Don’t just sit on your butt blogging, do something.

I’m a blogger and commenter and enjoy reading and contributing to a variety of blogs but there’s one attitude in the blogosphere that really bugs me big time; the whinge and dump mentality of a lot of bloggers and contributors. What’s whinge and dump? It’s the idea that once you’ve spotted and commented on the arrant stupidity or outright harm caused by an environmental policy, your responsibility has somehow ended. You’ve exposed it and there’s nothing else that can be done. You’ve done your bit, your conscience is clear, you’re outta there. Well, it isn’t and you aren’t.

You have to follow through or whatever you’ve done is just meaningless; you’re just a pygmy hiding behind a big keyboard. If you’ve read the “about me” on this blog then you’ll know I think the politics of global warming is killing people at this moment; right now, this day, this evening, this night and it will continue killing people for as long as it’s indulged in by the developed world. It may be an ocean liner with a four mile stopping distance but if your effort and I mean your single individual effort, can stop it one inch short of four miles then you’ve saved a few lives.

For me, the follow through involves communications with parish, borough and County Councillors as well as Members of Parliament. I also make the effort of making appointments with them in person and these are actually very rewarding for two reasons; they do talk to you candidly on occasion and they also learn that I’m an ordinary person who has concerns about not only pointless de-industrialisation of my homeland but more importantly, the harm that the global warming movement is doing in the developing world.

That’s the follow through I do. Take the time you’d ordinarilly take on a good comment to google the email addresses of your representatives and send them that comment instead. The same good comment will do for all of them, just change the honorific. I know a lot of commenters here are from Australia and I hope more than a few of our readers. I say “our”, because the real content of the blog is not just the topic but the comments contributed to it. I’ve some great news for you.

One of your own countrywomen, Joanne Nova, and others have crafted and sent a formal request to the Auditor General to audit the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. A blogger by God, really intent on doing something. They’ve had a reply which looks like the start of the usual bureaucratic stalling tactic. Let’s put some pressure on them and you Aussie Lads and Lassies are it, I’m afraid.

Here are all the details at Jo’s blog – Announcing a formal request for the Auditor General to audit the Australian BOM. Google those email addresses of all your representatives, craft an email demanding urgent action on the audit request and give them hell.


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22 Responses to “Don’t just sit on your butt blogging, do something.”
  1. Jo Nova says:

    Pointman. To the point. Thank you. Yes, if 10,000 people wrote to the ANAO, their MP, or news editors, you can bet that something would have to happen. You are so right… Perhaps it’s time for a more organized team?


    • Pointman says:

      Hi Jo. Organising the blogosphere is a bit like herding cats, difficult at the best of times but we’ve all seen what it can do when it focuses on a topic. The 10:10 video and Greenpeace’s infamous “we know who you are …” are certainly great examples of that.

      At least three other bloggers, three out of the three I’ve managed to contact so far, are putting up pieces in support of the initiative. I’ve asked them to contact any other bloggers they know to do the same.

      People can always leave a comment directly at the Australian Nation Audit Office (ANAO) here –



      • AusieDan says:

        Pointman – I have submitted my support for the investigation requested by JoNova.
        I have stressed that it must be “fair dinkum”,
        warning them that any attempt ad an air brush will just generate unending dispute.

        I urge all people reading this to add to the numbers.
        Support Jonova!
        The site is very easy to use.
        Just go to and have your say.


  2. Blackswan says:


    Thank you……. for bringing Jo’s campaign to our attention, and for advocating more direct action by bloggers in bringing this Climate Fraud to a long-overdue end.

    I have been a political activist for over 25 years on a number of issues and have literally run the gamut, from having Officers of the Crown threaten to use all their resources to have me and my family thrown out of our home by beggaring me with insurmountable legal costs (when I reported the criminal theft of thousands of taxpayer dollars by one of their own), to forming a lobby group that effected change in Education Legislation (with an ABC TV News interview – not too fussed about anonymity pre-internet…lol), to talk-back radio, Letters to the Editor of many publications, approaches to National current affairs Network programs, face-to-face meetings with Politicians on both sides of the fence, culminating in an Open Letter (including Hansard quotes of Parliamentary ‘debate’) to every one of our State Politicians (all 54 of them at the time) with a copy to the Editor of our largest State newspaper.

    You could say, I’ve ‘been there, done that’.

    I’ve had every possible response from ridicule, dismissive and patronising scorn, to threats of libel action, to being utterly ignored.

    It was not until I encountered the extent of Climate Fraud 15 months ago (Climategate) that I came up against the bulwark of collusion between the MSM, Politicians and the CSIRO/MoB (detailed in Jo’s material) and how impossible it has been to find a chink in the armour-plate with which they have shielded themselves from scrutiny and exposure in this country.

    You and Jo have renewed my resolve to give it all ‘another shot’ – let’s hope that Climate scepticism in Australia has reached a level that they simply won’t be able to ignore any longer.

    Great post Pointman. BTW – it’s possible to have unexpected success on all sorts of issues with an Open Letter, as long as one sticks to irrefutable facts … LOL


  3. NoIdea says:

    Dangerous alarmist freaks speak out, is it time to get hostile?

    Realists believe the Sun to be the most important factor in determining the amount of heat effecting our planet; alarmists believe that the air is the most (only) important heating factor.
    Realists believe in climate change, alarmists ONLY believe in catastrophic climate change.
    Alarmists believe that any one that does not share their irrational terror is in denial of everything, a racist and pedophile to boot.
    Those accused of denial tend to be among the most intelligent, rational, well researched and artistically capable people.
    Alarmists are often “specialists” or “experts” in very narrow fields.
    Realists often have huge areas of experience in many fields.
    Alarmists believe that everything that happens climatically is an indication of manmade catastrophic climate change.
    Realists call these events weather.
    Alarmists state that every unusual (i.e. not every other day) weather occurrence is a signal that CO2 back radiation is heating the planet, even extreme cold events.
    Realists call this winter.
    Alarmists will fantasize about catastrophic events, just so they can crow “We are right!”
    Realists can predict these catastrophic fantasies with tremendous accuracy.
    Alarmists believe they have to take control of the planet to save humanity from itself by reducing the population by about SIX BILLION!
    Realists want to punch these fruit bats in the face, repeatedly and then see them tried for their crimes against humanity.
    Alarmists do not believe in trials, they have always preferred annihilation by any means necessary.

    Realists have to push back at the alarmist freaks; these vile and putrid types are still judging the realists by THEIR evil and base standards. This is why the disgusting greens feel free to fling the increasingly abhorrent insults around. They are that which they so readily accuse others of.

    We must strike back, if any of us realists should ever meet any of these pathetic Satanistic gas worshipers that have the affront to accuse us, with zero evidence that we are what they chose to be, they need to be reeducated.
    I am not sure I have ever met an alarmist in the flesh, the vast majority of people does not know or care about AGW, However, they certainly do know that all fuel costs are constantly rising.
    With increased fuel costs comes increased death in the poor and the old, we must do all we can in our power to stop these millfruntional alarmist freaks.


    Inside your head a scary place to be
    Doesn’t matter what happens you see
    Doesn’t matter which way it goes
    Everything is bad, everything is toast

    Twisted and violently insane
    Fried cerebellum in your brain
    Freezing and burning all the same
    Wet or dry, it is all part of the game

    So incredibly scared, so full of fear
    Massively bitter this much is clear
    Often just dull with tired old clichés
    Frequently stupid in various ways

    Vile and putridly environ Mentals
    Scheming scammers stink of lentils
    A fantastic hoax to sell us our air
    Lying robber shysters have no care

    Being accused of base crimes by freaks
    I have had enough of the cacophonic shrieks
    Now is not the time to turn the other cheeks
    Let’s get freaking hostile at the intolerant sneaks

    Is it time to get hostile?



    • Blackswan says:

      “Is it time to get hostile?” It seems to be so.

      The “environ Mentals” have had their day – now it’s our turn. Being polite hasn’t penetrated their indoctrination or cynical exploitation.

      We have to get serious and Jo’s strategy is a great place to start.

      Excellent post NI.


  4. meltemian says:

    Errrr…. I’ve just done a double-take Pointman.
    I logged onto Locust’s Blog to see if there was any sign of him and what do I find?
    You’re there as well!!


  5. Jo Nova says:

    Pointman, hidden at the bottom of my INDEX page are these links
    Email list for the Australian Parliamentary Representatives
    # Email list for West Australian Parliamentarians
    They were up to date as of October 2010. I don’t shout them too loudly because I’m afraid the privilege might be revoked (and politicians become harder to contact en masse). But they are handy…


  6. AusieDan says:

    This is a copy of my earlier post:

    Pointman – I have submitted my support for the investigation requested by JoNova.
    I have stressed that it must be “fair dinkum”,
    warning them that any attempt ad an air brush will just generate unending dispute.

    I urge all people reading this to add to the numbers.
    Support Jonova!
    The site is very easy to use.
    Just go to and have your say.


    • Pointman says:

      Hello and welcome Dan. As you say, that site is very easy to use. Five mins and you’ve added your voice to the request. If enough people do that, they’ll really pay attention. Thanks.



    • Blackswan says:

      G’day Dan

      Bright and early start today to ‘take care of business’ and received the following on your link;

      “JRun closed connection.”

      THAT’s how these SOBs take care of a little business of their own – shut it down – “nothing to see here,

      move along – Next?…..”

      I’ll try again later to see if it was just a gremlin – but I think not.


      • Pointman says:

        You’re right Swan, I’m getting the same error message. Either they’re having technical problems or they’ve closed down the feedback method. Anyone took a note of their email address?



      • Blackswan says:

        Hello P, Still getting the same on Dan’s link – started over from scratch, got this direct from Govt site…….

        ……. accessed it with no problem. Same can’t be said for Jo’s PDF file on the actual submission to the AG’s office – just getting a totally black screen on that, though I had no probs when you first posted the story.

        Don’t underestimate these Labor bastards when it comes to obfuscation – nothing would surprise me.


  7. Dizzy Ringo says:

    And let the UK lot start pushing for the National Audit Office to review the operations of the Met Office – and anywhere else we can think of.

    I’m doing my bit – what about the rest of you?


  8. Denis of Perth says:

    Dear Pointman and Australian Folk,

    It has taken me a long while to realise how stupid I am!

    I do not remember who first proposed Take Back Australia, TBA, but I am asking and stating that there would be at least 2 million members if they had a chance to nominate.

    And I am not proposing that TBA be registered as a political party but as an action group.


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