If all else fails, just intimidate them.

Can you imagine if a group set up a website to name people, with their place of work, who did not believe Allah is the one true god? Not only that, the site actively encourages its visitors to supply it with more names of other people who don’t believe in Allah either. Would such a site be considered a breach of the civil liberties of the named individuals? What would be the legal position if one of them was injured or killed by an extremist Muslim, because of the publication of their name?

I’m not sufficiently versed in the law to answer these questions but my feeling is there would be some sort of case to answer here. Certainly, given a person’s full name and place of work, it’s a trivial exercise to find out where they and their families live.

This is not a theoretical scenario, since the direct equivalent of the above has just been done by a group calling itself Forecast the Facts (FtF). Their new site names these “denier” (their word) TV Meteorologists, together with their place of work and a selected quote. I wonder how long it’ll take before the FtF demands they wear a star of a certain colour sewn onto their jacket, when they’re on the air and not backing up the global warming meme?

The TV weathermen have always been a highly visible part of the mainstream media (MSM), which embarrassingly was lukewarm about the whole idea of man-made global warming. They appear daily on TV screens across the world and manage to predict the short-term weather without needing to link it to global warming. Their professional association in the States, the American Meteorological Society (AMS), has always maintained a vaguely noncommittal position on the issue, because this reflected the thinking of the vast majority of its members, two-thirds of whom do not support the theory.

Weathermen and women, know something from years of practical experience that climate modellers appear to be ignorant of; the weather, like the climate, is inherently unpredictable more than a few days into the future. This is why the majority of them have never believed in the climate models (GCMs) and their predictions of what the climate was going to be like hundreds of years hence.

They and their association, have now been targeted by this newly created campaign group. It’s appeared out of nowhere but a little research has revealed it’s being bankrolled by some of the usual suspects, George Soros being one. It’s a two-pronged attack.

Firstly, they want the AMS to come out with a strong statement supporting the theory of man-made global warming and they’ve even helpfully supplied a statement drafted by some unnamed experts as a basis for it.

Secondly, they’re exerting pressure on its grass-roots membership to either shut them up or force them to broadcast the alarmist line with their weather reports. This is intimidation, plain and simple.

From a certain viewpoint, the AMS is a labour union. A basic function of any union, is to protect its individual members from victimisation by forces greater than any one of them could resist. There is no chance of the AMS issuing the new statement demanded by FtF, since it’s not even an agenda item at their annual meeting, which is occurring in New Orleans at this moment. However, I think it should go a lot further than that.

The issue here is not whether they should bow down and publish the demanded statement or not, but that they should be protecting their membership from raw naked intimidation by an ad hoc extremist political group.

The only statement it should issue, is a robust defense of its members’ democratic and scientific right to damn well come to their own conclusions about the validity or not of global warming.


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7 Responses to “If all else fails, just intimidate them.”
  1. Blackswan says:


    Such a move by the vested interests in Global Warming Fraud must be getting pretty desperate to launch such a craven action against the MSM’s most visible weather spokesmen and women.

    As you remind us, the AMS is basically a labour Union, so why aren’t they launching a vigorous defense of their members’ rights to go about their business without being under political duress? Why aren’t the MSM en masse exposing this blatant coercion to comply with CAGW directives? Weak as um, … water – the lot of them.

    Do they think if they turn a ‘blind eye’ that such political thuggery will simply go away if it is ignored?

    The dichotomy is; if we demand such websites be censured, monitored or eliminated then we are simply advocating similar monitoring and elimination for ourselves – such laws and regulation will be used to keep us in line, exactly the point of their agenda. It wouldn’t surprise me to see even more outrageous websites turn up becoming even more provocative until we ourselves are clamouring for “something to be done about them”.

    It’s a ‘brave new world’ isn’t it?


  2. Peter Crawford says:

    The response of the AMS must surely be the same as that of the British satirical paper Private Eye
    a few years ago. When sent a long, rambling, jargon-filled letter from Robert Maxwell’s lawyers, demanding an immediate retraction or there would be dire legal consequences the magazine published the letter and replied below it, “Dear Sirs, fuck off.”

    Let’s hope so.


  3. Edward. says:

    Forecast the Facts (FtF).

    I could think of an alternative acronym involving the exact same second two words, the first would be slightly different however.
    This smacks of desperation P, they are worried that the public just ain’t getting it – thing is of course they are ‘getting it’, it is just that Soros [a dangerous man indeed] just doesn’t like the answer.

    May heaven spare us from, Socialist egalitarian nutters and misanthropist billionaire control freaks with axes to grind.

    “I’ll cure this, that, and the other and promise you the WORLD….. if only you’ll allow me to tell you what to do and I can have all your worldly goods and chattels”
    FFS, with their very unhealthy desires [one shudders to speculate] for one world government – is there no end to these lunatics megalomaniac delusions of grandeur? Where to next? Another planet……… or back to their own planet.

    And, oh yeah George, MMCO2 does not equal global warming 3**k head.


  4. Cam says:

    Sounds like utter fascism to me. When I opened up their page to have a look, it was the first time in a decade I actually punched my computer screen. How dare they?! How DARE they?! Absolute utter fascism. Given the US is such a litigious society, if I was cited by this motley bunch, I would hopping on the phone to my attorney to discuss a claim. I am a scientist myself, and if EVER I was told what to think, I would happily leave my profession. Especially if I was being intimated by the thought police. In fact I moreorless did – as a former climate change advisor/consultant to a number of large corporations here in my native Australia – I left the field 7-8 years ago, because I was being forced to lie. Still a practising environmental and earth scientist, but thankfully not in that bastardised, politicised “Science” (Sarcasm) that is called climate change.


  5. Pointman says:

    Such outright thuggery does smack of desperation. Environmental extremism doesn’t care about such a small thing as human rights, because it’s engaged in the higher struggle to save the planet.

    The potential cause for concern here is that this is a foretaste of things to come, namely environmental terrorism. Since their political and popular support is on the wane, there may be elements of the movement who will have absolutely no compunction in resorting to violence to get their way.

    Time will tell.



  6. Pointman says:

    More fakery from “Forecast The Facts”.


    They really are a bunch of deceitful liars.



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