The MSM and Climate Alarmism

The supine coverage by the MSM (Main Stream Media) of all things anti-alarmist is completely in tune with their complete failure to cover the Climategate scandal. It’s in line with what the late journalist Walter Cronkite observed (I believe it was him). Of all the kinds of censorship, the most pernicious is self-censorship. Since they’re convinced that:

– They’re saving the planet.

– They know better than us.

– They’re protecting us poor ignorant folk from ourselves.

reporters do not have to be told which stories to ignore or which way to spin them. These are also the very same reasons why scientific fraud ran rampant. Sadly, no grand conspiracy required, it’s as simple as that.

It’s now becoming obvious to the MSM that there’s an elephant in the room. By ignoring it, it’s getting bigger with every day that passes. Patently, this cannot last and it will not.

Woodward and Bernstein (real investigative reporters as opposed to the “wee timorous creatures” we have now) broke the Watergate story in the Washington Post in ‘72. The scoop was largely ignored by the other media outlets. It was only when it had built up its own momentum that they were forced to run with it too. The Climategate story is reaching critical mass and the wall of silence is beginning to crack. Some very public positions on AGW are going to be reversed with as much dignity as possible in the coming months. A word of caution though. It took two years to get Nixon’s resignation and although the AGW scam is unravelling at an astonishing speed, it won’t be over by Christmas.

At the end of the day, there will be one big winner and two big losers. The big winner is of course the Internet. Without the aid of a single organ of the MSM, it slowly but surely tyre-levered this story out to Joe Public, despite the MSM’s efforts to ignore or poo hoo it. That is a unique event. A precedent and the shape of things to come. MSM take note.

The big losers are science and the MSM. I studied mathematics as a young man and know that complex non-linear systems can not be modelled. I’ve no doubt that flat statement will be challenged but it is really self-evident. If Einstein could curse turbulence, Lord knows what he would have said about the climate system since it is a set of interacting complex subsystems. He once said that before he died, he’d like someone to explain Quantum Theory to him and after he was dead, he’d ask God to explain turbulence to him.

Interestingly, Chaos Theory grew out of an early attempt to model the weather. Anyway, I was therefore sanguine, to say the least, about AGW predictions based on computer models of complex non-linear systems. As the sheer scale and seriousness of the perversion of science and the checks and blocks that balanced it were revealed, I can only liken it to a personal bereavement, the death of a good Friend. Shock, anger, sadness – numbness. I can only say that science and technology have made a better world and will continue to do so as long as they get the funding. As the magnitude of this scam becomes more public, I fear that funding will dry up dramatically and not just in “climate science”. The world is in an economic recession and spending cuts are being made everywhere. Any perception of scientific fraud more than lays the ground for some publically acceptable cutbacks in that area.

The MSM crossed the line from any pretence at journalistic integrity into eco-activism. Any claim, no matter how ludicrous, was published without scrutiny or question. Any dissenting voice was openly called a “denier”. The reporting, what little there was of it, of any dissenting papers or studies was buried deep and usually marginalised by a pro AGW commentator. On the far side of that line, there was only one more step to take – if it isn’t pro AGW, don’t publish it at all. They took that step; the final victory of style over substance. There was to be no debate. This was the death of the Fourth Estate or if not, its entrance into a sort of Persistent Vegetative State.

There were many scoops to be had, even some very funny ones, but they were all spiked. Some of those stories were and continue to be grim indeed. Death and starvation in the third world caused directly by the switch from farming food staples to bio-fuel crops and the resultant more than doubling of food prices in poorer areas of the world. The historians of a hundred years time, especially in what is now called the third world, will label the environmental movement as the decadent, smug and self-satisfied face of mass murder. So remember, when you fight the cult of AGW, you’re fighting for real lives and not lifestyles and on behalf of other human beings who are in no position to defend themselves.

A gap developed between the real world and medialand. The more doomsday laden medialand became, the wider the gap became. This decoupling led to more and more ordinary people harbouring vague but persistent doubts about the whole thing. It then became unfashionable to the point of being anti-social to voice these doubts so people began to keep them to themselves, an act which increased the public’s resentment even more. As this scam gets forced into the MSM, those silenced voices will express themselves with alacrity, accelerating the crash of this execrable movement into the dustbin of history and good riddance to the murderous abomination it truly is.

© Pointman

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59 Responses to “The MSM and Climate Alarmism”
  1. This all co-incided with the emergence of 24 hour news and the internet. Most media outlets chose quantity over quality, and in the panic to keep on the tredmill, integrity suffered as a result.

  2. meltemian says:

    It was so easy for the MSM to run with the whole AGW thing, after all “The End of the World is Nigh” is obviously a ‘Story’ while “The World Carries On and Adapts” patently isn’t, and so the story developed a life of it’s own.
    Then the “Save the World” mob picked up the ball and ran with it in their knit-your-own sandals, turning the whole thing into a religion. It’s very hard to fight against something that is perceived as a holy crusade with the good of mankind apparently at it’s heart. The people who said “just a minute – are we sure about this?” were therefore classed as wicked deniers who wanted to destroy the earth.
    Pointman, your analysis is both accurate and perceptive as usual.

    • Pointman says:

      As you say Mel, “the end is nigh” is much more likely to catch the audience’s attention. The problem is they’ve gone for the doomsday headline too often so people are just that bit more resistant, resulting in more and more hysterical headlines. The other lazy option they’ve overused is the cynical spin on any story, no matter how inherently innocuous it is, just to somehow present the illusion that they still practice hard-nosed journalism. eg The second coming of Christ would be spun with a headline like “Jesus H Christ returns but what does this mean if you’re not a Christian?”


      Ps Loved the “knit-your-own-sandals” crack …

    • drewski says:

      If current climate trends continue then “Nigh” will happen. Maybe not in 50 years or even a hundred but IT WILL HAPPEN. If the earth warms 4C, mankind will suffer catastrophe of biblical proportions.

  3. GlynP says:

    Once again you excel yourself: it was a happy day for me when I found your site – purely by accident, as it turned out. I fully agree with your analysis of what the climatologists and the MSN have done to the perception of science, the more so because these climate people are no more scientists than are economists. In fact, the two disciplines (if they can be dignified by such a term) are very alike in that they are chaotic, and results are fundamentally impossibel to predict. But so long as the grants keep coming in…

    • Pointman says:

      Hi Glyn. I’d have to agree about the similarities between Climate Science and Economics and I’d probably add in Psychology as well. While there’s no doubt real advances have been made in these areas, a scurry for academic credibility has them labelling themselves as sciences but they’re a long away from that point I feel.


  4. orkneylad says:

    from MSM to PVS……that’s a classic Pointman, & so true! 🙂

  5. Blackswan says:

    Great perspective on MSM culpability in this Climate disaster Pointman. I say ‘disaster’ as I watch coverage of the Northern blizzards, the communities’ unpreparedness, and the awful consequences.

    As you say, the great losers are the people, and not just those in the third world who grow cash crops instead of food. Modern warehousing ‘just-in-time’ policies, mean that there are no great stockpiles of anything anymore and even if there were, how do you get it to consumers as transport grinds to a halt? The consequences of the world sleepwalking into Disaster while the MSM sang us lullabies are dire.

    One of the reasons they so readily complied with the AGW Myth, (nothing more than a justification for levying Carbon Taxes), is something as simple as Access. It’s the old story of ‘quid pro quo’ – you run with this, I’ll give you that. Journos always think that Politics, like Watergate, is the be-all/end-all, to be a Woodward or Bernstein and go down in history to be the end-game. They pride themselves on their stable of ‘contacts’, always looking for ‘leaks’ that will give them the By-line that will make their name.

    Complying with the Save-the-Planet stuff was neither here nor there, a warm & fuzzy human-interest piece that might just get them the Big One. To be boycotted by a miffed Politician is an Editor’s nightmare. Myopic journalists are a political schemer’s wet dream. The Internet has been their worst nightmare.

    Instead of proclamations from on-high nailed to our doors by our betters (what they want us to know), the ‘Net has become the ‘village well’ where we congregate and talk amongst ourselves, comparing information and experiences, wisdom and knowledge. A population that can think for itself is anathema to the ruling classes.

    How right you are – AGW is an “execrable movement” that belongs in “the dustbin of history”. Well said, as always.

  6. Blackswan says:

    Herein Senator Bob Brown, the Greens Leader who now controls the Labor Govt, demands the resignation of a journalist who said something on immigration that he didn’t like….

    Andrew Bolt’s blogs have some interesting thoughts about the Internet too.

    • Pointman says:

      I’ve read and enjoyed Andrew’s column on more than one occasion. Perhaps drop a link to my opinion of the MSM to his readers to see if my feeling of revulsion at the parlous state of the MSM is shared in the Southern hemisphere?


      • Blackswan says:

        It’s already been done Pointman and awaiting “moderation”. Hope people take advantage of the invitation.

      • MikeO says:

        I am a regular reader of Bolt’s blog and he is one of the few journalists we have left. Our MSM is probably worse than yours. I subscribe to an online magazine “Quadrant” recently an article about the MSM here should give you an idea.

        “Second, we have seen the widespread media acceptance of the argument that the government’s stimulus package saved us from recession in 2009–10. This surely required some reasonable investigation.

        A third example relates to the Copenhagen climate conference. Anyone who at any time seriously thought that the Chinese, Indians and Americans at Copenhagen would enter into a firm enforceable agreement to reduce carbon emissions to any significant degree—and thus shoot themselves in the foot—was gullible in the extreme and lacked the scepticism necessary in a good reporter, or indeed politician.

        Many in the media predicted that if the coalition did not support the government’s wish to legislate before Copenhagen to put in place an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), it would be doomed electorally. They were not only wrong, but they also demonstrated that they had abandoned the scepticism necessary for the practice of good journalism.”

      • MikeO says:

        Blackswan you probably will not get much until the end of January AB as they call him has taken a break more or less until then. Are you a fan of Taleb?

  7. Blackswan says:


    Seems the Sydney Telegraph has a policy of not allowing comment with links to other blogs. I’ve scanned several ‘pages’ of Comment and we’re a no-show. The only link published was to Senator Brown’s own web-page.

    That’s a number of times with several different columnists that I’ve tried to link to our favourite sites with posts of particular merit and they won’t publish them. I hesitated to draw that conclusion but considering I was polite, moderate and brief (not my usual verbiage) it’s the only explanation. Other comments I’ve made under my local ‘tag’ without links, have been printed.

    It may or may not be regarded as censorship, but it certainly cramps the style of bloggers who seek to widen their networks to sites of quality and interest.

  8. Pointman says:

    This find I’ve got to share. Enjoy.


  9. SimonW says:

    Glad to have stumbled on some intelligent commentary here. Well done, I’ll stay tuned.

    Also have a maths degree background from years ago and after at first trusting the scientific story, the most cursory examination showed the numbers just didn’t stack up.

    The flimsiest of data, tenuous extrapolations to huge unrecorded areas, adjustments bigger than the effects they’re showing and the clincher, p*ss-poor forecasts (which they try to hide of course).The model warming bias is so obvious and the reason so apparent it beggars belief that they get away with it.

    For my sins I’m now a professional gambler so spend my days analysing numbers and putting my neck on the line. These shamateurs just so remind me of pathetic failed tipsters who’ve lost again yet expect you to stump up for their next tip. I just wish Betfair had a Weather market so that we could make some cash off these arrogant fools as they’re perfect material; abysmal track record yet convinced they’re still right.

    Keep an eye on Boris and Hannan; intelligent blokes who have both twigged and are not afraid to speak their mind when the time is right.

    Anyway, thought I’d pop in to say hello, and keep up the good work. Oh and liked the Whistleblower essay too.

  10. Pointman says:

    Hi Simon and welcome to the blog. As you say, when the ‘adjustments’ are bigger than the effects they’re expecting to find, even a chimp in a hurry has to pause for thought. Maybe that’s why they’re so shy about showing the ‘working out”. It’s hardly gold star stuff.

    On the gambling front, I’ve never been in a betting shop in my life. It’s nothing religious or anything like that and indeed I own stock in gambling securities. I play cards for nickels and dimes and know a passing familarity with probability can pay dividends as well as some good fun, given a few hours of play to let the odds happen.


  11. meltemian says:

    Pointman – I don’t know whether to laugh or cry ?? Thoughts please – just remember where I live!

    • Pointman says:

      All they’re doing is feeding some very optimistic guesses for the price of Carbon in twenty years time into a spreadsheet. When you consider it was trading at 5 cents per tonne before the Chicago Climate Exchange closed down for good, you can see what a fantasy it is …


  12. manonthemoor says:

    Pointman, Thank you — Your blog goes from strength to strength.

    An excellent piece, but I cannot help but wonder if the Telegraph had used their subversive tactics on some other ministers with respect to AGW comments, whether we would be seeing the final demise of AGW

    It is interesting that it took a whistle blower to finally spike the decision about Vince, possibly from within the DT. I cannot countenance such a silly act by Vince except perhaps that it was a deliberate plan, could it be to be sacked would provide better benefits as opposed to resigning.

    Finally somewhere a whistle blower is lurking to blow apart the whole politics of AGW, the only point is when!

    Thank you again p for your blog long may it continue and grow.

    Finally Seasons greetings to you and all your contributors and lurkers.


  13. Pointman says:

    A peaceful & happy Christmas to everyone !


  14. RayG says:

    It would also be interesting to look into the share holdings of some of the MSM employee pension funds. I have read reports that there was more than a little investing in so-called “green companies” and “green” investment funds. Naturally, the articles were not sourced. Might this be a bit of a conflict of interest?

  15. NoIdea says:

    Slade – Merry Christmas everybody

    Look to the future now, it’s only just begun.

    Will next year be as fun as this one has been?


  16. Blackswan says:

    I couldn’t go past this one……LOL

    Many Black Swans, but Vince Cable is the Turkey

    It is “as if Parliament had become home to a nest of black swans. These birds, according to the eminent professor Nassim Nicholas Taleb, embody the limitations of our learning from “observations or experience” and the “fragility of our knowledge”. Until Australia was discovered, the Old World was convinced that all swans were white. Black swan events occur outside the realm of regular expectations…

    “The definition of a black swan event, however, is that it cannot be foretold…… a plump cygnus atratus, distinct with jet-black feathers and blood-red beak, paddled down the Thames from Richmond to Westminster.”

    The most Basic Principles of Science, observations and experience – “it cannot be foretold” – that does it for Climate Computer Modeling I guess.

    Shame the MSM never learned that.

    • MikeO says:

      The USA is working very hard to bring down their economy. I they manage it will they call it a Black Swan? There are many economists outside the mainstream classical view who will say it wasn’t because it was predictable, the only question being when? Saying some things were not predictable is a scapegoat. Some thing scary particularly if you live there

      As for GCMs I think you forgot the magic quality, they are correct even if they are not. Most humans seem still to believe they are an intelligence like on the movies. Bit like the Pope is always correct!

      • Blackswan says:

        Hey MikeO

        That link is really interesting – I haven’t seen it before – soooo much red on it.

        Bit like that isn’t it? Folks just don’t get it – crap in = crap out …….LOL There’s no little guy in a secret curtained booth quickly working stuff out with a pencil. Scary just how many people can only see the real world through the warped prism of the Entertainment Medium. Somewhere along the way, the fact/fiction demarcation lines were blurred somehow.

        Question is; was it happenstance or is some freak out there with a giant eraser?

      • MikeO says:

        There you go something else to cheer ones day note Tassie is in the black. How come?

        Also note that the Australian national debt is about 57 billion and rising. A notable part of the election we just had when we told the other side eats babies and this was not mentioned. Swan was saying that we would be in surplus by 2012/13 but he meant the debt wil stop increasing having reached 100 billion! The MSM never mentioned nor did the Australian blogs not even the opposition, why not they must know? The only mention was Quadrant which I would recommend to you.

  17. meltemian says:

    OK Swanny – so you’re unpredictable? It does seem to fit the climate ‘models’ rather well too, weather always surprises.
    Hope you had a good Christmas.

  18. Blackswan says:

    G’day Mel

    Unpredictable? I’d hate to be considered otherwise. Who wants to be taken for granted?
    I’d rather be thought of as ‘responsive’ – to circumstances, to people as I find them – much like the weather responds to the Sun. Now if some fool wants to tell me he can change the weather depending on how much tax I pay then he’ll find a cranky swan snapping at his heels.

    Hope you had a Happy Christmas Mel – and all the best for the New Year.

    • Blackswan says:

      BTW Mel – woke this morning to a crystal-clear sunny day to find snow on Mount Wellington down to about 700/800 metres. All of us are rummaging in closets to fish out the winter woollies – unheard of around these parts for midsummer in the 30 years I’ve lived here.

      How’s that for unpredictable?…LOL

  19. MikeO says:

    Glad to find your site so by way of introduction. My location is Canberra Australia. I am a retired Analyst/Programmer with a degree in computer science. I started working with computers in 1974 and so have learnt a little about them. I finished my career working as a contractor to the federal government here. I worked on the system that supports universities and students of Australia which is quite large. I am a former member of the “Climate Skeptics Party” and a member of the Skeptics society here. The members of the Skeptics society are mainly those with an education who do not believe in religion or the paranormal otherwise they really are not skeptical and rely on authority. I have two older brothers one is an ex hippie greenie type the other very much of the left. The latter one was a Labor federal treasurer who I do not communicate with any more. I will always be anonymous here because of this connection. My revelation about CC came from watching a movie about the Tuvalo Island. I saw it immediately as a con and I researched further and found a large amount of the “proof” relied on GCMs. I have seen many cons built around computers it seems they are an ideal way of fooling the populace. Invent a rubbish theory build a computer program that produces an untestable virtual reality and there you have proof. It is quite hard with essentially simple testable processes to get large computer systems to work correctly.

    • Pointman says:

      Hello Mike and thank you for the background sketch.

      “There are a number of reasons why you should always blog anonymously and very few against it. There are some fanatics in the AGW debate whose activities go far beyond what would be termed acceptable behaviour both in the blogosphere or outside it. Indeed, if they were traced and they can be, they could end up in a court of law.”

      taken from

      The supposed anonymity of the internet is a very much abused thing. It’s used to distrupt a rational exchange of viewpoints on a lot of blogs. The plus side of it is that any topic is open for discussion, with the accent on discussion. If anyone visiting here has a viewpoint which springs from some reasonable thought process, they’re free to put it into words here.

      Patently, I get the choice of what topic and I do take some time to organise my thoughs and I try to go after ones where my viewpoint is not just another me too effort; why bother otherwise. I look forward to some interesting conversations with you.


    • Blackswan says:

      G’day MikeO,

      Finally caught up with your comments on this thread – nice to meet you. Always good to find a fellow-Aussie (Well, almost always…LOL) – Canberra is a very familiar one-time stamping ground for me – like it better in Tassie.

      I know zero about IT and computers, but I DO know about Politics, Politicians, Bureaucracies and the Media.

      I caught up with your question earlier in the thread -” Are you a fan of Taleb?” I’ll let you know when I know some more about his work.

      My ‘name’ is as simple as a basic tenet of science integrity that my old high school science teacher Cullen imparted (back in the Jurassic in that “if you have only seen white swans then all swans are white. A scientist must seek a black swan to prove himself wrong.”

      I looked at this AGW Fraud and knowing little of Science (except Cullen’s assertion that Co2 was plant food) jumped in with both webbed feet and remain indebted to the Pointman and his many colleagues who have taught me so much over these many months.

      MikeO – big tip for 2011 – Go up to the Header on this page, go to Fiction. Start at Chapter One of “Line of Descent” and settle down to some holiday reading of a ripper of a yarn. Great Stuff.

      Subtle hint to the Pointman: Did Chapter 19 get lost in the mail?

      • MikeO says:

        Blackswan thanks for answering my question. “Nassim Nicholas Taleb” wrote “The Black Swan”. I am about halfway through it. Possibly the most important book I have ever read. Your science teacher was very wise these days the technique is to ask your mates whether they agree. The “Star Chamber” comes to mind. A book written by Kuhn gives a lot of insight into the way scientists behave.

        The general public gives computers far too much credit and that is a big problem in many areas not just AGW. A useful tool but no more reasoning ability than a rock.

        I will look at the header.

      • Blackswan says:

        Hi again MikeO,

        If you’d like to discuss Science Teachers and some amazing work of modern scientists, take a wee peek at…

        A must-have favourite to ‘bookmark’ along with the Pointman. These guys will become a regular part of your day – just like a toothbrush….LOL – and such creative originality is just as refreshing.

      • MikeO says:

        I will have a look at the teachers link have not as yet. I know amazing work is being done but I suspect it is the self promoters and publist types in AGW land are the ones making money.

        You have reminded me of a question from “Freakonomics”. What is the difference between Sumo Wrestlers and Teachers?

      • Blackswan says:

        OK Mike, ya got me……. “What is the difference between Sumo Wrestlers and Teachers?”

      • MikeO says:

        Thanks for the link very interesting and your connection of dark matter/energy to CAGW. Why can’t it just be nominated as unknown instead of dark. I think singularities will be shown to be an error in scientific thinking but who cares show me one and I will believe. Here is another similar thought to your gnomes. Grue the colour that changes from green to blue at an indeterminate time. On another tack I have never read of any attempt to falsify a GCM and my whole knowledge of computers produce much doubt that it is possible. There have been hind cast tests (failed) but how can their prediction of the future be tested? They are like a god really. BTW many Christians have strong anti CAGW thoughts.

  20. NoIdea says:


    A sumo wrestles with fats, a teacher wrestles with facts?


    • Blackswan says:

      G’day NI,

      See Mike? I told you. These guys are ALL teachers, one way or another…….LOL

      NoIdea is always bailing me out……Thanks NI.

      • MikeO says:

        The answer is they both cheat. A economist and an author journalist wrote the book “Freakonomics” in which they applied their skills in unusual ways. They looked at the assessment of teachers in order to reward them for excellence (sound familiar). What they did was to think of what a teacher woul need to do to cheat and then analysed the data looking for the pattern. They found it! They also found that system sumo wrestlers work under is interesting. It is not in the champions interest to win all matchs. So he will through matchs and again these guys found it in the data. Interesting if you gambled on the outcome. They have a blog if you are interested.

  21. meltemian says:

    Καλή χρονιά Pointman and everyone.
    A very Happy New Year. I’ve decided to be optimistic about 2011, even though it’s probably misplaced, as everyone else is forcasting doom and gloom! Just thought I’d be different.

    Welcome MikeO. I’m the one who knows very little about anything, but everyone is very kind and tries to teach me and answer my questions however stupid.

    Agreed Swanny – Come on Pointman, where’s the next chapter?

    • MikeO says:

      meltemian sounds like you are putting yourself down. Don’t do it there are many out there who are reasy an able to do it. It makes them feel better.

      • MikeO says:

        One types a comment which is perfect check it for errors and post it. The internet gremlin then alters it from ready and able to reasy an able damn!

    • Blackswan says:

      Hi Mel,
      All the best to you and yours. I know it’s rude to asks for presents but really! Poor old Krupmeyer is hanging off that cliff by his fingernails – we just need to know don’t we?….lol.

      G’day MikeO,
      Mel and I have much in common. Neither she nor I are putting ourselves down by saying we aren’t “sciencey” types who aren’t able to contribute to science minutiae. But we are smart enough to ask a miriad questions and the regular bloggers you will encounter around these traps are generous and patient enough to indulge our curiosity.

      Good to see your contributions.

      • MikeO says:

        Thanks for the clarification in my life have found many who are so ready to put others down. My eldest brother and his wife are such persons. It finally got to the point that I sent him a civil email telling him what I thought and then closed off all communication. That was more than three years ago. Any doubt about my decision evaporated with my sense of elation at not having to go to his 70th birthday. On blogs there are also many who just want to insult and do not say anything worthwhile.

    • Pointman says:

      I wish you a very Happy New Year as well and everyone else too. I think it’s going to be a good one compared to last year.

      On New Year’s Eve I usually ring around my family and to my surprise, found out I’m due to become an uncle again as well as hearing of four other babies due ths year.


      ps. Chapter 19 is up.

      • Blackswan says:


        2010 showed us we needed a new broom – you turned up with an industrial strength vacuum cleaner!

        2011 augurs well for this and other recently developed blogs to more firmly establish the character and integrity so lacking in past (and now defunct) ventures. If you mean to continue the way you’ve begun, your success is assured.

        Congrats on the ‘uncle again’ status – babies are always good news – and remind us all why we involve ourselves in this Line of Dissent as we do.

  22. mlpinaus says:

    Just got back from holidays….. nice to read that someone else knows that complex non linear systems cannot be modelled…. Spent most of my life modelling electronic bits, mostly analogue systems. On anything from university main frames, Vax super minis, then to Pc’s. 20 years running my own company….you learn very quickly that such even simple linear systems, described by simple first or second order differential equations produce results that are critically dependent upon the intial conditions applied. Attempts to introduce even hystersis for example are usually fatal….
    Trouble is that Joe Public is aware of none of this…… Ho hum….

  23. mlpinaus says:

    Thank you for the excellent link.
    x Rereke Whakaaro says:
    January 22, 2011 at 7:08 am
    has it right…. modelling complex linear systems is fraught. Totally dependent upon the initial conditions. If you fiddle with the errors allowed upon convergence for example, the model will explode. And this is for collections of well understood things that obey first or second order differential equations, not turbulent systems. At least I had the advantage that people paid money for the resultant object that I designed using the simulations as a guide. I wanted them to come back for more…..I like to eat. Gargle CM Technology and Caspian to see what I did for 20 years……

  24. Canard says:

    Sorry, Pointman. I’m trying to post my first comment and I’m making a real hash of it, hence this (attempted) posting here on an older article where I can make a fool of myself in the relative shade! If you missed my first attempt, I should explain that I come to you by way of WUWT and James Delingpole. Regards, Canard.

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