Examples will have to be made : Germany.

I wrote an analysis piece some time back, which put forward the idea that we climate realists had a secret weapon, and that weapon was time. Time would inevitably bring down the environmental movement, because it would demonstrate for all to see, the fundamental unworkability of its policies in the real world. In business studies, there’s … Continue reading

It’s time for a change.

It’ll soon be time to cast your vote, so you have to look back at what the current politico has done for you over the last four years. I see auto workers in Detroit, who no longer work on the line because that line no longer exists, and now have to swallow the indignity of watching … Continue reading

Green Myths : We must conserve everything.

There’s this unquestioned idea, that’s been firmly planted into the public mind. That idea is that nothing should ever be allowed to go extinct and therefore conservation of anything is automatically a good thing. It’s nearly universally accepted and yet it’s totally unnatural and fundamentally wrong. In stark terms, we and the world we live … Continue reading

I’m looking for a snitch, who wants to get rich.

Blogging is one of those impossible to make a profit from activities you have to fit into all the necessities of life, such as looking after your family, making a living, paying your bills, hacking back that out of control Amazonian jungle you call a garden, repairing a leaky roof at some considerable personal risk … Continue reading