.


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21 Responses to “A Tale of Two Davids.”
  1. hro001 says:

    Hi Pointman,

    Another great piece with which I cannot disagree. Very sad state of affairs though 😦

    But switching to typo-patrol mode for a moment … I noticed:

    […] their parents did for them was a waste and all their forbears did for the whole lot of them was a waste[…]


    […] you have just disrespected all the efforts of your forbears, who worked so hard […]

    I fear I cannot forego (or forbear!) pointing out that I believe you intended to type “forebears” in both instances above – whether you (and/or Attenborough) care for bears (or not) 😉


  2. Jack Wilder says:

    David Bellamy was the first public figure I met. I was five and can even now remember vividly the way his helicopter descended onto my sports field. I can’t remember what he said, but I’m fairly sure that my deep love and interest in the environment stems in part from his bombastic entry into my life.


  3. Retired Dave says:

    Oh yes – I know which one I think is a National Treasure.

    Attenborough didn’t believe in AGW at one time, but then morphed into a believer. I am not sure if he was just dishonest and went with what would keep him in the main flow or has become a true false prophet. He has advertised his anti-human stance in the past. It amazes me that people like him don’t seem to realise that their support for alarmism is just keeping poor people in the third world poor – and that rising living standards there would be the best way to reduce world population growth. I guess he thinks that extermination would be better.

    Interestingly I see the ubiquitous Brain Cox heading down the same route – he is even being touted as the replacement for the great man in this weeks Radio Times, trailing his new series that starts on the BBC on Sunday.

    He has uttered comments in the past that show he is perhaps on the Kool-Aid, or is clever enough to realise that being a true physicist and keeping an open mind might lead to work at the Biased Broadcasting Corp suddenly drying up.

    It is shame because there are quite a few positive aspect to Prof. Cox. He is obviously no genius, and just a follower, but he has been a very good presenter of the series in own field. Credit has been given to him as part of the reason for a resurgence of interest in doing science degrees. I gather that some courses are turning away students with good (but not quite good enough) “A” levels – demand is so high.

    If he was to take a more “scientific” view of climate science – after all some of the clues may be in his own field – then he could help to bring a more realistic approach to it.

    As for David Bellamy – well we all remember his enthusiastic programmes on the box and I know that many people developed their own interest in the natural world through him. I guess he may not get to read this comment – but thank you for all your honest commitment to environmental issues and the encouragement of a younger generation to take a sensible and realistic approach to being “Green”. I wish you a long and healthy future Sir.


  4. Mindert Eiting says:

    DA either belongs to humanity or he does not. If he does, he at least is a plague on the Earth.


  5. Verity Jones says:

    I also had a go at this story http://diggingintheclay.wordpress.com/2013/01/24/poppycock-or-worse-than-we-thought/ but IMHO you’ve made a better job.

    One small point – he was Controller and Director of Programmes at the BBC. He was offered the DG position but turned it down. Source: http://h2g2.com/approved_entry/A20218628


  6. Pointman says:

    How could such lovely people be a plague?



  7. Blackswan says:


    I first heard the name David Bellamy in 1983. He was simply described as a “world-famous botanist” who had travelled halfway round the world to help “save” a bit of Tasmanian uninhabited west coast wilderness. The principal ‘saviour’ was Dr Bob Brown, a Sydney medico who had recently moved to the island state and was outraged that a remote wilderness river was to be dammed to build a huge hydro-electric power station.

    Bellamy and Brown were among 1300 people arrested for illegally occupying the site as well as sabotaging plant and equipment, but they eventually won their argument when the Federal Labor Government intervened to overrule the State, putting 2,000 people out of work and preventing Tasmania from becoming energy-independent.

    Today the Franklin River, still without road access and only accessible by kayak, canoe or expensive river cruise, enjoys rainfall measured in metres per annum while our electricity bills escalate and useless wind turbines blight the landscape elsewhere on the island.

    Bellamy went home and Brown went on to become the founder of Green Politics in Australia. These days Brown, having utterly blighted our political landscape for 30 years, has sailed off into the Southern Ocean, the new Captain of the Greenpeace Pirate Convoy that chases Japanese whaling ships in contravention of international maritime law.

    It’s good to know that Bellamy can now see the underlying manifesto of Green Politics, but for Tasmania it’s too little, too late. Brown and his troope of ‘useful idiots’ have totally destroyed our 200 year old timber industry, putting many thousands out of work and next on their hit-list is our mining industry. Bellamy’s credentials aided in raising Brown’s profile, lending him environmental credibility and the Marxist Brown took that advantage and ran with it, changing the Australian landscape forever by introducing the UN’s Agenda 21 which deprives landowners of any right to manage their own agricultural property as they see fit, while Green bureaucrats ride roughshod over them, issuing massive fines for “disobedience” and even gaol sentences in some cases.

    I suppose Bellamy can file that under “unintended consequences”.

    On the other hand, David Attenborough was the kindly face and voice that accompanied astonishing film of our natural world, who would never be considered a threat to anyone. He would never consider himself or his ilk to be part of the “enormous horde” that he claims puts the planet in peril. No sir. Only those ignorant, uneducated millions chomping their way across the landscape like a plague of locusts, rutting their way into starvation.

    While he’s busy saving polar bears from drowning and espousing Green ideology “for our children and grandchildren”, those same policies are depriving poor nations of cheap energy, employment and education and even forcing many onto a ‘subsistence’ water supply miles from where they live.

    A few years ago I defended this “kindly” old man, completely unaware of his passion for Eugenics and the elimination of the “enormous hordes”. His face appeared on TV the other day waffling about contraception for the masses. Maybe forced sterilization is the way to deal with all those greedy mouths that need feeding before it’s too late and the planet shrivels up. This witless old codger in his cosseted life of privilege doesn’t seem to grasp that cheap energy will supply industry that employs people who can afford to feed and educate their children.

    Attenborough is as bad as Prince Phillip who declared that in another life he’d like to come back as a virus that would kill off most of humanity, or words to that effect. I wondered at the time what his reaction might be if any member of his own family was struck down by such a virus, but no, these Eugenics advocates don’t mean ‘us’, they mean ‘them’ – the masses that are superfluous to their needs in far-off countries whose wealth continues to fill the coffers of the Royal Family Firm.

    David A will tell us what useful little critters maggots are, or spiders or rats, who all serve their purpose and have a right to exist. Such people often espouse Christian values – a belief that Man was made in the image of God, but for them not all men are created equal and deserving of a right to live.

    The Attenboroughs of the world exist in a moral vacuum.


    • Mindert Eiting says:

      Keep these grumpy old men with their eugenics and suicidal phantasies away from your children. They do not differ that much from suicide bombers. In an interview at the end of his life Karl Popper said that it is our moral duty to be optimistic. He did not have children but earned them for obvious reasons.


  8. NZPete says:

    Beautifully put, Pointman.
    Just a few days ago I tweeted:
    24 Jan Peter ‏@nzpete54
    http://yhoo.it/WxCxCT …. David Bellamy: I was ousted from Beeb for not believing in climate change.
    Now, I’ve tweeted your post.


  9. Retired Dave says:

    Well Pointman here is someone else whose views I respect very much


    If you have not availed yourself of Prof. McInnes’s common sense before, his earlier articles are well worth a read.


  10. A.D. Everard says:

    It a shame that any person should be taught or come to believe that we are somehow a mistake on Planet Earth. There’s the crime, in my eyes, that people teach children guilt for being and hatred for what is truly a remarkable species. What a pitiful legacy to leave behind. What I don’t understand is how an adult can succumb to such lies, but then propaganda is powerful and thick in the air at the moment and has been for years. No matter what, though, Attenborough using his position to push his political message is unprofessional. I used to admire him, too.


  11. Pointman says:

    Attenborough’s getting sadder by the moment. Population controller, global warming prat and God knows what next. A bit of Aryan Nation?




  12. Bribie John says:

    This Aussie could not agree more with you sentiments!

    I’m glad someone had the intestinal fortitude to express them!


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