A Tale of Two Davids.

I’m a people person, who likes talking with people, because each one is a new voyage of discovery. When it comes to media people, the one-way direction of the relationship is a bit too passive for my taste. They talk at me and I listen to them talking and although I take in the words … Continue reading

On climate science and all those leaks.

Over the last few years, we’ve had a number of substantial leaks of sensitive material from deep within the very heart of climate science. In each case, it’s been fairly obvious that the person doing it works in the field and is relatively senior, if only because they have access to such quantities of high-grade … Continue reading

The shape of things to come; Snailbats, HALsays, Scarems, LewPapers and DickPols.

Environmental alarmism is by now a well established phenomenon with nearly a four decade long history. In that time, we’ve been on the receiving end of doomsday predictions as diverse as holes in the ozone layer, overpopulation, resource wars, acid rain, a new ice age and the most successful one of all, global warming. Since … Continue reading

Another whopping leak from the IPCC.

A substantial second leak, already nicknamed the Secret Santa leak, of further portions of the forthcoming IPCC AR5 has just occurred. There was a smaller leak of material last year, which was owned up to by the person who did it on their blog. While everyone is no doubt considering how on Earth to work their way through a … Continue reading


It seems to be a human need that we all have to have some sort of belief in a higher thing. Every culture that’s ever been, had some sort of belief system. I think it’s an unavoidable side effect of our unique consciousness. The people I’ve met, who ended up believing in absolutely nothing, were nearly always … Continue reading