The Al Gore Climate Reality Event : A call to arms.

There’s an interesting proposal being made at Anthony Watt’s site WUWT to fight the upcoming Al Gore Climate Reality Event scheduled for Sept. 14th 2011. In essence, it suggests setting up a central resource which will contain quotes by global warming high priests. What’s being called for is your participation in digging out appropriate quotes with the correct attribution and source, and contributing them to the project.

The intent is that the collected information can act as an easy source of quotes for rebuttal posts to the MSM and blog articles hyping the event, which we all know will inevitably precede it.

I’ve already put my hand up to help out in any way I can but whether you decide to get involved and the degree of participation, is entirely up to you. If you’re not up for an unequal fight, this one is not for you.

There are not many active skeptics of global warming and this seems like a good strategy that utilises what limited assets we have. Go there, have a read and make your decision.

Whether anything comes from the initiative or not, I will be posting and commenting in the blogosphere as usual against the event. A reservation I have about it materialising or not is that there seems to be more discussion of it as an IT project rather than getting on with it; there’s only eight weeks to the event after all.

Either way, it’s worth thinking about where we can post the most effectively. Posting to rabid global warming sites is, as we all know, pointless; your comments will be censored and you’ll quickly be banned anyway. Posting to skeptic sites is easy but who will you be persuading there? Apart from the odd troll, who’s impervious to reason anyway, everybody there is already a skeptic.

A good short comment on the online edition of your national MSM organ will have a bigger audience, most of whom would be termed unaligned on the global warming issue and therefore more liable to be persuaded of the merits of the skeptic viewpoint. I’ve certainly noticed in the last year that dissenting comments have become more likely to be published even under MSM churnalism pieces; they drive hits a lot more than the usual self-righteous sheep-like comments of the warmists.

Finally, if you do decide to give it a go, then let’s be safe out there. While there’s no decision made as to where the central information may be held, if you’re going to be contributing your favourite quotes, it might be by email. We live in a very hackable world and although I’m sure precautions will be taken to protect contributors, I’d suggest you set up a one-off work email in Gmail or Hotmail to forward your material.

As usual, we’re up against the MSM juggernaut and have to have realistic expectations about what can be achieved but as Randall Patrick McMurphy memorably said, “At least I tried”. I’m going to try too.


UPDATE: It’s not that I’m a pessimist but the building of the great quote library of Alexandria looks to be going the way of all things computer so in the interim, hang your favourite OTT quotes on this post here.

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13 Responses to “The Al Gore Climate Reality Event : A call to arms.”
  1. tallbloke says:

    “There are not many active skeptics of global warming and this seems like a good strategy that utilises what limited assets we have.”

    Hi Pointman. Well done for flagging up the WUWT post about this. I understand what you mean about limited assets, in terms of control of the journals, the media, The scientific institutions the policy juggernaut, and the well moneyed NGO’s which push their agenda onto the public via compliant organisations like IPCC and the Society of Environmental Journalists.

    Nonetheless, although our assets are few in these terms, we are asset rich in terms of the actual climate science debate itself. We have the scientific method, which calls for useful and accurate predictions before hypotheses are elevated to the status of theory. We have world renowned scientists such as Freeman Dyson, and senior climatologists such as Roger Pielke, Roy Spencer (who just has a new paper accepted for publication which demonstrates the misunderstanding of cloud feedback and proves low sensitivity), and a small army of independent researchers discovering shortcomings and errors of fact and judgement in IPCC documents and pro-AGW papers.

    It is an unequal fight as you put it, but not of the strong versus the weak. It is a fight of warmist spin and ‘narrative’ against fact based science and realistic assessment of the state of knowledge.

    The public are not as easily swayed and misled as the media and governments think they are.


  2. tallbloke says:

    By the way pointy, nice picture. If memory serves, that’s Jack Nicholson in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest’ about to heave some heavy equipment through the nuthouse window to make a breakout with the other inmates. Chief, the big native american had to help him out I recall. Brains and brawn, a potent combination.

    ‘From Blazing Saddles’
    “Don’t shoot Mongo, it just makes him mad”.


    • Pointman says:

      Spot on Tallbloke. He and the Chief were the only sane ones in the joint. On global warming, I know how they felt …


      Telegram for Mr. Gore!


  3. Blackswan says:


    It would be interesting to know who/what is funding Gore’s ‘event’.

    In Australia we have a multimillion dollar organisation called GetUp! which is conducting concerted campaigns to sabotage any anti-AGW activity, including Christopher Monckton’s speaking tour. While the Green/Labor/Socialists deny that this is the propaganda arm of the Government, the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) has funded GetUp! to the tune of $10 million.

    This is the same Union movement that fills the Labor Party coffers with compulsory Union dues.

    Surprise, surprise …….. in this year’s Budget announcement, the Federal Government allocated $10 million of taxpayer funds to the ACTU “in order to assist the Union Movement to better communicate with their membership”.

    If that isn’t the most blatant illegal churn of taxpayer funds to party-political purposes, then I’ve yet to see it. Was there an outraged bellow of protest from the MSM, the Opposition or anyone else? Nary a whimper, a whine or murmur holding anyone to account for it.

    These Fraudsters are getting away with what they do simply because they can.

    Thanks for putting your hand up to do your bit – I guess the rest of us will do likewise in our own way.

    BTW, great choice for a header to depict the current “Cuckoo’s Nest” in which we find ourselves. It’s gratifying to recall that sometimes, just sometimes, the good guys get to win their freedom – one way or the other.


  4. Robert says:

    Given the recent death threats against climate scientists that forced authorities to move scientists and their families into new secure housing, “a call to arms” seems like an unfortunate metaphor for a denier to be peddling.

    “Finally, if you do decide to give it a go, then let’s be safe out there.”

    Safe from whom? I think you’re projecting the violent fanaticism of your own movement onto those you have chosen to crusade against. As loathsome and dishonest as deniers are, when have they ever been targeted for persecution, or faced any consequences at all for their fraud, unless they did something else — plagiarism, falsifying data, lying about their credentials — that brought disgrace in its own right?


    • Pointman says:

      I’ll let you in Robert and we’ll see how you work out but if you ever use the D word on my blog again, your feet won’t touch the ground as you get the bum’s rush out the door.



    • NoIdea says:

      B LOL B

      BoB opens with bullshit and lies, what a guy
      Keep sniffing the crock BoB, you may just get high
      Pedalling petulant dogma in arrogant waves
      You bore like a Gore, flatulently gay

      Are you here to stay?



    • Blackswan says:

      Robert, you’re ‘full of it’.

      These alleged “death threats” have already been exposed as nonsense. No such event occurred, simply negative comments in emails five years ago. There was no moving of families into secure housing although new security ‘swipe’ cards were issued recently which is standard practice in upgrading security systems.

      The fabrication was initially used as part of the MSM process of ‘spin & manipulation’ and you have amply demonstrated you are their target audience. The story had to be retracted when the truth was exposed.

      Do your homework Robert and learn to think for yourself.

      I “deny” nothing. I utterly refute criminal fraud.


  5. greg2213 says:

    Looks like Bob was a successful troll.

    Since CAGW is not about the science I don’t see much point in discussing the scientific facts. You’ll just end up throwing links back and forth.

    Instead, how about videos showing the consequences of the green/gore Rx for CAGW?

    People freezing because the windmills aren’t doing much…

    People scraping by while Gore and Co live high off the hog on our tax dollars.

    People burning dung for fire (in Africa) because the greens won’t let them use coal.

    Politicians and greens cozying up, distributing all that new tax money, while the sidebar of the video shows unemployment climbing.

    How about a video of people trying to manage with their 6 hour a day eletrical alotment, then the camera pulls back to show that it’s us, under Gore’s policies.

    Show the relatively clean industries that are being shut down, for green reasons, and then being moved to China (and elsewhere,) where there are no restrictions on pollution. A big net loss, but the greens feel happy as long as they don’t think too deeply about it.

    All of the can be kept factual while playing to the emotions. Facts are boring, but stories sell.


    • Pointman says:

      Now, now Greg. Bob’s such a perfect specimen of the brainwashed, I couldn’t resist letting him in. We’ll either house train him or boot him out. In the meantime, he’s all ours to study.



  6. greg2213 says:

    Heh. House training. 🙂 Well, a few blogs have done troll dissection posts as part of that studying. Those are always entertaining.


  7. Robert:

    “Given the recent death threats against climate scientists …”

    Would be the death threats that were claimed to have been made, but never put into the public domain, and which the authorities did nothing to investigate?

    ,… that forced authorities to move scientists and their families into new secure housing …”

    Surely you are not implying that the University used public money to purchase new houses for these climate scientists?

    ‘“Finally, if you do decide to give it a go, then let’s be safe out there.”’

    Have you not noticed the recent controversy regarding the propensity for some police personnel to provide information to journalists so that they can hack into private telephone conversations, especially those of people who might just provide a juicy story or two?

    I think that Pointman’s advice would be applicable for the general public at large, don’t you?

    “… have they [sceptics] ever been targeted for persecution, or faced any consequences at all for their fraud, unless they did something else …”?

    Are you not aware that some of the more radical warmistas have suggested that Nuremburg style trials be used to condemn “denialists” to the death penalty? Or have you not heard people claiming that sceptics should have their opinion tattooed on their foreheads?

    Do try and keep up.


  8. Pointman says:

    They’re inclined to do the death threat business even to the extent of tampering with the wheel nuts on the cars of people they regard as their right to murder for a higher cause. Horner at his best, yet again.



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