The power of dreams and the power of nightmares.

There are patterns in politics which are hardy perennials. They’ve been there for as long as politics has been around, which is to say forever. Politicians need you to vote for them and the way they do this is to sell you something. The thing they sell you of course is a promise but to … Continue reading

About Harry.

I went to a christening today. It’s been a long time since I’ve been inside a place of worship. Things have changed a lot. The toddlers were allowed to walk around and actually called up to the front so they could really see what was going on. No hushing or shushing. There were several babies … Continue reading

The big green killing machine: What is VAD?

This is the first in a series of occasional articles dealing with the human cost of the various policies being pushed by what I call the big green killing machine. I’ve never viewed fighting the perversion that environmentalism has become as some sort of intellectual wrestling match waged in the blogosphere. It’s a real war … Continue reading

The times they are a changing and a righteous kill.

Militant Islam directed at the West, was actually a change in policy. It grew out of the complete failure to politicize the populations of the Arab world. For decades, attempts had been made to topple the totalitarian regimes that ruled with a fist of iron and had not improved the lot of the common man … Continue reading