America is throwing another Tea party.

For those of you not aware of it, there is a grass-roots movement in America called the Tea party that in its two scant years of existence has become significantly influential. It is not as such a political party but rather a loose collection of diverse individuals. It seems to me that they represent a … Continue reading

Food for the Wolf

Once upon a time there was a mangy old wolf who liked to eat a pig once in a while. People blamed the poor devil terribly for what was after all, just his nature. They made up horrible stories about him eating piglets, cats, dogs, barns, little girls and anything else they could think of … Continue reading

So, where are we now with global warming?

Politicians world-wide got into the “save the planet” business for two reasons; electorates were convinced the planet needed saving and would vote for candidates who said they’d do just that and wouldn’t vote for candidates who said it was all hysteria, which it was and which most of them knew it was. That is political … Continue reading

Living with ghosts.

This is going to be a tough post and I’m a bit afraid. It’s personal and important and I really want to get it right for a lot of reasons. It’s about the crap times of a life. A lot of us go through times in our lives which are difficult or simply horrible and … Continue reading