28 Predictions Later or the Invasion of the Living Dead.

The plague started so quietly that nobody took any notice of the first isolated outbreak. To be truthful, we can’t actually pinpoint a single incident or even an inception date – there is no patient zero. Through sheer weight of numbers, they easily overwhelmed a few of the smaller skeptic blogs. The initial outbreaks were contained, the thermobaric … Continue reading


A family of sorts.

They call them flats in England, everyone else in the English-speaking world calls them apartments. I’d bounced out of one place on the planet Zharg and straight back into the world and a totally different spot on it called London, north London to be precise, and ended up in a succession of all-bloke shared flats. Same-sex … Continue reading


How to hunt somebody down on the internet – Part 1.

What I’m going to show you here requires no technical skills – anyone with a basic knowledge of surfing the net can do it. What is does require though, is some imagination, patience and a degree of persistence. It’s totally legal and is not hacking, though it uses some of the techniques of the reconnaissance … Continue reading


Who is this Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

This is another guest article by one of our regular commenters, Blackswan. As you might be aware, the new administration in Australia has abolished the Carbon Tax and is currently engaged in the arduous task of cutting off the heads of the green Hydra that is government spending on climate alarmism. The climate gravy train is derailing in … Continue reading


The Joy of Moderation.

A blogger’s lot is not a happy one. You make a mistake, everybody wants to do the fully cleated Flemish clog dance on your head, and sometimes that’s even your own frigging readers, should you be so fortunate to pick up a few of them. That’s the territory, get used to it and don’t whinge … Continue reading


A wedding.

It’s an Irish wedding in the far end of nowhere. Nowhere is on the rugged west coast of Ireland and is so heartbreakingly beautiful, it twists a bone inside of you which you never knew you had. It almost hurts. You take a breath every time you pause to look around, because you know you’re … Continue reading

ice-age 2

Dances with Unicorns.

This is another guest article by one of our regular commenters, Graeme No3. We homo sapiens are a tropical species but for the majority of our estimated 200,000 year existence, we’ve lived on an Earth locked in ice ages, which have always had devastating effects on us. Geologically speaking, we’re still in one but fortunately as … Continue reading


Is science a bloodsport?

When I was a kid, I played chess competitively and decently well, though I say it myself. At the time there was a slick saying once again doing the rounds – chess is not a game, it’s war. Playing against anyone one-on-one has a large psychological component, and despite what you might think, chess is … Continue reading


Why the developing world hates environmentalists.

I’m a blogger of the climate skeptic persuasion and therefore regularly visit a few similar blogs to keep in touch with what’s going on. There’s not much choice really, since I know the MSM are highly selective about what climate news items can be mentioned or not. If you want all the news, that’s where … Continue reading


Well, whoopidy bloody doop.

Yet another one of those obscure demi-gods of moral superiority has fallen off Mount Olympus and after tumbling down the five thousand or so feet of it, and discovering some basic humanity at the bottom, inadvisedly opened their mouth because of it, got canned out of some think-alike-or-else think tank he’d been in for over twenty … Continue reading


American traitors.

Blogging is easy. You just sit there and type. Where it gets complicated is those occasions where those treacherous little fingers of yours take you into areas that are well off your original intentions. I started writing this article a week ago when it was more topical and as a matter of contrast wanted to … Continue reading


Heroes for a day.

Memorial Day has just gone by in America and we’re on the seventieth anniversary of the D-day landings in Normandy which happened on the 6th of June 1944. Nearly a hundred and fifty thousand frightened young men, mostly in their early twenties, came ashore as part of an ambitious endeavour the success of which was … Continue reading


The scorning of William Connolley.

I think we’ve all had that pleasant surprise when something totally unexpected just drops out of the sky and into your lap. That happened to me last weekend when a creature called William Connolley attempted to comment on a piece I’d written about the Bengtsson scandal. If you’re unfamiliar with him, he’s infamous for editing thousands of … Continue reading


The Age of Unenlightenment.

That slick expression you’re entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts, now has a deeper meaning in this latest stage of the post-enlightenment. If your facts plainly contradict someone else’s orthodox beliefs, then you are simply being “unhelpful” or even “harmful” and should therefore be suppressed. That’s to be done not by … Continue reading


About Henry.

“So, wotcha think about this King Edward the Confessor geezer?” he asked. It was Henry blagging his way through some history homework for the only teacher he ever made any effort to please. The teacher used to let him hide in the book cupboard at the head of the history classroom when the Deputy Head … Continue reading


An island adrift in a sea of good intentions.

This is a guest article by one of our regular commenters, Blackswan. It’s a short history of their homeland, Tasmania, and a longer history of the damaging impact of environmentalism upon it. As usual, it was all done with the best of intentions. —-<0>— In the 12th century Saint Bernard of Clairvaux is credited with the … Continue reading


Conflation, confusion and conditioning.

Much time is spent on the web categorising the fallacious arguments alarmist use into classical debating errors with impressive Latin names. That’s all good stuff as far as it goes, but the propagandists use a number of shady techniques which because they rely more on group psychology rather than a structured argument, don’t quite fall neatly … Continue reading

Hands group

All we’ve got is each other.

This is a follow on article to last week’s discussion of whether there should be some sort of umbrella organisation to represent skeptics of catastrophic global warming. I’m in favour of it and outlined my reasons in the piece. Anthony Watts referenced it when announcing the result of the poll, I think to kick off some more … Continue reading


Get real, get organised and finish it.

You may get offended or not by some of the things I’m going to say in this piece but they’ll get said nevertheless, so damn the torpedoes and full blog ahead. It’s the acid test of a real friendship to at times tell them they’re acting like a prat, and by the way, your bum … Continue reading


A journey up the river and into the Heart of Darkness.

A few blogs back, a commenter asked me about the image I used as a graphic in comments and as a thematic livery for this blog. I told them it was Mr Kurtz from Joseph Conrad’s short novel, the Heart of Darkness, which was faithfully and incisively transposed from colonial Africa in the nineteenth century, … Continue reading