Our secret weapon.

There are three elements to be considered when formulating a strategy; the ultimate objective of the strategy, the resources you have available to achieve that objective and the way the resources are to be deployed to take and then hold that objective. Obviously, our objective is to destroy the political credibility of climate alarmism.

Identifying and enumerating a resource or asset, is a more tricky business. It may be something as concrete as a pile of money or something as intangible as an idea. At certain points in a campaign, a resource may have little utility but go on to be very important, or the reverse. Some resources you may have control of, some you may not. The most subtle type of resource, neither side has control of, but it can act at different points, to the advantage or detriment of either side. Some resources nominally belong to the opposition, but even then, there may be ways you can make use of them. A resource is rarely a static thing, it acquires a life-cycle within the plan and can even influence the utility of other resources. Above all, the resources you have at any point in time, must be sequenced and configured to react optimally to how you calculate the opposition will be deploying their own resources or reacting to yours.

When you stop to think about what resources are available to us climate realists in the fight against alarmism, there are not many. They still have the politicians, token though that support is rapidly becoming, establishment climate science, all of the mainstream media (MSM) and a multitude of well-financed environmental groups. We haven’t really got much in the way of resources, I’m afraid.

I suppose the big answer is that we know we have the truth on our side, but while that may be satisfying in some higher moral sense, it isn’t actually of much practical use in the short-term, since they control all the means of disseminating the truth to a mass audience, and they certainly aren’t about to let us have any access to it in the near future, though that day will come. However, as I hope you’ll see, it’ll eventually become an important asset.

One resource we do have, is quite a number of determined and very knowledgeable people. Each in their own way, uses their skill and expertise against different aspects of the cult of global warming, and despite what the green propaganda machine says, they all work for nothing. If you believe a single dedicated person can make a difference, which I do, then having many such individuals on your side, makes it a very strong asset. When it comes to them, the old adage about one volunteer being worth ten conscripts, applies with a vengeance.

Another resource we have, is that we’re so often up against fanatics, strange as that may sound, but a weakness in your enemy, becomes your asset, if correctly utilised. The useful thing about a fanatic, is that they simply don’t see themselves as being excessive, so you can always rely on them to go too far. Always. They make a video blowing schoolchildren into gory pieces of meat, because they don’t believe in global warming, launch the thing in a blaze of showbiz publicity and are then genuinely nonplussed by the horrified reaction to it by the ordinary person. As their belief system folds, they’ll fight harder and harder to keep it alive, inevitably resulting in more disasters like that video. It’s really a point resource, to be exploited as and when it occurs, but it is still a resource and it will be occurring more frequently.

In terms of a concrete asset, the internet, in the shape of the skeptic blogosphere, would appear to be our most usable one. The as yet unrestricted freedom of it, allows us to analyse the politics, point out the financial absurdities and pick apart the science. That’s all, of course, good stuff but at the end of the day, we’re still talking to a very small audience and though it will have some effect on the debate, it can only have a slight effect on broader public opinion.

In the coming years, as the traditional MSM continues to contract and internet access and availability becomes universal, I think the effect of a mature blogosphere on public opinion will increase to a point where it will become significantly more influential, but that’s for the future. If we had some bacon, we could have some bacon and eggs, if only someone could scrounge up a few eggs.

So yes, the internet is a valuable asset, but at its current stage of evolution, it can’t be considered as being of decisive value to us in any larger context. However, I’ve always considered we had an asset that was far better than the internet or anything else for that matter.

That asset is time.

Time is our friend and as it gradually passes, their increasingly implacable enemy and I’ll tell you exactly why I think that is so. On a very simple level, climate alarmism is all about making dire predictions of what’ll happen in the future. The bijou problemette they’re increasingly having, is that the predictions are simply failing to materialise.

The Polar bears stubbornly refuse to go extinct, indeed the buggers are thriving, the glaciers don’t appear to be disappearing, sea levels have stayed boringly level, we haven’t been subsumed by hordes of desperate climate refugees, the polar ice caps haven’t melted, the Great Barrier Reef is still with us, we haven’t fought any resource wars, oil hasn’t run out, the seas insist on not getting acidic, the rainforest is still around, islands have not sunk under the sea, the ozone holes haven’t got bigger, the world hasn’t entered a new ice age, acid rain appears to have fallen somewhere that can’t quite be located, the Gulf Stream hasn’t stopped, extreme weather events have been embarrassingly sparse in recent years and guess what? The world isn’t getting any warmer either. Indeed, it’s stayed roughly the same, or arguably become slightly cooler, in the last fifteen years.

Of course, they still insist all these things are happening anyway but it’s becoming increasingly obvious to the common person that they just simply aren’t. They were safe predicting stuff would happen in a century or two, but as the level of hysteria started to die down, they inadvisedly tried to ramp it back up by saying it would all start to happen sooner and sooner and be worse and worse. Sorry Al, but the North pole just hasn’t melted, but on the bright side, there’s one more year to go for your prediction of it melting away completely by 2013 to be fulfilled.

They’ve constantly been tempted to draw back the timeframes and what they’ve forgotten is that we’re now very close to or in some of those predicted dates and nothing has happened nor even appears to be starting to happen. At this stage, it’s all getting a bit embarrassing for them on the prediction’s front. When you add in the fact that the last few winters have been long, bitterly cold and accompanied by heavy snowfalls, the common person is pretty tired of the constant warnings of the coming global warming, which never actually seems to arrive. After the last few winters, they’d probably welcome it.

It’s becoming obvious to everyone that the predictions were wrong. All it needed was time.

When you examined the green policy proposals being put forward for things like renewable energy, it was apparent that despite the highly optimistic view of their future prospects, they were simply not viable, from neither the financial nor the engineering viewpoint. If they really were, then they would have been financed by the private sector, rather than the government. It’s a lot easier to take a big gamble with other people’s money, which is to say the taxpayer’s, than with private capital, because the private investor always looks at the prospectus without any rose-tinted spectacles. Now that those policies have been in place for a few years, their abject failure to deliver on the glowing promises, is starting to become painfully apparent to governments. All it needed was time.

In Germany for instance, where they’ve sunk 100 million Euros into renewables and closed down all their nuclear plants in the wake of the anti-nuclear hysteria provoked by Fukushima, the alarm bell has started to ring in government circles. This was caused by their Federal Network Agency warning them last month, that the national power grid was in a precarious state, if not on the brink of collapse. Once you get past the bureaucratic speak, the message to the government, via not a private memo but most tellingly a press release, is explicit. Next winter, there’s going to be power outages across Germany and we’re handing over the problem to you. You regulated us into this position, so you regulate us out of it. Your problemo now Angela.

For the ordinary person in Germany, where power bills have soared and a record number of people are having their electricity supplies disconnected, the true cost of renewable energy is now apparent. If they end up sitting in darkness in unheated homes next winter, energy policies will be changed and quickly. The political landscape in Germany, with regard to green policies, will be changing radically in the next year. If it can’t go on, it won’t.

You can continue to throw good money after bad, until the inevitable moment arrives when you run out of money or political capital. For Germany, hastened by its rash decision to close all its nuclear plants, that moment has arrived early, but it will occur in other countries in the future. All it needs is time.

Policies to create a green economy and green jobs have failed miserably, as we worked out they would and tried to tell people many years ago. In Spain for example, where they invested billions of Euros into that particular mirage, all that happened was that two jobs were destroyed in the real economy for every green job created and only one in ten of those green jobs created would ever be permanent. The renewables industry there has collapsed with the cash-strapped government’s withdrawal of subsidies, dumping people doing the green jobs onto the unemployment line, which now amounts to nearly 25% of the workforce. Mi corazón va a usted, mis amigos.

All these failures in prediction, the economic bankruptcy of green policies and most especially the soaring power bills, speak to the electorates in a way the skeptic blogosphere could never hope to do. They are doing the required job on public opinion and all it ever needed was time.

But the decisive blow I always knew that time would eventually deliver, was bad times, and it did.

In the midst of an extraordinarily long fifteen year economic boom, people and a whole generation of politicians, forgot that old but cruel saying; boom times are always followed by busts. Their mindset was they actually assumed the good times would somehow just continue on indefinitely. Such times never have and they never will either. It was bound to happen at some point and the longer it took to arrive, the harder the crash was going to be.

The global warming mania was something that could only have come about in the prosperity of such times, because it seemed to be a harmless and affordable craze to most people, but times are very different now. As always happens in a recession, the frivolous spending commitments of the boom times will get cut back or dropped completely, because money is tight all around, especially in government coffers. The world is now facing real and immediate problems for a change and saving the planet from some possible global warming just isn’t on the agenda anymore. The subsidies are already being phased out, the stimulus packages withdrawn and the deluge of research funding for climate science will gradually turn into a trickle. Without the state money, which flowed as a result of political patronage, the future is bleak for the movement.

The inevitable recession was always our ace in the hole. I take no pleasure in saying that, as I know a recession wrecks lives and is always hardest on those already at the bottom of the economic heap.

As time passes, the simple truth of so many things, that we’ve been saying for so long, will become more and more apparent. You see, time was always our secret weapon, and it’s the weapon that was always destined to win the war for us in the end. To borrow a phrase from The Stones, time is on our side.


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18 Responses to “Our secret weapon.”
  1. amcoz says:

    Pointman, I think you are dead right, time will definitely kill the hoax but, unfortunately, a lot of ‘us’ will be dead before that truth becomes evident to all those who hold the levers of power.


  2. Blackswan says:


    Your excellent assessment describes our situation in Australia perfectly. ‘Time’ has proven to be the only resource that has worked in our favour. Two and a half years ago, in the run-up to Copenhagen and with the release of Climategate emails, we couldn’t get any air-time on talk-back radio and letters to various print/internet editors were never published.

    Time has changed much, but not soon enough to prevent our Carbon Tax legislation that begins on 1st July.

    For example, in 2009 we couldn’t get two words out on Sydney radio before we were dismissed as some sort of weird agitators. Today we find this …

    ”SYDNEY radio host Alan Jones has been found to have breached broadcast laws over comments he made about climate change.”


    Most concerning is … ”ACMA found Jones had breached the code of practice when he made no effort to check his claims and 2GB needed to improve its processes for fact-checking or face a licence condition.”

    At no point in time have the Climate Alarmists ever been required to verify any of their “facts” – the highly paid Climate Commissioner is still claiming the oceans will turn to bacteria-ridden purple slime and our water-storage dams will be empty, necessitating a multi-billion dollar desalination plant which is currently mothballed in our current flood conditions.

    However, it’s the ordinary people who have voiced the biggest concerns. Finally, people have woken from their complacent slumbers and now realise what this preposterous Fraud will actually mean for them and their ability to pay their mortgages and put food on the table. They are not so happy to be allegedly saving polar bears and turning back rising tides.

    ”Energy Minister Martin Ferguson insisted he had no power over the average extra 18.1 per cent – half due to the carbon tax – NSW households will pay from July 1.”


    While many are still reticent to be seen openly refuting Government/Green claims, they are finally beginning to ‘get it’. They are paying massive renewable energy subsidies that are hidden in their power bills and attributed to “maintenance”.

    This ‘Lucky Country’ is indeed fortunate in one respect – we don’t suffer the horrendous icy winters of the northern hemisphere. When our lights go out, our mild climate will mean we are merely inconvenienced in comparison to the death and destruction that will cut through swathes of the north, just as it has in the last icy winters but has been downplayed by the MSM. How many more frozen homeless and frail aged people will be carted away to morgues?

    ‘Time’ is proving to be a valuable resource indeed, but is not passing quickly enough to save many souls who will be lost.


  3. Mindert Eiting says:

    A succesful religion employs elements that cannot be verified or falsified. To base a religion on an empirical issue is deadly. I fully agree with you, Pointman. Like the acid rain hoax this may fade away within one decade. A succesful religion also provides people with some hope, joy, and beauty, elements painfully absent in environmentalism. This can only survive in isolated communities somewhere in Moldavia.


  4. gnomish says:

    the time for prevention of disaster passed already.
    even though demographics in the usa will reduce the population rather abruptly as the boomers die off.
    however, their equity has already been destroyed, so the calculation of standard of living, wealth/capita, won’t be improved by the loss of the numerator.
    savior ‘time’ is too late. millions of us will be dead before good time even gets out of bed.
    and by that time, the indoctrinated generation will be asking for and given more of the medicine that made them sick in the first place.
    last time world trade failed hard, it took a thousand years to get over the inertia.
    time might be on the side of immortals, but not us, i think.
    i see no rational basis for optimism. hope is not a strategy. alternatives are fight or flee- but there’s no place to go any more.
    that means, in the absence of choice, there is no moral issue- morality does not apply to ‘life boat ethic’.
    it’s every man for himself coming up on the schedule – there can’t be a renaissance until an entire generation is capable of stating explicitly what is the objective standard of value for a human being.
    the seeds of liberty can only sprout when the predators have run out of sustenance and consumed themselves.
    that’s my view. i’d love to be shown wrong.


  5. Pointman says:

    The result of Obama’s efforts to create a green economy and green jobs has been a disaster. However, in an effort to mitigate the blowback, the definition of what exactly constitutes a green job has been slightly “tweaked.”




  6. orkneylad says:

    “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”
    Frank Zappa


  7. Konrad says:

    I would agree with much of what you have written, but I feel that the Internet has been and will continue to be the sceptics greatest weapon. Time on its own would probably take until the depths of the solar cooling in 2035 to defeat the hoax if there was no public challenge to the journalists, activists, scientists and politicians promoting AGW. The speed at which the Gregis study was destroyed demonstrates how powerful the Internet has become, forcing not just withdrawal of the paper but an admission of the withdrawal in the Lame Stream Media. As more of the world citizens grow increasingly sceptical, and the LSM is reluctant to change its tune, these citizens turn to new media on the Internet and increase its power.

    There are many past examples of the tactical power of the Internet in the climate debate, from hockey sticks, surface stations, Climategate emails and the defeat of the Soros/Fenton propagandists. However what I would like to point out is that the Internet is also a strategic weapon. The Internet has made the past actions of individuals and organisations un-eraseable. The fear of a strategic weapons’ power normally causes the opposition to moderate their behaviour. However in the case of the climate debate this power of the Internet was not immediately realised. The permanent and instantly accessible record of past advocacy for the AGW hoax will publicly destroy many of those trying to escape to the biocrisis or sustainability scares. We face a situation similar to the movie Dr. Strangelove in which the existence of the doomsday device was discovered too late. Sceptics are going to win the debate, but with their avenue of escape cut off by the Internet many of the AGW supporters are going to fight like cornered animals. The fallout from the end of this hoax is going to be toxic, but on the positive side it should prevent similar stupidity in the future.

    Speaking of doomsday devices, the Climategate3 bomb is still ticking. An encrypted file of 200,000 more emails sitting on thousands of computer around the globe just waiting for the key 😉


    • Pointman says:

      Hello and wecome Konrad.

      The internet is a powerful weapon, as shown by the take downs of the Gergis paper and the Shakun et al paper last month. All of the climate blogosphere, and climate science, know those two events occurred. The point is, that’s as far as that knowledge has spread.

      The internet was the weapon used to expose alarmist climate science for the humbug it actually was. I think it succeeded in doing that at least two years ago and what it does nowadays, is expose various attempts to resurrect things like the hockey stick. A very useful weapon at the start but if the objective is mass public opinion, it’s not of great use. As I said, that may change in the future.

      “The Internet has made the past actions of individuals and organisations un-eraseable” – Unfortunately, it’s very easy to go back and edit a web page. I think as GW goes down the plug hole, a lot of rewriting and erasure of history is going to be done, which is why when I spot something interesting on the web, I do a screen capture of it.

      I did a rather exhaustive article on CG3, which you can find here.


      Enjoy yourself here.



  8. Pointman says:

    “FOCUS reminds its readers that the big price driver is not “greedy” power companies, but government taxes and surcharges, which make up a whopping 45% of the price of electricity. In 1998 the 80 million or so Germans paid about €2.3 billion for various surcharges, taxes etc. on electricity. Today that figure is more than 1000% higher: €23.7 billion!”


    The secret weapon strikes in the land of the Nibelungen.



    • Blackswan says:


      FINALLY it seems that some Australian community leaders are growing a backbone and, with our Carbon Tax only 10 days away, are saying they will refuse to comply with the legislation requiring them to levy this preposterous tax-grab.

      Just as the Germans are suddenly aware of the implications of this Climate Fraud, the Queensland Gold Coast City Mayor has declared he is refusing to pay the tax, charge the tax to his constituency for waste management etc, or remit such monies to the Federal Government. He is calling on all other Local Government Leaders to refuse to comply in the best interests of their communities.

      He is prepared to take the matter to the High Court and have it tested accordingly. It will be interesting to see how far such ‘civil disobedience’ will spread. For the rest of us ordinary folk, we have no choice but to pay the skyrocketing costs of every single thing as the trickle-down effect on the Economy hits home.


      • Blackswan says:

        And as ‘Time’ continues to bring the AGW edifice to the point of collapse, the Climate Hysterics become even more shrill and ludicrous in their claims …..

        Greenpeace international executive director Kumi Naidoo said the summit was heading for “epic failure” and three days of “greenwash”.

        “We were promised the ‘future we want’ but are now being presented with a ‘common vision’ of a polluter’s charter that will cook the planet, empty the oceans and wreck the rain forests.”


        Poor old Kumi – “cook the planet, empty the oceans and wreck the rain forests” ???

        It seems that the “epic failure” of the latest climate junket will be reflected in the dwindling revenue sources of the likes of Greenpeace, WWF et al and Kumi and the other freeloaders on the Climate Gravy Train will be relegated to a rusted siding in our history.


  9. Pointman says:

    The secret weapon strikes early in Germany.

    “German Pols Now Demanding Energy Welfare For Its Citizens – 800,000 Have Had Their Electricity Cut Off!”


    and the alarm bell is starting to ring in the UK.

    “Coalition’s plans to fuel UK with green energy at ‘high risk’ of failing, says watchdog”




  10. 1957chev says:

    Reblogged this on Mothers Against Wind Turbines and commented:
    How much time till it’s over completely???


  11. hunter says:

    Hi, do you still believe time is a secret weapon….or like all weapons, a two edged sword?


    • Pointman says:

      Hi, I think it is our secret weapon and as I said in the piece, sometimes an asset works against you but can go on to work to your benefit. At the beginning the alarmists had the benefit of nearly all the assets, but they didn’t capitalise on them effectively.

      If you don’t do that, the asset either fades away or starts to work against you. Time became our asset for two reasons. The first is that fads tend to die down when bad economic times arrive.

      The second is a bit more subtle. Alarmist movements like climate hysteria have always to be going forward and seen to be gaining ground. You can’t keep up the pace of such hysteria for years, so you start sliding backwards and that’s the beginning of the end of the craze.



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