Is there a moral dimension to being anti-environmental?

One of the blogs I contribute to is Dr. Judith Curry’s Climate Etc. Its unique selling point is that Judith is a prominent Warmist who’s taken the unusual step of engaging with us folk of a sceptical persuasion. The current post is about the Lisbon workshop on ‘Reconciliation in the Climate Change Debate’. As posts … Continue reading

The Seductiveness of Models.

When it comes to Global Warming (GW), great emphasis is put on what the computer models predict will happen, so let’s get some idea of what exactly a model is. We’ll do a thought experiment. This is a complex area but no maths, I promise, and I’ll pick a really really simple problem. Imagine we’re … Continue reading

A decisive minority of idiots, fashionistas and the innocent.

Politics is all about getting voted into power. If you don’t get voted in, you’re a loser – that’s it. There are no prizes for second place; it’s defeat any way you cut it. All political analysis starts and ends with that. No matter how high-principled a politician is, that’s the imperative they’ve got to work … Continue reading