On a fine woman, swans and a moment long ago.

  My mother passed away suddenly but peacefully in January of this year. It didn’t make the Times obituary columns, so I’ll do it for her but in my own way, which helps me take my leave, though she and my father, as the greatest influences in my life, will always be with me. I … Continue reading

Why Multiculturalism failed.

Multiculturalism has not only failed “utterly”, it has created a climate in which Racism can flourish, which is the complete reverse of what it was supposed to engender. The central and fatal flaw at the heart of it was a misapprehension of what a culture actually is. It is not a certain style of dress, … Continue reading

The MSM and Climate Alarmism

Get the shot, McNulty.

The supine coverage by the MSM (Main Stream Media) of all things anti-alarmist is completely in tune with their complete failure to cover the Climategate scandal. It’s in line with what the late journalist Walter Cronkite observed (I believe it was him). Of all the kinds of censorship, the most pernicious is self-censorship. Since they’re convinced that: … Continue reading

Why Climategate was not a computer hack.

Why Climategate was not a computer hack. In the year since the Climategate material became public, I’ve read many articles on the effect the publication has had on the AGW debate. When it is referred to as a hack in them, I usually don’t bother reading any further. If the writer of the article is … Continue reading

Immoderate moderation at the DT

My friend Locusts has just put up a piece at his place about the decline of debate at the Daily Telegraph to “just above the level of public toilet graffiti.” I left it shortly after Disqus was rushed into service and a bizarre censorship regime imposed, leaving the comment below. Sadly, occasional visits since then … Continue reading

The death of the AGW belief system.

If you’re tracking the collapse of belief in AGW around the world as closely as I am, it’s important to recognize that what you’re actually looking at is the collapse of a belief system. The progress and pathology of this phenomenon has been documented and reliably understood for some time. I say reliably understood because it did … Continue reading

Profile of the Climategate Whistleblower

Seeing as we’ve just passed the first anniversary of the Climategate leak, it might be of topical interest to repost a piece I did shortly after the emails became a blogosphere bombshell. In the time since then, the ‘hunt’ for the whistleblower has not met with any success that I’m aware of. I would be … Continue reading

Cancun and the Chinese perspective on it

Cancun will be a very low-key affair. The attendees going there expect to achieve exactly nothing. I’ll repeat that; exactly nothing. At Copenhagen the Chinese, under extreme and unremitting pressure, agreed to nothing. The Chinese signed nothing, not even the closing statement. The Chinese ‘noted’ that some statement had been made. That’s it. That was … Continue reading

Internet Security 1 : Let’s be safe out there.

There are a number of reasons why you should always blog anonymously and very few against it. There are some fanatics in the AGW debate whose activities go far beyond what would be termed acceptable behaviour both in the blogosphere or outside it. Indeed, if they were traced and they can be, they could end … Continue reading

A meeting in the park.

A Meeting in the Park. The elderly man walked down the path in the park. It was late in the evening and the Sun had long ago set. Beside him his small dog trotted on a lead. Like its owner, it was small and gnarled but somehow managed to convey a plucky dignity. The path … Continue reading

Pointman’s letter to a friend on the Closure of Liberty Gibbert

Hello Friend, thank you for contacting me. Please forgive me for not contacting you or not keeping you in the loop. There were a number of reasons. The first and most important was, I knew you were getting over your own travails and really didn’t need the stress of the last week; and it has … Continue reading