The steady-state environment delusion

Cosmologists have calculated that our particular universe is 13.7 billion years old. It came into existence with the big bang, as did space and time. It’s big. It consists of lots of matter, especially hydrogen, which has aggregated into different objects. The ones we see in the night sky are the stars. We call our star … Continue reading

Don’t just sit on your butt blogging, do something.

I’m a blogger and commenter and enjoy reading and contributing to a variety of blogs but there’s one attitude in the blogosphere that really bugs me big time; the whinge and dump mentality of a lot of bloggers and contributors. What’s whinge and dump? It’s the idea that once you’ve spotted and commented on the … Continue reading

Moderating, trolls, soup ladles and Ethics.

If you’re running a blog, one of the chores that has to be done on an ongoing basis is moderating comments. I operate the common system where a contributor’s first comment is held for moderation. If I approve it, then they can comment freely thereafter. If I don’t, then they’re effectively shut out. I may … Continue reading