Job opportunity, with lots of money to be made.

You know those Huey helicopters that you see in all those old Vietnam war movies. They had this single bolt sticking out of the cabin, connecting it to the rotor blades. The troopers used to call it the Jesus Bolt, because if it failed, everyone on board was going home to Jesus. Well, the equivalent of the Jesus Bolt failed on my main computer, so it’s now just a paperweight cluttering up my desk and awaiting its future role as an electronic organ donor. It’s got DNR scrawled on its forehead and in the meantime, I’m working on a steam-powered difference engine, manufactured in a previous century. Blogging around here is going to be a bit slow, until I finish armour plating its successor before plugging it into the internet. I was working on this article when the PC broke and one of those weird synchronicities in life happened.

My friend and fellow blogger, OrkneyLad, usually referred to as OL, unearthed an interesting individual this week. Essentially, there was a three page article in a local Orkney journal, extolling the virtues of a reclusive millionaire, who, according to the article, was going to set up some sort of green enterprise in the locale. OL, who runs possibly one of the most eclectic and interesting blogs in the universe, smelled a rat straight away. A bit of googling on this “reclusive millionaire” and his company with its “global reach”, told another story rather quickly.

The company didn’t appear as registered at any of the company registration organisations, the address given for its headquarters didn’t check out with the building’s owners, its stock was not quoted on any stock exchanges, even over the counter or as a possible IPO, it didn’t have a website, nor indeed, even its own mail server. Nearly all the claims made by the individual, and duly reported in the article, didn’t pass some simple googling. Essentially, we’re dealing with either a delusional fantasist or some sort of con man. You can find OL’s first piece at his place by clicking on this link. It’s followed by a few brief update blog posts, culminating in a round-up piece here. I’m sure there’ll be a few more too, because the investigation appears to be crowd-sourcing itself. Lots of fun comments, by the way. Enjoy.

When you consider the journalist who wrote the article is the periodical’s editor, a past winner of some journalism awards and looks to have been a reporter for at least three decades, you have to ask, how could anyone calling themselves a professional journalist be taken in so badly? I mean, for God’s sake, five minutes of googling would have raised red flags, with even the most gullible idiot in Christendom.

If you discount incompetence, stupidity, credulity or sheer laziness, part of the answer has to be that it’s almost a reflex nowadays, for journalists to accept with absolutely no critical examination, any story that advances the green agenda. They just write what they’re told with no questions asked. It’s as if they are scared to question any story with a pro-green slant. I wrote in a previous article, “Investigative journalism is alive and well; it’s just moved house.” OL’s piece is yet another example of that. What is an endangered species in the mainstream media (MSM), has found a new habitat in the blogosphere and it’s thriving.

The follow on from such a horrendous gaffe is just as interesting, as well as being disappointing, if you’re still a residual believer in some sort of journalistic integrity. Neither the journal itself nor its site, have made a statement on the affair and you might think that would be obligatory at this stage, if only as a duty of care to its readers, to warn them to beware of a possible confidence scam. BBC local radio was scheduled to interview the person in question today but as far as anyone can tell, it never happened and no reason has been announced for that either. They appear to have had mysterious technical problems. The MSM covering their own embarrassment, at the possible expense of the local community, methinks. OrkneyLad, it looks to me like your site is the one the locals should be tuning into for some honesty and integrity.

To get back to the weird synchronicity between OL’s piece of investigative reporting and what I was working on. If there’s one thing I know about money, it’s that when there’s large amounts of it sloshing around in a particular area, as sure as night follows day, someone will be busily engaged stealing it. Given the massive amounts of money pumped into the global warming mania in the last two decades, approximately 98 billion USD, it’s inevitable that some good old-fashioned thieving is going on, under the unquestionable cover of saving the planet.

The one person we’ve always lacked on the realist side, is a blogger who has the skills of a forensic accountant, with a good nose for a scam. There must be some screamingly obvious ones to be found in that 98 billion USD of grants. The US Government kicks back 10% to anyone uncovering or whistleblowing on a fraud involving federal money. For someone with that particular skill set, or who would like to settle a few old scores, that could add up to a very big payday.

Gowon, drop a dime or grass up a Greenie.


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13 Responses to “Job opportunity, with lots of money to be made.”
  1. Normalisation says:

    Thanks for the lead, Pointman. I just might do that. My Greenpeace IRS for-bounty affadavit is still being litigated and investigated by the tax folks, so I may as well add a couple of more bodies to the bonepile.


  2. Normalisation says:

    Thanks, Pointman. Just might do that LOL 50/50, if you like.


  3. orkneylad says:

    I wish I could write like this. Pointman I raise my glass to your fist.


  4. Pointman,

    Sorry to hear your PC quietly expired – glad its loss hasn’t impeded your style in any way.

    Orkneylad’s journalistic ‘nose’ has certainly sniffed out a trail of deception and fraud – all promoted by a lazy parasitic character who has made a handsome living at the UK taxpayers’ expense ‘serving’ on so many quangos and government bodies. It’s about time somebody yanked a knot in his tail and OL is just the lad to do it.

    It’s a great pity that Australia has no legislation protecting whistleblowers or that our Government, unlike the US Government which “kicks back 10% to anyone uncovering or whistleblowing on a fraud involving federal money”, does not offer similar inducements.

    Main reason being that it’s our very Government and it’s highly paid & pensioned bureaucrats who are the greatest fraudsters of them all. It’s simply not in their interests to have any investigation or exposure of the sheer volume of taxpayer funds that have been squandered on fraudulent Gangrene schemes since Labor first came to power in 2007 and escalated at warp-speed since the Green/Labor Alliance wrested power from the popularly elected Liberals in 2010.

    I guess we will have to await any prosecutions in America before we see the fraudsters begin to circle the wagons here in Oz.


  5. meltemian says:

    Swanny, it looks as though your Green/Labour lot have had their day. Time for some re-thinking about the Green policies?
    It looks as though we can leave the fraud investigations to Walt then…….


  6. w.w.wygart says:

    Thanks for the intro to the Digital Glebe, very funny fellow. If Orkney Lad is really your friend please consider giving him a direct link up top to his home page, he probably deserves it, it also makes it easier on your readers too, if you recommend him we’re probably going to want to bookmark his blog without having to do too much ‘research’.

    As far as the profession of journalism goes, it now seems that it has largely become a profession of those who can’t do anything else, perfectly average to below average IQ’s. It also seems that the type of person who now pursues Journalism as a career, [or ‘mass communications’] are not the type who are hoping to help improve the world by reporting the news in the most comprehensive and accurate way possible, they seem to be the type who are attracted to EFFECTING the news as a means to ‘change the world’. The best writers and investigators in the business now seem to be the people who did not start out as journalists but wound up there from other professions.

    It also seems to me like Steve McIntyre has been filling the role of forensic auditor with a keen nose for a scam very nicely.

    As an aside, since you brought up the famous ‘Jesus Bolt’ and seem to be interested in these types of things, did you know that during our involvement in Vietnam, that even though we were able to keep a nominal fleet of ~5,000 helicopters in the air at any given time, that they were being shot down a such a high rate the we essentially replaced the ENTIRE FLEET every single year during the war? The loss rate was essentially 100%. [at $1,000,000 a pop for a Huey it was a good time to own Bell stock] Helicopters in Vietnam proved themselves to be a complete disaster as an airmobile concept from any rational stand point – the situation has not improved.



  7. Hi Mel,

    With 70% of the vote counted it seems Labor is leading in only 7 seats and under electoral rules, they must hold at least 9 seats to be registered in the State of Queensland as a political Party. It is now at the discretion of the new State Premier as to whether he will grant them Party status.

    Cleopatra Gillard, queen of denial, says the election result is no reflection on her but was fought on local state issues. The big concern for us is wondering how much further damage can be done to our country before we get a chance to vote her out in 2013.

    The Gangrenes are sitting back smugly holding a balance of power in our Senate, watching Labor self-destruct and picking up crumbs from disillusioned Labor voters who won’t vote Liberal.

    Greens leader Bob Brown was in Tasmania this weekend crowing about Green ‘achievements’ and saying their next goal was “One Global Government”.

    Everything they wanted, from dissolving national borders to destroying our timber industry to closing power stations and steel smelters to decimating the farming sector, has now been enshrined in law and they couldn’t be happier.

    This nightmare won’t be over any time soon.


  8. Pointman says:

    “It seems to me, that if you are asking for immunity up-front, you already know that something has been done that without immunity, would land somebody in the slammer.”

    There’s a reason they want immunity and I imagine it’s because they think it won’t be as easy to scam the funds as it used to be. Follow the backtrail to your 10% …



    • Blackswan says:


      Great news isn’t it? All this climate scam has needed was one Aussie political leader with enough backbone and testicular fortitude to declare that the Emperor was naked. He didn’t waste his breath by arguing the minutiae of climate modelling and “carbon pollution” – he has just gone straight for the jugular by ordering the house of cards be dismantled.

      Abbott wimped out after declaring AGW was “crap” when he contested the Opposition leadership, but caved under pressure to backpedal and say he believed that Man-made Global Warming was a fact – he just had a different way of dealing with it.

      Newman has given us all hope that his leadership will have a ‘domino effect’ and the Gangrene/Marxist/Socialists will be smashed for all time and be sent packing, to slither back under whatever rocks they emerged from.

      A glimmer of hope indeed, and now the rest of us are itching for our next general election with a result that will put the Queensland annihilation of Labor in the shade.


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